14 Best Made in USA Wallets

Everyone needs a good quality wallet; not only does it help you keep your cards and cash in order, but it can also be an important part of your personality.

You should always buy a high-quality wallet because normally you will want it by your side for many years to come.

There are many different brands that make good quality wallets. However, if you are looking for something that is both durable and rugged, you should go for an American made wallet.

USA has a long history of making good quality leather goods, so it is not surprising that they have continued to churn out high quality leather products to this day.

Since there are so many great American leather companies out there, it would be fitting to talk about some of the best ones.

If you are looking for a durable American wallet, keep on reading, and may be you will find your next wallet.
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12 Best Waterproof Wallets

A waterproof wallet is a staple piece for anyone who loves spending time outdoors, whether you’re hitting the beach, taking a dip in the pool, or just caught in a sudden rainstorm.

It’s hard to keep your important belongings safe and dry when you’re out and about. You never know when it might start raining, and if you’re not cautious your phone, wallet, or passport can get ruined. 

Waterproof wallets are designed to keep your precious belongings dry and protected from the elements, and they come in a variety of styles to match up with your needs. 

Here are some of the best waterproof wallets on the market today. Let’s rollover and see what’s in for you.
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7 Best Michael Kors Wallets For Men

Michael Kors debuted in the early 2000’s and their prime reason of popularity became a TV show called Project Runway.

The brand is classified as the high mid-range designer brands and evolved into the club of most famous brands across US and Europe. They deal in a huge collection of accessories including handbags, watches, jewelry, wallets, and bags.

The brand is well-known for producing high-quality wallets that inline with the consumer’s needs.

As far as the pricing of Michael Kors wallet is considered, they vary from every wallet and are quite nominal for a luxury brand. If you are someone who wants to set yourself apart from others with sophisticated wallets and multitude features then Michael Kors wallet welcomes you.

Following are some of the best Michael Kors wallets for men that are especially chosen for you. Make sure you learn about every product, narrow down your selection and hopefully you will be able to land on a suitable wallet.
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12 Best Neck Wallets for Travel

A neck wallet is a fantastic variation of the regular wallet. However, instead of carrying it in your pockets, you wear it around the neck. The design is ideal for preventing theft.

The neck wallet is small, like a pouch. It has multiple compartments to hold cash, cards, and other items. The neck strap is long enough to wear around the neck, under your clothes. This is ideal for traveling and even commuting.

Busy cities across the globe are never free of pickpocketing. But with a neck wallet, you can securely carry all your valuables.

But how do you pick a good and stylish neck wallet? We can help you with that.

You need to pay attention to the neck strap’s size, fabric quality, weight, and durability.

Below is a detailed list of the best neck wallets in the market.

These are our top picks, suitable for traveling and everyday use. So keep reading to find the best one for you.
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12 Best Bellroy Wallets

Bellroy wallets Australia is arguably one of the best brands in the field of wallets. With their flawless minimalist style to high versatility and functionality, they are designed to accommodate almost every essential arsenal.

Bellroy wallets are crafted from high-end vegetable tanned leather, which is lightweight. Additionally, the wallet is durable enough to serve you for an extended period. 

Bellroy features 3 popular types of wallets. 

First one is an innovative Hide and Sleek wallet that has an internal clever pockets for maximum security. Second one is a Note Sleeve wallet designed to take care of your cash and banknotes storage needs. Last but not least, Slim Sleeve wallet which has a bulk-free shape enough to fit in your backpocket without being too noticeable.

Following are the 12 best bellroy wallets that invluding all the types.

Make sure you go through every product to get an idea about your final purchase.
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12 Best Montblanc Wallets for Men

The Montblanc brand started their journey with a single fountain pen. 

The brand continued to evolve, started adding luxury items and received a favorable response from the customers. 

And, today, Montblanc is one of the reputable brands in the field of jewels, bags, wallets, watches and other types of accessories. 

The cost of the Montblanc wallets are justifiable due to the high-end features. Their wallets are designed from genuine calfskin leather that promises excellent durability. 

With that said, the variety and collection of wallets allows one to choose the best wallet of your choice. 

Below, you will come across 12 best Montblanc wallets for men that are specifically compiled for you.

Make sure you survey the entire list of products and then make a wise decision based on your preferences.
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21 Best Stick-on Wallets for Phone

A cellphone is something that most people tend to carry these days, and you will very rarely notice anyone leave their home without it.

In this situation, a traditional wallet can add a lot of bulk, and you need to find a way to limit the weight that you carry.

Nowadays, you can buy almost anything with a credit or debit card, and that is why you don’t need a big and heavy wallet.

One of the best ways to replace your wallet is with a stick-on wallet for your phone.

Since you will be carrying your phone anyway, you can add a wallet capable of holding a couple of credit cards with quite some ease. Like the phones we use, these wallets also come in various sizes, materials and colors.

So, you can play around with the different styles and find something that you are comfortable with.

Here we will take a look at some of the best stick-on phone wallets you can buy right now.
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36 Different Types of Wallets for Men

Wallets first appeared in the 1600s, after the introduction of paper currency in the West.

Before that, people used leather drawstring pouches to carry coins. Manufacturers made the earliest form of the wallet from cow or horse leather. Additionally, men were the primary users of the wallet.

Since then, the wallet developed into something more than a currency-carrying pouch. It is an accessory and a statement piece. Almost every working and traveling man owns a wallet. Some even have two or more.

The development of the wallet has created variations that accommodate different functions.

And we see it best that you learn about these different types of men’s wallets before making your next purchase.

So keep scrolling for great insight.

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12 Best Coach Wallets for Men

Coach is one of the most popular leather brands that has earned a massive name and credibility by satisfying the needs of millions of consumers. Their products run worldwide and have secured positive remarks, allowing them to flourish rapidly.

However, the brand is not as established and famous as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, and therefore is included in the mid-range category of wallet brands. 

When it comes to the Coach mens wallet, they have produced superior quality wallets and at a fairly low price. If you have budget constraints and are still looking to get some top-notch wallets, Coach brand is your way to go. 

Following are the 12 best coach mens wallets that are compiled for you to team up with your requirements.

Skim and scan through every product to get a brief idea about every wallet and decide which one deserves a special place in your back pocket.
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12 Best Baseball Glove Wallets

The baseball glove wallets are coming into the world after the retirement of old baseball gloves.

Yes, the old, torn out, and unused baseball gloves are the reason behind the manufacturing of these wallets. 

The baseball gloves that became a point of tossing into the trash can were given meticulous attention and were recycled to produce finest baseball glove wallets

Following are some of the baseball glove wallets that were handcrafted from the cowhide leather.

Without wasting any moment, let’s roll over the features and see what’s in for you.
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