14 Grooming Tips All Stylish Men Know

If you’re a stylish guy, you probably know that there’s more to style than just wearing clothes. And one of the other areas fashionable men work on is their grooming. And fortunately, it isn’t tough to follow them! All you have to do is make a few new habits, and you’re done.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 – Wear a Deodorant/AntiPerspirant

Doing this is grooming 101! Both of them help you avoid start smelling bad around your armpits. However, they work differently:

  • An Antiperspirant limits how much you sweat.
  • And a deodorant removes the smell of the sweat.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick, but you should add it whenever you get out of the shower. And when using a deodorant, be sure to let it dry before you put on your shirt to avoid any stains.

#2 – Clip Your Nails

Another area that you need to keep in mind is your nails. If you let them grow too long, then dirt can clog up! And if that happens, people will think you don’t take your appearance seriously.

So whenever you see dirt around your nails, then it’s best to start clipping them. Usually, you should do it once a week.

#3 – Trim your Nose/Ear Hair

Keeping your face looking good is extremely important. That’s because it’s the thing the people see most when hanging around you. So how do you do that?

Well, for starters, if you’ve got some hair sticking out of your nose and ears, you should probably start there. But when you trim them, be sure to use the right tools for the job. There’s no need to hurt yourself!

#4 – Trim Your Beard

A beard can help you look more symmetrical, making you look more attractive. However, when you have a beard, you need to take care of it. If you don’t, you’ll just look like a homeless man or someone who doesn’t take care of himself.

So instead of being that, make sure you trim your beard regularly. And if you cannot grow a beard, then it’s better to shave it!

#5 – Develop a Skin Care Routine

A skincare routine can do wonders for you. You will be getting rid of any imperfections of your skin, like acne, but you’ll also start looking younger than you are.

However, developing one can be a bit difficult as you need quite a lot of products to keep it perfect. Fortunately, brands like Tiege Henley or Lumin Skin make it simple. All you need is to order their package and follow the guidelines, and you’ll get your clear skin.

#6 – Go to Your Barber Regularly

If you don’t shave yours off, you’ll probably need to visit a barber now and then. That will help you keep your hairstyle looking sharp and fresh. However, how regularly you need to go depends on your hairstyle.

For example, if you have a regular hairstyle, going for a cut every 3-4 weeks should be okay. But if you have a hairstyle with a fade, then it’s best to go to a barber every 1-2 weeks to keep the faded look.

#7 – Plush your Eyebrows

Nobody has been able to pull off the unibrow look and make it look stylish. So instead of doing that, it’s time to start separating the two. And the good thing? You don’t need to do it that often; once a month should be okay!

And don’t worry, plucking your eyebrows isn’t as painful as it might sound. So man up and start doing it.

#8 – Do Some Manscaping

It’s not enough to just trim the hair around your face! If you want to be stylish, you must ensure that you don’t turn into a gorilla! So start trimming your hair around the body. You want to focus on your armpits, neck, chest, and back.

But additionally to that, you might also want to trim that bush under the belt! That way, it won’t start stinking down there so quickly. And well, the ladies will enjoy that more.

#9 – Use Proper Hair Products

When it comes to hairstyles, a lot depends on your products. If you do it right, it shouldn’t be hard to shape your hairstyle and keep the shape for the whole day. So what products should you use?

Well, you should use the best you can afford. For example, instead of buying the 2-in-1 shower gel, you should start using shampoo from your barber. That will clean your head better. Also, don’t forget to use a conditioner!

But additionally to those two, when buying hair products, make sure you purchase quality pomade instead of the cheap grocery store one!

#10 – Find Your Signature Scent

Being a stylish man is much more than looking good. Another part of being a modern man is about smelling good. And the best way to elevate yourself is to find a signature fragrance.

So start testing them out, and see which one you like. Then just start wearing them whenever you go out of your home. But when you do, don’t overspray. 1-2 sprays should be enough!

#11 – Take time to Sleep

While it might not look like much, sleep can help a lot when it comes to grooming. Apart from making you feel more energized for the day, sleeping has one more benefit. If you sleep well, you won’t have to worry about the dark spots under your eyes.

That will help make your skin look cleaner and younger! So be sure to avoid getting sleep-deprived and enjoy the benefits.

#12 – Wear Sunscreen in Summer

During Summer, it’s essential to protect your skin from sun rays. And the best thing against that is sunscreen. So instead of letting your skin burn during a hot day, make sure to apply some sunscreen before you go outside, even if you’re not visiting the beach.

That way, you’ll keep your skin safe from burning and looking young.

#13 – Look After Your Hands

When it comes to grooming, hands are something that gets overlooked! Most men don’t think that there’s anything to do except clipping nails, but that’s completely wrong! Instead, you should do two things:

  • Wash your hands (obviously)
  • Moisturise during the winter months (if your skin gets dry).

That way, it’s pleasant to shake your hands.

#14 – Keep Your Breath Fresh

When going on a date with a woman, you don’t want to turn them off from a kiss with a bad breath. So instead of ruining your chance, you can do two things. First, you could start by doing mouthwashes after brushing your teeth.

And if you’re on an important meeting or a date, then chewing some mint gum helps out as well.


And those were the fourteen grooming tips all stylish men should know. Fortunately, most of them don’t take a lot of time. All you need is to add 10 minutes to your morning and night routine, and you’ll be well-groomed.


Q: How can I improve my grooming?

A: The #1 thing you need to do for improving your grooming is consistency. That means you’ll have to make small new habits like a skincare routine, beard trimming, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming well-groomed

Q: What grooming should a man do?

A: When it comes to grooming, everything is listed above!

Q: What are the basics of grooming?

A: The basics of grooming include wearing a deodorant, clipping your nails, trimming your beard, plucking eyebrows, using proper hair products, and keeping your breath fresh.

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