12 Best Neck Wallets for Travel

A neck wallet is a fantastic variation of the regular wallet. However, instead of carrying it in your pockets, you wear it around the neck. The design is ideal for preventing theft.

The neck wallet is small, like a pouch. It has multiple compartments to hold cash, cards, and other items. The neck strap is long enough to wear around the neck, under your clothes. This is ideal for traveling and even commuting.

Busy cities across the globe are never free of pickpocketing. But with a neck wallet, you can securely carry all your valuables.

But how do you pick a good and stylish neck wallet? We can help you with that.

You need to pay attention to the neck strap’s size, fabric quality, weight, and durability.

Below is a detailed list of the best neck wallets in the market.

These are our top picks, suitable for traveling and everyday use. So keep reading to find the best one for you.

1. Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Neck Wallet

This is a stylish pouch featuring RFID blocking feature. It is, therefore, ideal for anyone worried about the illegal scanning of RFID chips. The ultra-slim design makes it almost invisible under clothing. It also makes it comfortable to carry around. The primary material is nylon which offers breathability for optimal comfort. In addition, the spacious wallet is water-resistant, keeping cards and cash safe from water damage.

2. Peak Gear RFID Neck Wallet

This is a functional and lightweight wallet ideal for outdoor adventure as well. The primary material is nylon, which promises breathability and excellent tear resistance. The wallet also has a mesh lining.

The capacity is big enough for an iPhone, multiple passports, cash, cards, and more. It has a  lightweight and secure strap that rests comfortably on any skin type. And for extra protection, it has RFID- blocking qualities.

3. HERO Neck Wallet

This universal travel wallet carries an iPhone, cards, cash, and passports. The main material is nylon, which promises excellent tear residence and durability. Furthermore, it is breathable and comfortable against the skin. Each wallet has an RFID lining for extra security. The strap comes with an adjustable feature to carry in the most comfortable position. It remains slim and is therefore ideal for concealing under the clothes.

4. Pacsafe Coversafe X75 Anti-Theft Neck Pouch

This is an ideal wallet for people who love simple designs. The main material is polyester, promising moisture resistance and durability. In addition, its slim design makes it easy to carry underneath the clothes discreetly.

The strap is lightweight and will rest comfortably on the neck. It has a large zippered compartment that can hold cards, cash, and passports. The wallet also has RFID blocking features for extra security.

5. Zero Grid Travel Neck Wallet

The functional and practical design of this wallet is ideal for everyone. It has multiple slots protected by smooth gliding zippers. This is a secure place to store cards, cash, passports, and other valuables. And they help you to stay organized throughout the trip. It retains a slim frame at full capacity, ideal for concealing underneath clothes. It is also lightweight and performs well in all weather.

6. TRAVELiO RFID Blocking Neck Travel Wallet

TRAVELiO does not disappoint with the design of this stylish, slim neck wallet. The spacious slots have enough room for your passport, cash, cards, earphones, and other small valuable items. The main material is nylon, promising durability. Additionally, it is breathable and lightweight enough to carry all day. The neck strap is comfortable and will not irritate the skin. The wallet also has protection against RFID scanning.

7. YOMO RFID Safe Passport Holder

This is another stylish, lightweight neck wallet. It has a slim, compact design but has enough capacity for multiple items. The design features five pockets to fit a phone, cards, cash, and other valuables. It helps to keep you organized as you travel. The skin-soft string is lightweight, thin, and prevents itching. It is also adjustable for comfortable carrying. The wallet also protects against RFID scanning.

8. VENTURE 4TH Slim Minimalist Neck Wallet

This practical minimalist neck wallet offers capacity for all your valuables. The slim, lightweight design makes it ideal for carrying all day effortlessly. Additionally, it allows you to carry the wallet discreetly.

The main fabric promises comfort, breathability, and no irritation. The wallet has multiple compartments protected by zippers to ensure nothing falls out. Additionally, the wallet has a lightweight and comfortable neck strap.

9. Passport Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet

This wallet allows you to organize all your travel essentials in six compact pockets. Then you can carry the slim wallet underneath your clothes discreetly. In addition, the capacity of the wallet allows you to carry a phone, cash, cards, passports, and other valuables.

The main material is breathable nylon with excellent tear-resistance and moisture-wicking properties. In addition, it has an adjustable and removable strap that does not irritate the skin.

10. Lewis N. Clark RFID Wallet

This wallet is lightweight, slim, and ideal for protecting against RFID scanning. The main material is moisture-wicking nylon with good tear resistance and promises long-lasting service. It is also easy to clean and dries quickly.

The wallet has self-repairing zippers and multiple compartments to carry cash, cards, and other valuables. It retains a slim profile ideal for discrete carrying in foreign cities even at total capacity.

11. POLARE ORIGINALLeather Neck Wallet

If you prefer classic leather, this may be an excellent option. The main material is leather, including the strap. It promises to age well and has a timeless appeal to make you look stylish and classy.

The wallet has three zippered compartments for valuables to keep you organized throughout the trip. Additionally, it has RFID protection. Finally, the strap has a detachable shoulder pad to enhance comfort.

12. FREETOO Neck Wallet

And finally, you may select this compact neck wallet with rounded edges and multiple color options. The primary material is nylon, promising water resistance, durability, and resistance to tearing. Additionally, it is breathable.

The wallet protects against RFID scanning, so all your cards will remain safe. The wallet has multiple compartments for cash, cards, and other small valuables. The strap is strong, comfortable, and will not irritate.


What is a neck wallet?

It is an intelligent variation of a regular wallet that looks like a small pouch with pockets. It has a strap that you can wear on the neck. The goal is to prevent pickpocketing.

Is a neck wallet a good idea?

Yes, it is. The neck wallet has multiple compartments for cash, cards, and other valuables. It is good to carry a neck wallet when traveling to prevent pickpocketing.

How do you use a neck wallet?

To use a neck wallet, wear the strap and adjust it to a preferred length. Then, tuck the wallet underneath your clothes to keep it concealed. This should prevent pickpocketing.

Is the neck wallet only for travel?

No, some people use neck wallets for commuting and outdoor activities. Not only do neck wallets prevent pickpocketing, but they also keep your hands free while keeping valuables safe.

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