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This is a great key chain

"It is so nice and easy to attach to things like my purse or belt loop. It is made from real leather also. We have our key fob attached to this right now and it is a great way to keep up with it. If you are looking for a quality keychain then this is it. It is very elegant looking. " on Kalibrado Keychain

4 out of 5
Jessica Thornhill Jessica Thornhill

Small and compact wallet!

"This wallet is very compact and small- just the two things I needed in a wallet. My previous wallet was kind of fat and made a bulge on my behind. It even kept pocking me in the rear whenever I sat. If what you are looking for is a smaller wallet to reduce the load in your pockets, then this is the best you can get." on Kalibrado Minimalist Wallet

4 out of 5
Mike reviewer Mike

The perfect bridge between minimalist and normal wallet!

"I understand that minimalist wallets are meant to encourage you to carry as few items as you possibly can. I’m definitely not the type to carry few items in my wallet. Still, I don’t like the way fat wallets pull your pockets and make you feel uncomfortable as you walk or sit." on Kalibrado Bifold Wallet

4 out of 5
Johnatan A. Johnatan A.

Stylish! Stylish! Stylish!

"I stumbled up on this wallet as I searched the market for a smaller and more stylish wallet. When it comes to style, then this wallet takes first place. I particularly like the fact that it is made of real leather, and not some cheap imitation material. That also guarantees it a long life in my pockets." on Kalibrado Minimalist Wallet

4 out of 5
Scott Huggins Scott Huggins

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