Wallet History and Origin


Wallet does not need and introduction- it is that small leather case you carry in your pocket to carry cash, cards and documents. Of the enormous number of accessories that we use in our daily lives, most people will agree that a wallet ranks among the top 3 devices you don’t want to lose under any circumstances. From being the carrier of your vitals to being a fashion statement, a Wallet shoulders a heavy weight of your expectations.

But like all important devices a wallet too has a long evolutionary time line which renders this sophisticated little device of vital importance, into our lap. It would be naive to think that a wallet’s emergence is only recent and has only seen but a few modifications of form to become what it is today. It would not be too far from the truth to expostulate that wallets are as old as man-kind. Closer still would be to assume that wallets came into existence once the mankind started to feel the need to carry things around. Continue reading Wallet History and Origin

12 Best Men’s Straight Razors

When you think about straight razors, you probably imagine those traditional razors with a fixed blade on a leather strap.

However, today you won’t be able to find those razors anywhere.

This is because modern health laws prevent barbers from using the same blade on multiple people.

Modern straight razors are designed in a way that allow the person to replace the blade after it has been used on one person. There are a lot of people out there that still prefer those razors, and if you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find some of the best straight razors in the world:

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17 Best Men’s Crossbody Sling Bags

Everyone needs a bag, especially when you are traveling or need to carry something important.

However, a traditional backpack is not for everyone; it can often be too bulky and impede on your fashion choices as well. This is the reason why you need crossbody sling bags, these bags are much smaller, but they definitely get the job done.

Crossbody bags not only look good, but they are exceptionally versatile as well; they can be used in various conditions.

You can find these bags in various designs and colors; here we will talk about some of the best crossbody bags that you can find today.
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14 Best Hip Flasks for Everyday Carry

Whether you have used them or not, you cannot deny that there is something very classy about hip flasks. These small stylish containers are the perfect way to share a drink on the go.

The hip flask started to receive recognition back in the 18th century. Women used it to smuggle gin when they boarded docked British warships. From then, it underwent redesigns and modernization to what it is today—a convenient way to carry liquor.

Nowadays, many people carry hip flasks, but you can never tell because they are designed to be discreet.

You, too, could carry a hip flask to ensure that you have a refreshing sip on the go.

The market today offers many fantastic choices.

We’ve created a list with some of the best hip flask which you can order online.
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5 Best Styptic Pencils and Sticks

If you’ve ever shaved your face, you know that sometimes skin can get irritated or nicked.

The unfortunate reality is that we live in a world where there are more men shaving than ever before, and odds are you’ll end up with a nick or cut at some point!

A styptic pencil or stick is an absolute must-have for anyone who shaves their face. It’s even more important that everyone has one if they’re considering permanent hair reduction like a laser or electrolysis.

A styptic pencil is great for smaller nicks and cuts and can help close any small openings caused by ingrown hairs, for example. It helps to shrink and close the skin, closes up any open pores, and relieves irritation.

Here is our top 5 list for the best styptic pencils available today:

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14 Best Tactical Wallets

For most people out there, the wallet is probably one of the most important accessories.

This is because without a wallet, you will have no place for your cash or your cards, and it will make things very difficult.

There are many kinds of wallets that you can buy right now; however, nowadays, people like to carry cards instead of cash. This has allowed people to carry wallets that are much slimmer and smaller in size.

With tactical wallets, you can that something extra that you want from a decent wallet.

There are various kinds of tactical wallets that you can buy, but here we will take a look at some of the best ones you can find online.

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12 Best Kids Wallets (for boys and girls)

Kids should learn responsibility as early as possible. One of the best ways to introduce this is by letting them own a wallet. A good wallet will help your child to carry their items safely. It will teach them to manage their money, and take care of their student cards.

The market today has many choices suitable for children. Therefore, when selecting a wallet, be sure to pay attention to the material, construction, and functionality. Durable waterproof materials are the best for everyday use, and the more lightweight it is the better. Multiple slots are better to help them carry more items, and a playful theme is best for personal style. Our top picks for kids wallets are:
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12 Best Beard Dyes

Beards are a very popular trend right now, and it seems like men everywhere have taken to the style.

However, not everyone can grow a beard. Some men don’t have the hair follicles in the right area, or they suffer from conditions that prevent them from growing facial hair – they may be missing some important hormones, or more likely, they have hypogonadism.

If you are one of the men who are missing the follicles to grow a beard or facial hair, but you want to have one, there is a way. The only real alternative for some guys is beard dye.

Beard dyes allow guys who want beards to get that look without the hassle of growing facial hair yourself.

You can buy beard dyes from your local drug store or beauty supply shop, but you should always do your research before choosing any skin product.

Even if you are only using a beard dye once or twice a year, you must do your research and choose the safest, easiest beard dye possible. It’s not worth risking an allergic reaction to something like this, so do your homework before you buy.

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16 Best Men’s Pajama Sets

Having a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that everyone needs to do.

What you wear to go to bed plays a very important role because if you wear something that is not very comfortable, you will not be able to go into a deep sleep. Pajamas are perhaps the most comfortable thing you can wear when you want to go to bed.

There are various kinds of pajamas that you can find in the market, but not all of them provide the same level of comfort and durability.

When you are buying a pair of pajamas, you need to make sure that you keep a close look at the materials used to manufacture the cloth.

Every material has its pros and cons, which is why it is important to stay on your toes.

There are some men’s pajamas that are clearly better than others, and here we will talk about the best pajamas that you can buy right now.
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