28 Best Slim Front Pocket Wallets for Men

There is an old school method for carrying a wallet where the man stuffs a big hunk of junk in their back pocket and continues with their day.

For many decades, this is how most men carried their wallets.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, many were left with sore backs; that is unless a pickpocket managed to snag it first.

Sitting on your wallet creates an imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips, placing stress on your hip joint and lower back. Eventually, you could compress the sciatic nerve which translates to pain.

It is no surprise therefore that most medical professionals agree that sitting on your wallet is a bad idea. The obvious solution to curing your ache is to get your wallet out of your back pocket.

However, most of traditional wallets are too thick and bulky to comfortably place into a front pocket. That being said, the need for a new style of wallet arose.

People needed something that was slim and lightweight and could easily fit into a front pocket. Thus came the front pocket wallet that was designed to be slim and compact.

Therefore, if you are looking to take care of your pelvis and back, consider getting one of the following front pocket wallets.
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30 Best Chain Wallets for Men

Chain wallets are not as popular as they were back in the 1950’s.

However, this does not mean that they are not stylish, a key accessory or even functional.

People more than often wonder what the purpose of a chained wallet is?

Well, around midcentury, credit cards were invented and people would often receive discounts and gifts if they pay cash. As such manufacturers began making wallets with more space for cash. An added feature than came with this stylish wallets with chain that could loop onto your belt loop.
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12 Best Louis Vuitton Men’s Wallets

Louis Vuitton is a stylish and luxurious brand. Therefore, you can expect good products from the brand.

Louis Vuitton makes lovely wallets for men. They design and craft high-quality wallets for everyday use.

The Louis Vuitton wallets have good features such as durability, good visuals, and excellent craftsmanship. There are many Louis Vuitton wallets in the market.

To ensure you do not get knock-offs, you need to buy from a trusted supplier.

Additionally, it ensures that you have the best products. Below is a list of 12 Louis Vuitton wallets. They are the best ones in the market. Whether it is your first or fifth LV wallet, these options are great.
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79 Best Men’s Minimalist Wallets

Minimalist wallets are the way to go for the modern man.

The world is developing into a cashless society, and it is no wonder that people are looking for wallets that can carry even less items.

If you have never owned a slim minimalist wallet or are looking to replace yours, then this is the right place to be.

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50 Best and Cool Men’s Money Clip Wallets

Fat wallets have been popular for a long time.

However, given the recent financial innovations we have experienced, people have resorted to carrying thinner wallets for the few cards and cash they may need.

Even in developing countries, many financial transactions can be executed using credit cards or mobile phone services.

That said, the reality on the ground is that even in the most developed countries, most people still need to carry a few bills in addition to the credit cards and debit cards.

This is because the society has not yet adapted fully to the idea of being cashless.

So whether you are the real minimalist man who never carries cash, or a man transitioning into the minimalist lifestyle, there is always something for you in the world of classy wallets.

You can always get a wallet to carry your many cards, and even cash bills. Some money clip wallets can even carry coins, although the idea of carrying coins in a wallet is frowned upon by many.
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29 Best & Cool Carbon Fiber Wallets For Men

Carbon is a great material for making wallets.

One notable advantage of carbon wallets is that they are very light. In reality, the weight of a carbon wallet is almost entirely the weight of its contents. The thickness of carbon can be made to be very small, unlike with other materials such as aluminium.

Carbon is also a strong material, actually five times stronger in the making of wallets than steel. Being so durable, it could easily last for your whole life.

As you will tell from this article, carbon fiber wallets also have their own unique classy look.

Here are the 29 best carbon fiber wallets on the market right now:
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16 Best RFID Blocking Wallets

If you do not own an RFID blocking wallet, then you need to get one immediately.

Pickpockets are on the streets everywhere. Cybercriminals scan cards with RFID chips to steal your data.

This means that your bank account could hit zeros without your knowledge. All because your wallet could not protect you adequately.

Everyone needs a wallet that can protect their cards, especially if you rely on paperless money.

Luckily there are many great RFID blocking wallets in the market.

We offer a detailed list of some of the best choices, so keep reading to find yours.
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12 Best Pop Up Wallets

The recent surge in innovation and convenience has hardly left any box unchecked, with no other motive than to save time. And thanks to the competitive market, they haven’t overlooked the very basics in this run, which also includes our wallets.

Yes! Remember the last time you were standing at the counter of your favorite superstore and flipping and slipping your fingers through a horde of cards that didn’t seem to cooperate?

Well, you can save yourself from this embarrassment by owning a popup wallet.

It’s a solid metal plate (usually coated with leather), hardly a few centimeters bigger than your debit card.

It keeps all of your cards in place, sliding them out in an orderly and distinguishing manner that easily lets you pick up the one you were looking for.

So if you feel like needing one, given below might be your best bet as far as price and quality are concerned.
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28 Cool Men’s Hoodies

The hoodie is the backbone garment of a men’s arsenal.


A hoodie or a sweatshirt is a long sleeve garment that is best for providing warmth and adds comfort. With that said, the hoodies come in oodles of designs and style that can team up with your dressing sense and offer a flattering look. Hoodies were designed long decades ago and interestingly, they haven’t evolved too much since then.

Give your wardrobe a boost and invest in a high-quality hoodie.

We have gathered 28 favourite hoodies that are decent enough to offer a dapper look. We spent hours of research to come up with the best options for you.

Let’s get straight into it.

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33 Best Long Wallets for Men

There are many kinds of wallets that you can find out there, each wallet serves a different purpose, and for that reason, they are designed for a different demographic.

Most people prefer slim wallets as they only need to carry a few cards because you rarely need cash nowadays. However, if you are someone who carries a lot of cards as well as cash, you should probably go for a long wallet.

One thing to keep in mind is that most long wallets will not fit in your back pocket, so if you are leaning towards this kind of wallet, you will have to fully commit and dress accordingly.

Here you will find some of the best long wallets for men you can buy.

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