Kalibrado Keychain

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We designed our Kalibrado keychain with this simple and charming look.

Our keychain is made out of the best quality leather out there. First class microfiber leather has been used to make it along with Zinc Alloy.

Kalibrado keychain comes along with an easy to open snap hook. Carry your keys, clipped onto your belt loop with this amazing leather keychain!

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The Key Features

We combined the useful snap hook keychain with elegant leather parts and also aur keychain presents the idea of the clip that folds in and out.
Easy-to-open Snap Hook

Our Kalibrado keychain is very functional, you can wear it on your belt loop or attached to your bag.
Gift Box Packing

We added elegant box to our keychain which is making it great gift for every occasion and recipient.

The Smartest Design

Eeasy to open snap hook

Do you struggle findin your keys in your bag or pocket? That’s why we designed our keychain withe easy to open snap hook, so our customers can wear their keys hooked on their belt or bag.

Clip that folds in and out

If you don’t want to use the clip you can fold it in and you will get minimalist look keychain. If you want to attach your keys to your belt or bag you can take the clip out with one simple move.

Minimalistic design

This is how our keychain looks if you fold the clip in. When folded Kalibrado keychain looks even better. Elegant minimalistic design – the perfect accessory with your keys.

Luxury gift box

When buying our keychain you will receive it in premium quality gift box, which is making it great gift for every occasion and recipient.

6 reviews for Kalibrado Keychain

  1. Anna D.

    This is a great present. My boyfriend was delighted

  2. Robert Jefferson

    I fell in love the minute I saw this keychain. Recommend it to everyone!

  3. Jacob J.

    Finally know where my keys are! I have misplaced my keys a couple of times in the past. Sometimes, I even end up finding them in my pockets after searching for long. This is why I had to go looking for a solution, and I actually found it. I couldn’t possibly find a better keychain in this price range.
    I especially like how it can easily be hooked and unhooked. I usually fix it through my belt loops so I can easily unhook it whenever I need to use my keys. If you don’t wear pants with belt loops, then I guess it can go into some place in your bag, and still get hooked so you don’t have to spend the entire evening searching for your keys.
    The gift box is also pretty cool and I might think of buying it for a friend as a little birthday present.

  4. Anastas

    Really good keychain! Fits well on my belt and it is so comfortable. Quality leather too.

  5. Greg S

    Cool keychain
    I’m all about style, and when it comes to my accessories, I prefer leather. All my accessories are made of pure leather. I just find it classy. I really like the way this keychain completes my look and style.
    I know most people have the fear of buying fake leather that is sold as real- I was actually a little skeptical with this one. But I can guarantee that this keychain is made of real animal leather. You can actually tell it from the smell and the feel. Just spend some time checking out real and fake leather and you will have it figured out in no time.
    It’s also worth mentioning the fact that the metallic part is made of zinc, which is a pretty high quality material for this purpose. It also has the look of fine metal, which is just in line with my needs. I can sum up this keychain in one word: awesome.
    • It’s made of legit materials. No cheap leather or leather imitations, and no fake metals.
    • It takes away the worry of losing keys. I like the way you can easily hold it in your belt loops or bag.
    • The metallic part is made of some zinc alloy which looks promising in terms of longevity. It doesn’t look like the type to break under pressure.
    • I can always know where my keys are. Just unhook the keychain from my belt loop.
    In short, this keychain is jus fit for any man or woman who is interested in style, convenience and value for money.

  6. Jessica Thornhill

    This is a great key chain. It is so nice and easy to attach to things like my purse or belt loop. It is made from real leather also. We have our key fab attached to this right now and it is a great way to keep up with it. If you are looking for a quality keychain then this is it. It is very elegant looking. When you do not need to clip it to anything that peice actually folsa down into the leather part so it makes it so much smaller and easy to fit in your pocket. It is about 4″x 1.5″. I received this at a discount for my honest opinion which in no way affected my rating. Questions and comments welcomed. I hope you have found this helpful. I will upload pics shortly

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