27 Cheap Watch Brands for Men 2023

A good quality watch has always been integral to men’s style. Guess what? Its sleekness just refines your whole look. But at the same time, watches are expensive, so you have to drop some good bucks to afford the accessory.

Well, not anymore! In this article, we will tell you about several cheap watch brands that make excellent models for just a few bucks!

So without any ado, let’s jump in!

The cheapest watch brands anyone can afford.

Following are some of the best watch brands that offer their products at an obscenely low price without compromising on quality:

1. Tissot

Have a dual-time-zoned watch in your wardrobe? You better pay some respect to Tissot. Tissot, the pioneer of wristwatches, has been making premium quality watches since 1853.

With constant innovation and modernization in style with the ever-changing trends, Tissot has developed itself as one of the world’s most reputable and revered cheap watch brands.

Some of the best watches from the brand so far include Tissot PX Powermat, Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium, and Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette Mechanical.

2. Timex

Timex takes pride in its stellar aesthetic and timeless casual and formal pieces that one could put on the wrist at any time and at any event.

The best part? Most of their timepieces are chronographs with adjustable straps. This means you can always make some customizations to the already aesthetic timepiece as per your dress color.

Not to mention, all the models from the brand come at a highly affordable price. You get all the luxury you want at just a fraction of what the premium brands would charge.

3. Seiko

Seiko is a household name around the world when we talk about the top of the line quality and classy designs. Since its establishment in 1881, the brand has been excelling in its craft of clockmaking with every passing year.

Seiko watches are more casual timepieces than other cheap brands that over embellish their modes in pursuit of achieving maximum style. The simplicity of Seiko watches sets them apart, just like Rolex.

The only difference? Seiko will give you “that” vibes at a substantially low price.

4. Rotary

Rotary is another budget brand making staple watches that could compete with any Swiss brand in style and quality.

Established in the birthplace of horology, Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1895, Rotary is now a famous international watch brand.

It manufactures two watch models, one made in Switzerland and the others in Japan or China.

Although the swiss watches are a bit expensive, you always have the option to go for Chinese or Japanese counterparts if you want to save some bucks.

The quality and style are immaculate anyways!

5. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a baby brand compared to the other brands mentioned in the list. Unlike Seiko or Tissot, who has been in the business for more than a century, Daniel Wellington is just a decade old.

However, the growth the brand has witnessed for a few years is humungous, with over 6 million sales already. Daniel Wellington watches are all about minimalism and class. So if

If you are a Rolex fan, you will definitely like these watches.

6. Avi-8

Avi-8 is a British brand that makes automatic watches inspired by military designs, and so is its name. Since all of their models are manufactured in Hong Kong, you can expect very reasonable prices, satisfactory quality and materials.

Plus, as most of their models are waterproof, you can also use them for activities like diving or at a job where exposure to water is inevitable. All in all, one of the best cheap watch brands with immaculate design and quality.

7. Casio

Aesthetic, variety, and value, Casio is a brand that aces at everything. Besides, it’s also one of the oldest Japanese brands, along with Seiko, with a history going back to 1946.

Casio makes a bunch of different watches, including digital, analog, and even chronographs. Moreover, you will find everything, from chunky rubber strapped watches like G-shock to ultra-minimalist, leather-strapped watches like those from Swiss luxury brands.

If you want quality, functionality, and luxury in one package, this Casio is the brand for you!

8. Swatch

Swatch is basically a short word for “Second watch.” It’s a Swiss brand that produces luxury watches, often suited for casual wear. The models produced by Swatch are known for being affordable and long-lasting.

Moreover, Swatch is also one of the biggest watchmakers in Switzerland and is known for making “luxury with functions.” It’s one of the reasons why you will always see CEOs wearing a Swatch everywhere.

9. Bulova

Bulova is an American watch brand founded in 1875, now owned by Citizen Watches. It might fascinate you to know that Bulova is the brand that had a fierce competition with Omega Watches to be used in the Apollo 15 space mission.

Although Bulova lost the competition, it still holds the privilege of being the first-ever privately owned watch worn on the moon’s surface, thanks to David Scott’s faulty Omega. Bulova watches hold the status of being one of the most technologically advanced watches in modern industry.

