22 Best Mens Loafers

Every male on the planet wants to ace their attire and expect commendable comments about dressing style. However, to improve the aesthetics and get a glamorous look, it’s crucial to know about loafers.

Now, what are loafers?

Loafers are slip-on shoes that rule out lacing or buckles. Additionally, these loafers come in a wide array of designs. Choosing the best loafer for yourself can be a daunting task. But, we have presented some of the best brand loafers in the market to narrow out your interests and you’ll be able to make a wise decision.

1. ALDO Men’s Manubar Penny Loafer

Penny loafers are outfitted with a rubber sole. The rubber soles provide no-slipping and are oil, and water-resistant. Best of all, this loafer is crafted from nubuck leather. It is top-grain leather that is long-lasting. When we say nubuck leather, it is extremely durable, has low maintenance, breathability, and provides optimal comfort to wear for an extended period.

2. Cole Haan Men’s Pinch Tassel Loafer

Best Overall
This loafer from Cole Haan is designed from pure leather. Original leather always shines, and so does this loafer. The leather sole offers smooth agility and offers a dapper look. Above all, pair pinch tassels can maximize the entire look of your shoes. However, Some consumers raised concerns about slippery soles on most of the surfaces.

3. STACY ADAMS Men’s Swagger

The slip-on driving style loafer is made in the USA and is 100% synthetic. Stacy medallion offers a star-studded look and refines the aesthetics. The soft-padded cushioning can improve your mobility and shock absorption. The quality outsole of this loafer can resist daily wear and tear. Also, the detailed stitching means it can serve you in the long term.

4. Frye Men’s Chris Venetian Loafer Flat

Chris Venetian is an imported shoe, which is roofed up with a leather sole that offers elegance, comfort, breathability all at once. The slip-on shoe easily accommodates the feet. And, if you talk about the design and construction of the loafer, it matches with every outfit. A few complaints about the sizing. So, go for half a size larger.

5. Lacoste Men’s Concours Driving Style Loafer

The Lacoste loafer is an imported shoe and is fabricated from 100% pure leather. The rubber and cushioned insole of the loafer offers a firm grip on the treacherous surfaces and lets you move comfortably. On top of that, the soft leather and housing of the crocodile logo provide a flattering look. According to some reports, loafers started to peel off after a few hours of wearing.

6. Allen Edmonds Men’s Cavanaugh Penny Loafer

It is made in the USA, crafted from 100% pure leather, and an imported shoe. The penny loafer embeds a leather sole and stacked heel for improved traction. Many people received a smaller size. To avoid sizing issues, carefully follow the size chart. Here’s a good thing, this loafer has thick leather that is durable enough to last for years to come.

7. ECCO Cathum Penny Loafer

The Ecco loafer originated in the USA. The synthetic leather of the loafer lets it sustain any damage, and is durable as well. This penny loafer is installed with elastic panels that let you take on and put off shoes with just one hand. Slip-on style loafer gives a charismatic look, and soft smooth detailing is like the cherry on the top. Textile-based lining quickly absorbs the moisture and is moderately comfortable, but can lead to an awful smell.

8. Sperry Men’s Essex Penny Loafer

High-End Construction Loafer
Essex penny loafer is sewn from top-quality leather. The rubber sole is infused which improves the style and comfort factor. Interestingly, this classy design loafer is hand-made. Another great thing is the full-length EVA footbed that adjusts to the foot and offers a relaxing day at work. Customers praised high-end craftsmanship and stitching.Purchase

9. Nautica Men’s Slip-On Dress Shoe Loafers

This loafer from Nautica comes with a rubber sole. For long-lasting comfort and durability, it has a quality outsole and underfoot padding that can keep your feet warm all the time. The loafer is equipped with Nautica sole technology for providing maximum comfort to your foot. It has a classic pattern that is well-suited in the contemporary world. And, good news? Nautica’s loafer is lightweight.

10. Clarks Men’s Forge Free Loafer

This forge-free loafer is made in the USA. It is incorporated with a synthetic sole that offers a pretty lightweight feel. The heel measures a height of about 0.74-inches. Moving onto its build quality, the exclusive leather can serve you in the long run. It has stretch-gore panels to put on and take off the shoes in one go. What’s best? The loafer includes an ortholite footbed, textile linings, and EVA outsole.

11. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes

Best Flexible Loafer
It has a 4-way stretchy fabric technology that allows for enhanced flexibility, and freedom of motion. It has two slip-on style options, choose them based on your preferences. Some reports said that stitching started to tear off after a few hours of usage. To infuse more comfort level, springy insoles and memory padding do their job. Outsoles are hand-made.

