Our Story


The story of Kalibrado starts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where the founder Emil Kalibradov used to work as an ocean lifeguard. For a second summer he rescued people from the Atlantic Ocean and he loved his job so much, because he likes helping people.

It was the end of the season when something amazing happened. A girl started drowning and our lifeguard made another heroic water rescue. When the girl was already safe on the shore an old men gave an envelope to the rescuer and said "Thank you for saving our kids".

Later in the envelope Emil found a $100 bill with a note saying "Do something good for yourself". He never saw the girl and the old man again.

After the season Emil went back to his home town. He still remembered the words of the old man but he couldn’t decide what to do with the money he found in the envelope.

Emil kept the $100 bill in his wallet, which was a gift from his grandfather. One day he understood how much he was attached to his wallet and how much the old man from the beach reminded him of his grandfather.

Inspired by the minimalistic and refined design of his own wallet Emil decided to start his own line of leather products using the $100 as starting point.

That’s how our brand Kalibrado was born, it is not only the last name of our founder but the last name of his grandfather too.



Emil loved the minimalist design of his old wallet. He liked the idea and the feel of simple leather products and decided to incorporate this into his own line leather products.

We at Kalibrado consider that it is important to make our products thin and elegant – we love clean design, without too many features.

We believe that our products should enrich your life, not just accessorize it. As we believe in the beautiful authenticity that is so unique to leather, we keep our designs as simple as possible.



We believe in leather. We believe in natural materials that only improve with time.

The genuine full-grain leather used in our entire collection is created using an age-old process of vegetable tanning.

Because of the natural tanning and dying process, each piece is one of a kind. Variations in grain, texture, color and markings are what make this leather and each Kalibrado piece unique.



Accessories are powerful elements of our style.

Our goal is to change the way you think about accessories by offering high-quality minimalist products at a revolutionary price.

We believe in products that are designed and made to remind our customers what is beautiful about life, as well as to communicate feelings rather than reflect popular trends.


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