Kalibrado Minimalist Pull

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Colors: Black, Brown

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Made of pure leather, this wallet is ideal for the modern man. It comes in two colors: black and brown. This wallet has everything a sophisticated wallet should have. Being slim as it is, it can be carried in the front pocket without any noticeable bulge showing.

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Black, Brown

5 reviews for Kalibrado Minimalist Pull

  1. Frank

    It doesn’t scratch my phone or mess my pockets!! My previous wallet was the fat type, and had clips. I know clips are necessary for such wallets, but that means you can’t have your wallet and phone in the same pocket, unless you are okay with a scratched phone screen. Being a minimalist wallet, this doesn’t have clips. It is just meant to carry a few cards and maybe some money. Personally, I hate carrying heavy luggage in my pockets. I even have a slim 4.5 inch phone, which is also quite light. This wallet suits my case just perfectly. I honestly don’t think I could get anything better if I searched harder.

  2. Kevin Davis

    I usually take the train when travelling out of my town, and trains around here get really crowded. Pickpockets have gotten me more than once. This wallet should definitely solve this for me since I can comfortably keep it in my front pocket. I also think these thieves don’t bother trying to get to it since it doesn’t look like those big wallets with a lot of money (it’s meant to carry cards mostly, anyway). In my case, the wallet always has 5 cards and never more than a couple of bill. Makes me wonder what I was even doing with my old back pocket wallet. You know Safety first.

  3. Luke Evans

    Just an awesome wallet. I bought this wallet two months ago, and it still looks good as new. I haven’t had a back pocket wallet for a long time, and I believe all men should have small wallets to just slide into their front pockets. It’s all about style.

    At first, I was skeptical about the wallet even though it seemed well priced. I actually got it on offer. Now, I don’t regret my purchase at all and I strongly doubt whether I could ever land a better wallet. Of course, there are many cheaper wallets in the market, but I wouldn’t recommend any of those. It isn’t very easy to tell real leather from fake, and many cons out there are making money out of selling wallets made of fake material. These kinds of wallets wear and tear after such a short time, and you will probably end up spending much more that what you would have spent in a single quality purchase. More often than not, cheap turns out to be more expensive.

  4. Scott Huggins

    I stumbled up on this wallet as I searched the market for a smaller and more stylish wallet. When it comes to style, then this wallet takes first place. I particularly like the fact that it is made of real leather, and not some cheap imitation material. That also guarantees it a long life in my pockets. Being of a smaller size than most wallets, I can also enjoy walking around without the discomfort of a bulging pocket- saved my style a lot. I’m not the type to walk around with a bag or something of that sort, so I actually had to bear with squeezing my fat wallet in my back pocket for a long time…. until I found this wallet, of course. Stylish! Stylish! Stylish!

  5. Mike

    Small and compact wallet!
    This wallet is very compact and small- just the two things I needed in a wallet. My previous wallet was kind of fat and made a bulge on my behind. It even kept pocking me in the rear whenever I sat. I know some people find such wallets cool since it makes you look like you’re carrying a lot of money, but it’s a new era and you don’t even need to carry a lot of money to look rich. Just dress well and people will get the idea. If you actually have a lot of money, just swipe your debit card or credit card at whatever place you’re going shopping. Simple.
    I actually carry this wallet in my front pocket, so the issue of my wallet enlarging my back pockets is out of the question. Also, I just figured that I don’t carry many things in my wallet…. Actually just a few cards which I mostly use to pay with instead of actual cash bills. If what you are looking for is a smaller wallet to reduce the load in your pockets, then this is the best you can get.

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