10. Victorinox

Well, Victorinox is a name well known when it comes to making top-tier Swiss army knives. But hey, that’s not the only thing they ace; mid-range watches are another hot thing in their high-quality accessories list.

However, their timepieces aren’t super embellished as some of the other brands on the list. Still, what makes them so unique are their super sharp and neat designs, simple functionality, and military-level durability, as you would expert.

If you are a fan of rugged fashion accessories, you would like to check out Victorinox.

11. Triwa

Triwa is another brand that is a relatively new player in the game. However, the quality and luxury they put forward for their users are what sets them apart. Not to mention their highly low-priced watch range.

Unlike most brands that keep embellishments as the center of their designs, Triwa watches are mainly designed to be easygoing and mildly stylish. They also have a durable build to keep up with different circumstances.

All in all, a good band for what you pay.

12. Skagen

Skagen watches are just what the whole brand is about; stylish, spontaneous, and easygoing. With a modern design that is religiously based on minimalism, Skagen has a class unignorable.

In fact, the brand has received many Red Dot awards in the past for its immaculate designs. Even more, all their models are priced within the low-mid budget category.

The band also supports many global causes and is inclusive of all communities and races worldwide, aiding their repute. If you want some affordable luxury, you can confidently go for Skagen.

13. MVMT

We won’t call MVMT watches something “super good” or “exceptional quality.” However, for the price you get them, they are simply the best. MVMT timepieces will cost you less than 10% of other luxury brands.

Regarding MVMT’s design, the watches mostly feature a minimalistic build, with little to no embellishments. They make both chronographs and simple watches that beautifully complement formal dresses.

All in all, one of the best super-cheap watch brands!

14. Tommy Hilfiger

Not a brand I would call cheap, but if you have a mid-budget, you would certainly like to try a Tommy Hilfiger watch. One of the most renowned brands in the mid-budget category with the most uniquely simple designs, Tommy Hilfiger simply ticks every box.

They produce every sort of watch, from sporty to classic, or anything in between. However, you should keep in mind that most of their watches are oversized, so maybe you don’t like them much. But if you do, you don’t want to miss these.

15. Citizen

Does Citizen make luxury standard watches? No! Do they provide the most value for the budget? Definitely yes! They have everything you are looking for at an average price of $100 to $200; the quality, style, and value are just spot on.

Besides, Citizen watches even last longer as they mostly use solar energy compared to quartz watches. For one thing, we can say surely, you won’t have a hard time finding a classy timepiece for your wrist when looking up the brand.

16. Invicta

Another brand founded in La-Chaux-De-Fonds, Invicta, is a well-known watch brand often distinguished for its “Swiss level” excellence in the craft. It’s one of the few brands that perfectly balances budget and luxury. In fact, their watches look extremely expensive despite being cheap.

Invicta watches mostly make designs based on modern ideas blended with vintage builds. You could call it a mix between G-shocks and Rolex. Although these watches might not be for everyone, those who wear them stand out in the crowd.

17. Vincero

Well, everyone praises Swiss watches. And why not? No one does it better. But hey, let’s not forget! Italian brands are nowhere behind in this race. Though Italian watch brands are usually associated with being expensive, Vincero stands in the budget range without compromising on the craft and quality.

Although most of the Vincero range consists of leather watches, there’s also a fair variety of chain straps for people who like classic designs like those of Rado. All in all, you are going to love the products of this brand for the value.

18. Nixon

Smartwatches, dress watches, sports watches, luxury chronographs…you name it, and Nixon has it. A US-based brand founded in 1997, Nixon watches are considered a staple in the budget market. Even more, they appeal to both males and females due to their highly diverse range.

Nixon watches somewhat bridge the gap between cheap and expensive watches and provide good value. Plus, Nixon watches are highly reliable compared to their other price peers. Thus, when you pay for something from the brand, you know it’s going to last for some good years.

19. Stuhrling

The first thing catchy about the brand? Of all the rubble, they chose the name of Stuhrling, the master watchmaker from Switzerland in the 1800s. That alone makes them stand out in the crowd; the decent quality is just a perk that comes with it.

