34 Best Men’s Work Boots

Many people work in environments where safety clothing items go a long way in protecting your body. One such thing is the work boots.

Work boots are also referred to as rigger boots. They are a type of shoe that offers protection against the elements and hazards while on the job.

The work boot is designed with unique features such as:

  • Toe cap – though it is not found in every pair of work boots, the toe cap helps prevent damage to the toes. It is often made of steel, aluminum or thermoplastic polyurethane.
  • Lining – Because the shoe design is heavy, the lining has to be breathable and comfortable. Linings for work boots are made of cotton, wool, or leather.
  • Outsoles – the outsole of work boots are designed to withstand wearing, water, chemicals, and other problems. Many rigger boots outsoles are made from polyurethane, TPU, or rubber.

Picking the right rigger boots comes down to the quality, functionality, and fit. You should take a keen interest in these three qualities to ensure that you get the perfect pair.

To help you get started on buying, consider the following rigger boots and their exceptional qualities.

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26 Best & Cool Slip-On Shoes For Men

Slip-on shoes offer comfort and casual style where other shoes have failed. Thanks to their superior design, they can be worn with both smart and casual outfits. While lace options are equally impressive, going laceless is not only comfortable but also classy.

Slip-Ons have become more popular over the years because of these reasons.

A pair of slip-on shoes are the perfect addition to any man’s closet. They offer superior comfort and will last a long time.

Buying the ideal pair calls for attention to detail and patience. The key to a successful purchase is the fabric and comfort of wear.

Because slip-on shoes are versatile; can be worn anywhere and all day, they need to have a good quality sole. The outer sole should have an excellent grip, while the inner bottom should be padded for support and comfort.

The fabric, interior, and exterior should be easy to clean as they are shoes that get around a lot.

The material should not stain easily and instead offer breathability and natural dry. If they are waterproof and stain proof, the better.

Whether you are buying your first pair or adding on to your collection, consider the following slip-on shoes.

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15 Best & Cool Men’s Leather Jackets

Thanks to celebrities, movies, and pop culture, leather jackets have become a must-have item for every man’s wardrobe.

Buying the perfect leather jacket for yourself can be very stressful because there are a lot of things to consider.

However, you should always pay attention to details because a leather jacket is more than just an addition to your wardrobe, it is an investment.

So when you are buying a leather jacket, you should pay attention to details such as the fit, colour, and purpose.

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32 Best Men’s Shoes

Once, shoes were made to be protective gear for your feet and nothing else.

As time went by, men’s shoes evolved into more, they became statement pieces, accessories, and even symbols of wealth.

Many men do not care much for their shoes!

This is WRONG because footwear constitutes the very foundation that a man stands on.
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23 Best Men’s Boots

When it comes to men’s footwear, a must-have is a pair of well-fitting boots. Boots are not only practical, but they are also comfortable and stylish.

A great pair of boots can take you from the weekend to the workplace with ease. Some give you a formal and sophisticated look, while others complete your casual style. Some are even great for work especially if you need to protect your feet.
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32 Best Sneakers for Men

Sneakers are some of the most comfortable shoes that you can wear almost anywhere. People wear them every day.

They come in different variations and thanks to exclusive designers, they have become a little more pricey but luxurious nonetheless. The funny thing about this is that sneakers did not always start like this; in the 18th century, sneakers were attributed to the less than fortunate. During this time, those who could not afford much wore shoes with rubber soles known as plimsolls; they were made such that you could wear any on your right or left foot; comfortable right?

Later, the US Rubber Company produced a canvas-topped shoe which was known as ‘Keds’; after that, they were considered the first ever mass produced sneaker company. So why are they called sneakers? Before, shoes which were made with rubber soles has a heavy solid bottom which made walking very loud.

Sneakers got their name because they did not have the solid base; walking produced no noise so you could sneak around. With time, sneakers were developed further and turned into shoes that you can wear when working out or just out on errands.

The best sneakers are comfortable ones, breath easily, and allow you to do just about anything without hurting your feet. If you are looking to buy your first pair or just want an upgrade, here are 32 best sneakers for men.
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18 Best Men’s Underwear

Almost 7000 years ago, the first real concept of men’s underwear was the loin cloth which was used by early man to provide some form of coverage while running errands.

This carried on to ancient Egypt which shows (in art form) that pharaohs wore some form of specialized kilt/loincloth called a ‘shendoh’.

The middle-ages came and with them loose-fitting trousers called ‘braies’; they offered more coverage but came with the ultimate disadvantage of having to be laced up in three places. This was rectified by the ‘codpiece’ which opened at the front using buttons.

Underwear completely changed when a postcard from the French Riviera inspired Tighty Whities. Soon after, boxer shorts became just as popular.

As a man, buying underwear you probably do not take as much time or precision as when buying a jacket.

However, finding the right type of underwear will take more than just ‘necessity’ to motivate you.

When buying underwear, be sure you make use of the size chart; most stores offer this and you can use it to find the best fitting pair, not too big not too small.

Once you find your right size, look for the best quality that come in a pack so you end up spending wisely.

Overall, you should buy a variety of underwear depending on your activity of the day; for example if it is a cozy Saturday evening, loose boxers would be a perfect fit.
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32 Best & Cool Keychains

Carrying around keys and other accessories without a keychain can make you disorganized. Not to mention how much it messes up your image. Keychains are accessories that every man and woman ought to have, even if it is just to complete a look or make a statement of how much you love authentic materials.

So without any further ado, here are 32 cool key chains which you might want to check out:

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