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SLIM AND STYLISH – Designed to best combine elegance, comfort and convenience. The Kalibrado Bifold front pocket wallet is made of top quality full grain leather, which is both soft and durable
SECURE – Save yourself from theft and protect your identity! The RFID technology protects information stored on RFID chips found in your Credit and Debit cards
PREMIUM QUALITY – Made with the Finest Full Grain genuine leather looks ultra-stylish and making you feel confident in front of your friends.
FUNCTIONAL – Store both cash and up to 10 cards in a very slim profile
GREAT GIFT – The packing is done remarkably well giving it the impression of chic and elegance, keeping in mind to make it ideal for the purpose of gifting

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Purchase now and become the owner of a First-class Leather wallet.

Bifold Wallet With Money Clip Benefits

The bifold wallet with money clip offers many advantages over other wallet styles some of which include:

  • A bifold wallet is easier to open making transactions at a cash register faster.
  • It is easier to find things in a bifold wallet because they have a more open design.
  • A bifold wallet with a money clip will hold more items without putting several fold marks in them compared to using tri-fold wallet, everything is folded several times in order to fit in one of the small compartments.
  • A bifold wallet with money clip offers you the ability to carry more money and put it in different areas of the wallet.
  • If you have more in the wallet than will fit in the money slots, you can clip money or other papers into the wallet with the money clip. A money clip will hold things tightly in place, like cash and even checks. Money clips add an extra dash of style to your wallet because of all of the different types that are available. Money clips can be made of brass, silver, leather, leather and silver, and many other materials.

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4 reviews for Kalibrado Bifold

  1. Steven G

    Very nice bifold wallet! Bought it for my father as gift, now I am buying one for myself.

  2. Noah BROWN

    I consider myself a value shopper rather than a label shopper, and I can confidently say that this is the best wallet I have ever owned. The slots are particularly secure. The last wallet I had had such loose slots that I had to stack a couple of cards in each slot for them to hold place. Otherwise, they could easily fall off. This wallet passes the test for the greatest wallet ever. What I like most about this wallet, well… the real leather. I can tell fake leather from a mile away, and this is actual real leather.
    • Small and compact. In my opinion, anything you put in your pockets should be as small as possible, including a phone.
    • The stylish design. I haven’t gotten out with it yet (just bought it), but I’m sure there’s many people waiting to be impressed by the design.
    • Great quality.
    • It’s quite inexpensive. Of course, cheap and expensive are relative, but most wallets below this price range are made of cheaper material, and I know I wouldn’t want to walk around with a torn and ugly wallet.
    • It can hold even 10 cards just fine.
    Great wallet!

  3. Johnatan A.

    The perfect bridge between minimalist and normal fat wallets!!
    I understand that minimalist wallets are meant to encourage you to carry as few items as you possibly can. I’m definitely not the type to carry few items in my wallet. Still, I don’t like the way fat wallets pull your pockets and make you feel uncomfortable as you walk or sit. I got this wallet for that exact reason- it carries all my cards and cash, and still is not as fat as my previous wallets. I actually carry this wallet in my front pocket and I guess that is what the maker intended.

  4. jordan hickman

    My old wallet got torn and old, and so I started my search for a new wallet in the market. I really doubt whether you can get a wallet of such quality in this price range. The leather is 100 % genuine and not some cheap material that will wear and tear in a short while. You can tell that the leather is actual animal skin by the smell and the feel of the wallet. I’ve owned this wallet for a week now and am pretty optimistic about it. My friends don’t ever notice any of my stuff- but they had to point out that my wallet was a top market value. If you are looking for quality and style, then this would probably be your best bet.
    100% Real leather!

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