11 Best Types Of Shirts for Men

Many men ignore their wardrobes. Some still wear the same style and clothes from over five years ago.

But this is not to say that some things aren’t classic. We just think it won’t hurt to revamp and update your wardrobe.

For example, consider how many types of shirts you own. Many men own a few, while some do not know that various kinds of shirts exist.

There are many types of shirts available for men.

The variations in style help you look good and prepared for any occasion. Plus, they will help you enhance your sense of style significantly. And you won’t look like you are wearing the same thing over again.

Whether you are a world-class businessman or a barista, there are several types of shirts you should own.

The list below outlines these shirts and states the best pairings for them.

So keep scrolling to learn more.

1. Oxford Shirt

The oxford is a type of dress shirt, and we will cover that in a while. Meanwhile, the oxford shirt has a button-down collar that eliminates flying collars. Additionally, it has a basket weave pattern on the fabric, thus its name.

This versatile clothing item provides comfort and style for every man. White and light shades of blue are best. You can pair this shirt with almost anything as long as it is professional or smart casual. They are best for suits and pants with a tapered ankle. You can also wear them with khaki shorts.

2. Dress Shirt

This is a man’s long-sleeved shirt suitable for wearing with a tie. It is also known as a dinner shirt, button, button-front, button-front, or button-up shirt. It has a collar designed for formal appearances.

This is the shirt you pair with a suit and other formal or professional appearances. Light solid colors work best for this type of shirt. Additionally, you need to pair it with equally traditional footwear for a complete look.

3. Cuban Collar Shirt

This is a classic shirt with an open-notch lapel-like collar, a boxy hem, and short sleeves. It is like a retro bowling shirt, with a traditional spin on the design. Modern versions of this shirt offer a better fit, but classic styles were a bit baggier.

The ideal pairing for this shirt is everything casual. Tucked in or hanging out, this shirt is great for jeans, sneakers, colorful and patterned pants, boots, and other casual pairings.

4. Overshirt

An overshirt is a unique bridge between jackets and shirts. It looks like a shirt, but you wear it like a jacket. They are thicker and warmer than standard shirts, making them ideal for cold weather as a stylish accessory.

Overshirts have a collar and often come with decorative fastenings and accessories. This makes them ideal for pairing in casual settings. They are best for street style underneath plain t-shirts and with jeans. The classic style is to keep it open but buttoning up also looks good.

5. Chambray

This type of shirt is often mistaken for denim because of its similar looks. It has a light blue color that looks like denim. However, you notice that it is softer and more lightweight than denim on touch. This is because of the soft cotton fabric in a plain weave.

These shirts are casual, so consider going for this shirt if you want to revamp your street style. It should fit well, giving you enough room for movement. You can pair it with jeans, although we encourage staying away from light blue jeans.

6. Flannel Shirt

The classic plaid flannel shirt made from soft wool or cotton is a must-have for casual dressers. This beautiful shirt comes in multiple colors, but red is the one that almost anyone can pull off. You can wear it as an overshirt over a plain t-shirt.

You can also tie it around your waist as an accessory. It also looks good buttoned up with rolled-up sleeves, jeans, and a pair of boots or sneakers.

7. Office Shirt

The office shirt is a staple clothing item for anyone with an office job. It is often long-sleeved, with a button-up or button-down collar. Office shirts come in solid colors, although some colored and patterned variations exist for smart-casual looks.

Pairing office shirts with taped pants like chinos or khakis should help you achieve a professional look. Go for solid-colored pants but don’t match with your shirt to avoid being distracting in the office.

Short-Sleeve Shirt

As the name suggests, a short-sleeve shirt is an attractive shirt with sleeves that extend to half or three-quarters of the arm. They often come with a button-up or down collar. And what is their purpose?

These are great for casual looks that don’t make you look too relaxed. For example, it should be an excellent look for a company retreat where you look simple but not too unprofessional when paired with shorts and other casual clothing.

8. Denim Shirt

This is a tough, heavy, and durable shirt ideal for cold winters and chilly falls. This shirt has denim as the primary fabric, and the ideal styling is as an overshirt, over a graphic tee, or plain t-shirt.

You can wear denim shirts for street style, running errands, or going to a party. They look good with shorts, sneakers, sandals, and patterned pants. Just go for the light colors because they are easier to style.

9. Linen Shirt

When you think of beach wedding outfits, the linen shirt should be first on your list. This timeless style shirt has graced many weddings in hot and humid climates for its breathability and ease of styling.

Just pop on a pair of chinos with sandals, and you are good to go. The floral variations are great for standing out, especially if you pair it with a good suit for a party. Light and bright is the way to go with linen shirts.

10. Mandarin Collar/Band Collar Shirt

The mandarin collar shirts have a short stand-up collar, often with a small fastening. This shirt style is ideal for looking regal and sophisticated during a formal party like a wedding.

The band collar shirt is a variation featuring a band instead of a collar with a fastening. This is an excellent alternative for a dress shirt as it will make you look more formal and put together.

A good blazer or flannel will pair nicely with any of these shirts. Additionally, chinos and other breathable solid-colored pants will go well with both.

11. Hawaiian Shirt

And finally, be sure to add a Hawaiian shirt for all the aloha vibes. Multiple celebrities have worn this stylish and classic shirt. You join the ranks of greatness just by purchasing this cool shirt. But how to style it?

Shorts and casual pants you can wear to the beach go well with this shirt. Sandals are a staple, and you can accessorize it with a shell or beaded bracelet.

Final Thought

So there you have it! An excellent list to improve your personal style that you can share with friends. Be sure to get the correct fitting for every shirt. Additionally, don’t be afraid to venture into styles you are not used to. You could unlock a new look for yourself.


What type of shirts are formal?

There are multiple types of formal shirts. The most common is the dress shirt which people often pair with ties for a traditional and professional look. They are worn at formal occasions and professional appearances. Oxford shirts, mandarin collar shirts, band collar shirts, and office shirts are also formal and ideal for these settings.

What is the best type of shirt?

The best type of shirt ultimately depends on the setting you are in. However, you will always need something breathable, comfortable, and versatile. We believe that the oxford shirt meets and surpasses these requirements making it the best type of shirt.

What type of shirts is in trend?

We can confirm that every shirt on this list is in style. Men’s fashion is versatile and inclusive. As seen above, you have varied options, so don’t be afraid to make an outdated choice. They’re all in style!

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