Now we wouldn’t say that the watches from the brand are downright amazing, but again, we are looking at the brands from the price/quality ratio. Besides, most of their watches are manufactured in China, so it’s not even an authentic European brand.

In other words, this should be your choice if you can’t afford any other brand. 😉

20. Junghans

Well, If we had to conclude the Junghan in a Nutshell, it’s a brand that easily competes with most the Swiss brands. With pristine quality, intricate designs, absolute luxury, and a budget quite affordable, Junghans has been perfecting its craft since 1861. It’s a brand that exhibits a pure German masterclass.

Junghans watches primarily emphasize retaining the classic watch design without compromising on the trends. Moreover, they use state-of-the-art precision technology that ensures the watch stays super accurate. Not to mention the high resale value. Nothing wrong to say about them!

21. Guess

Guess Collection is a Swiss brand that is roughly a decade old. And guess what? The name is already well-known in the “affordable luxury” market.

Well, this achievement can be well attributed to the amazing products they bring to the table, especially in their timepiece range.

Guess watches mostly exhibit intricate and flashy designs, with only a few models suited for formal wear. But if you are a man of vibrant tastes, you will undoubtedly like the Guess range.

22. Shinola

“Made in Detroit,” the carving you will see on every Shinola, is one of the few proud American watch brands. And believe us when we say this, they very well live up to their reputation of being top American luxury watches.

Costing slightly higher than what we would call the “cheap range,” Shinola combines premium quality components and timeless designs and turns them into a piece of pure luxury.

The only thing that would stop one from getting a Shinola watch is its resale value. Their value retention is nothing close to a luxury watch.

23. Oris

Oris is another watch brand from the Swiss watch masters that doesn’t compromise on anything, while providing the best value for your money. Yes, they will probably cost you more than a thousand bucks, but the quality and design are worth every penny.

Although Oris is filled with affordable luxury, if we still had to recommend to you their top line, it would probably be their aviation range, which the brand calls their “Big Crown.” It incorporates a lot of series and collections within, all equally stunning and premium.

24. Fossil

Fossil is another American budget brand that produces everything, from pants to watches and anything in between. Indeed not a name we would sort in the luxury league, Fossil watches are quite stylish and of excellent quality, especially in the budget category.

Although the use of vintage designs in the company’s typical watch range is quite conspicuous, they also make some decent modern digital watches. Our only concern? Since the brand is not necessarily luxury, the watches won’t retain their value in resale. But for a timepiece, they are good, without a doubt.

25. Nordgreen

We all know Scandinavia is famous for its Viking heritage, the best beaches in Northern Europe, and some of the best palaces in architecture. But watches? Well, let’s just accept it! Watches aren’t one of the things either of us expected from that part of the world.

Anyways, Nordgreen is a Scandinavian brand that takes pride in making elegant and premium-quality watches for just a fraction of what you would pay for a luxury brand. Besides, the company supports several great causes. So each piece you buy, you are actually contributing to something good.

26. Calvin Klein

I wouldn’t mind buying a bunch of undies from Calvin Kelin. But watches? I would probably give it a second thought if I wasn’t familiar with the quality and style they bring to the table. The brand produces pure magic under their name in the timepiece industry.

In fact, all their models are Swiss-made, the masters of the craft. So whether you are looking for something to accompany you on the jogging tracks, or complement your day-to-day attire, the Calvin Klein watch is something you would like.

27. TOKYObay

TOKYObay is a Minnesota-based brand that makes both men’s and women’s watches. Their top-of-the-line range mainly consists of vintage designs, usually consisting of leather straps and simple dials. With over thirty years in business and a huge collection and designs, you’ll indeed find something for yourself.


What are the cheapest luxury watch brands?

Tissot, Seiko, and Casio are some of the cheapest and best quality brands that are great at functionality and quality. Other brands include Vincero, Guess, and Calvin Klein.

What is a good inexpensive watch brand?

An excellent inexpensive watch brand exclusively manufactures watches, and their products retain their value over time. Usually, Swiss watch brands are great in this regard, even in the budget category.

Is Tissot a luxury watch brand?

In the budget category, Tissot is a luxury watch brand that makes premium quality watches at a low price, with a vast variety that appeals to the masses.

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