12. Rockport Men’s Classic Penny Loafer

The Rockport’s loafer is made from high-quality and premium leather. The penny loafer has a synthetic sole, meaning it can offer good resilience in numerous weather uncertainties. However, the shoe doesn’t have any arch support. The shoes correctly adjudge to the feet size and the EVA footbed keeps the comfort and style factors in regards. It has a cushioned heel for shock absorption.

13. Nunn Bush Men’s Drexel Penny Loafer

Best Loafer With Extra Features
It is crafted from 100% pure leather and includes a synthetic sole. The heel of this loafer measures somewhere around 1-inches. Moreover, Kore comfort technology is a standout feature of this loafer. The EVA footbed offers you a flimsy walk. The best part? The rolling Impact zone makes strolling a breeze and adds comfort. Memory padding with suedetec sock lining amplifies the comfort level.

14. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Slip-On Loafers

This crocs slip-on loafer is 100% textile and comes with a synthetic sole. The canvas fabric absorbs the sweaty feet. This slip-on loafer is equipped with a sleek modern silhouette for an easy put on and take off. The heel cups and material of the padding feel like an effortless walk. Also, It has a sturdy sole to last for a good time.

15. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Darton Slip On

It is an imported loafer that is contoured with a rubber sole. The construction looks great and the comfort level is excellent. Textured rubber sole provides solace in maneuvering around. The partially padded footbed makes sure your feet are having a great time.

16. Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Loafers

Best Budget Option
The sleek Bruno loafer is infused with a rubber sole. The moccasin-toe is a hand-made product that vouches for extreme durability. It has an easy slip-on construction. Thanks to the PVC outsole that resists aggressive environments. The loafer values money.

17. JITAI Men’s Penny Slip-On

Most Luxurious and Stylish Loafer
The loafer is topped up with the velvet upper that gets all the attention. The rubber sole is flexible enough to accommodate for daily hustle-bustle. Additionally, the cushioned sole of the Jitai loafer makes sure you’re getting loads of comfort. The premium materials vow to give a catchy appearance.

18. Steve Madden Damonn Dress Loafer

The shoe is manufactured in the USA. It has a synthetic sole that supports you throughout the day by providing optimal comfort. Steven’s dress loafer comes in variations of multiple sizes, so sizing won’t be a concern for you. You can wear shoes sockless but your feet might struggle in sticking to the shoes.

19. SWIMS Men’s Loafers

Best Sleek Loafer
These loafers are available in 3 discrete materials; Fabric, man-made, and mesh. Swims loafers are inbuilt with a rubber sole that guarantees comfort and durability. The slip-on entry and addition of braided lace refine the elegance. Ventilation gills, molded TPU, and woven thread ensure that you can carry them on a rainy day.

20. VOSTEY Men’s Boat Shoes Handsewn Loafers

The Value-Packed Loafer
This loafer is made from 100% synthetic material. The rubber sole has incredible durability. It is hand-sewn, so you can’t expect abrasion. The loafer fits like a glove. Skin-friendly fabric and lining ensure that you can use them without socks. The crazy-horse upper boasts a unique and antique touch to the loafers.

21. Sanuk Men’s Hi Bro Lite Hemp Loafer

The Sanuk loafer is constructed in the USA. It has a rubber sole that will prevent your feet from slipping or falling. The loafer is coupled with the IMEVA outsole, which is flexible and contains high elasticity. The collar padding can provide you with superior comfort and can save you from experiencing blisters and calluses.

22. Vionic Men’s Mercer Mason Driving Moccasins

Best Comfortable and Podiatrist-Approved Shoe
Vionic moccasin is inserted with a leather sole. The slip-on makes sure it has an easy entrance and exit for your feet. Thankfully, they are podiatrist-crafted footbeds, ensuring you don’t suffer from any pain by providing the utmost stability and flexibility. It has a rough and tough rubber outsole for enhanced mobility.

Buying Guide

To find the best loafers for men, you need to be familiar with its types, material, and a clear understanding of its colour options. Let’s take a closer look and make your buying productive and profitable.

Types of Loafers

Here are some of the types of loafers that have evolved significantly over the years.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers appropriately define the meaning of a loafer. It is a slip-on shoe with lace-free features. Now, why are they called penny? Penny loafers outfit a leather strap over the top of the shoe with a cutout or a diamond-shaped design.
The idea of the cutout was to put a “Penny” under it in case any emergency arises. Penny loafers are flexible and versatile loafers that can team up with chinos, jeans, slacks, and suits.

Tassel Loafers

Tassel loafers come with an embellishment in the form of strips, threads, or laces knitted on the vamp of the shoe. Tassel loafers are a recent model of classic footwear. These loafers became the talk of the town after a well-known actor bought them.
Typically, these shoes are sewn with cordovan leather or suede and consist of a rounded toe shape with reverse seam detail. Tassel loafers make a killer
combination with blazers, grey trousers, and chinos.

Belgian Loafers

Belgian loafers can be recognized with a small bow and are a must-have in your arsenal. These puzzling shoes feature a high-end soft sole to offer the utmost comfort level. The bows come in myriads of variations, patterns, and styles.
Belgian loafers have the audacity to turn your casual outfit into a dapper look. Primarily, they look absolute stunner when worn with corduroys, flannel pants, and chinos.

Horsebit/Gucci Loafers

The horsebit or Gucci loafers are considered to be the most formal loafers. The 2 metal pieces or snaffles are bridged together at the centre of the vamp area. This idea was inaugurated by Gucci, and then it became hot-trending in the shoes.
The Gucci loafers are deemed as more dressy shoes than the rest of the types. These iconic shoes can also be worn with semi-formal and smart business suits.

Which Material to Choose for Your Loafer

Let’s talk about which material will remain the top-notch choice for you.


Suede is a type of high-performance leather that is durable enough to serve you for a long while. It is a soft fabric that adjudges a casual outfit. Since Suede is thinner, it can be exposed to damage. According to the capabilities of suede leather, they’re exclusively reserved for the summer season. They can be worn at parties, weddings, or any events.


Leather is a top-end choice for everyone who wants an ever-lasting fabric that averts daily wear and tear. In this case, leather can serve you extremely well. Also, leather material is designed for formal wear. With the smooth finish and clean touch, leather material is an ideal choice for any season.


Velvet is another great material that can withstand abuse more than Suede material. The velvet shoes are made from synthetic fibres, making them more comfortable to wear than Suede. However, velvet shoes make a good combination with dressy outfits, and velvet suits are not an exception.

Loafer Colour Options


You’re looking at the most versatile and neutral colours. You can find tons of loafers giving a gleaming look in brown colour.


If you want a casually stylish look then grey is your go-to colour that can refine the aesthetics of your outfit.


We would say black is the king of all colours. No matter what your attire is, black has got you covered. Choosing a black loafer can take your dressing to a whole new level. A black loafer can give a smart look on black, blue, and grey denim jeans and even khaki chinos would work great too.


That’s it for today! I hope you’ve got clear insights into every loafer. Ensure that you’ve walked through the buying guide and faqs below to rectify your queries in case you muddle.

If you’re still confused and unsure about choosing a loafer, let me help you by picking my favourite one. Swim Men’s Loafer and Nautica’s Men Slip-On Loafers have the potential to be crowned as the best pick.


The stylish summer look can be an excellent addition to your closet and can enhance your entire outfit. With that said, ventilation gills, Nautica sole technology, and molded TPU are a few of the notable features that make these loafers a flexible option in uncertain weather conditions.


Head onto the most frequently asked questions by our customers, and quickly resolve your queries.

🤔 Are Loafers Formal?

The loafers started off their journey as casual shoes. As time passed, they were turned into classic formal wear. Now, it is fine to say that they are a perfect blend of casual and dressy. They are comfortable to wear, put on, and take off feasibly. The formal loafers are accessible in different colours as well.

🧐 What are the Best Loafers For Men?

If you want a pair of best loafers for men, broaden your research, look for the key elements you wish to consider, go through the buying guide, and faqs section, and eventually, you’ll be able to make a strong decision. The market is filled with the best loafers, you just need the correct approach to choose the best one for you.

🔝 Why are Loafers so Popular?

Loafers have been in demand for a long while due to their slip-on feature. The ease in wearing, style, and comfort makes it an ideal choice for everyone. The loafer’s outsoles and insoles are designed in a way to provide optimal comfort and sustain any damage.

🥇 What is the Best Season to Wear Loafers?

There’s certainly no particular season to wear loafers. As long as low-slung shoes are offering a dapper look, they’re good to wear. Pondering over the history of loafers, these loafers have been a good choice for students, MJ, shippers, drivers, and anyone who wants a light pair of shoes.

🤔 Are You Supposed to Wear Socks With Loafers?

Many people prefer it sockless. But, this solely depends upon personal preference. However, you may note that socks can give a visual appeal to your loafers if worn with the correct colour.

Choose a shoe that has:
100% cotton and high-performance sweat and moisture resistant, and has synthetic soles used.
100% sweat-friendly fabric or unlined leather.
Ensure these factors treat your foot nicely, and prevent yourself from getting exposed to bruises, calluses, and blisters.

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