21 Best Hawaiian Shirts For Men

Summers are approaching and does your wardrobe seem to be encumbered with the number of outdated shirts? Facelift your summer game and invest in Hawaiian shirts to hone your vacation holidays.

Now, what are Hawaiian shirts?

Hawaiian shirts are also known as aloha shirts that come with tropical prints and a camp collar. These tropical prints usually feature floral motifs, palm trees, Miami scene patterns, flowers, plumeria, and whatnot. With that said, Hawaiian shirts were birthed as loose-fitting shirts, but over the years, they are revamped into a well-fitted tailored shirt.

Here are some of the finest picks. Let’s dive in and see what’s in for you.

1. Reyn Spooner Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Best Designer
If you’re a beach lover or into fishing, then this aloha shirt is made for you. It has incredible printed work for sea lovers. Moreover, this Hawaiian shirt is manufactured from 100% cotton that vouches for a comfortable feel. You’ll appreciate the easy maintenance and chest pocket for preserving essentials.

2. IZOD Men’s Saltwater Short Sleeve Shirt

Thanks to the soft cotton chambray and cool fx collar blowing the moisture away and keeping you in comfort all the time. Make the cleaning process easy by just putting the shirt in a dryer. Featuring tropical pair patterns to wrap up your overall summer look.

3. Tori Richard Cotton Lawn Shirt

Resist the hot weather and humid climates by wearing the lightweight cotton lawn. The aloha shirt is known for its stellar performance in high temperatures. This versatile wear can be worn at extensive events. Best of all, it doesn’t expose wrinkles and shrinkages.

4. Alimens & Gentle Casual Hawaiian Shirt

This Alimens Hawaiian shirt is made in the USA and comes in a wide range of colors. The Hawaiian shirt features high-end cotton that aids in transmitting the sweat away, regulates moisture, and provides supreme comfort. The best part? It averts wrinkles and shrinks after the wash.

5. Tommy Bahama Mesquite Blooms

Set apart yourself from others and travel to the beach wearing this aloha shirt. The Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt has alluring patterns, a Bangalow collar, and a square pocket. Additionally, this shirt is fabricated from 59% silk, 38% cotton, and 3% spandex.

6. YEAR IN YEAR OUT Mens Hawaiian Shirt

Best Budget Pick
The year in year out has been chosen as the best budget buy. This Hawaiian shirt beats the price-point with its features. The year in year out shirt can be found in myriads of colors. On top of that, the regular pattern makes it an ideal choice for summer vacationers.

7. Isle Bay Linens Men’s Hawaiian Casual Shirt

When it comes to leisurewear, the first name that clicks on our mind is the Isle Bay Hawaiian shirt. It has a perfect blend of 52% linen and 48% cotton. Stay confident and wear it at the beach, at a wedding, or on date night. What’s more? It is knitted with a camp collar and a left chest pocket.

8. 28 Palms Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Best Overall
Upgrade your summer look with the 28 palms Hawaiian shirt. As the name suggests, the shirt exhibits a palm tree that is pleasing to watch. This topical shirt is crafted from 100% linen, silk, and cotton, giving a pleasant experience when you put it on.

9. Volcom Men’s Floral Shirt

Here, we have another Hawaiian shirt with a reasonable price tag. The Volcom erupted design has the potential to grab the eyes of flocks. This floral shirt is made from 100% viscose fabric. You can wear it on multiple occasions, and even daily wear.

10. JOGAL Flower Casual Button Hawaiian

Best Value
If you ever wanted a quality-oriented Hawaiian shirt at an economical price, the Jogal Hawaiian shirt is your way to go. This Hawaiian shirt features a spread collar with a short sleeve that is ready to give a dapper look. However, this shirt may shrink, so watch out for your size before buying.

11. NEFF Men’s Hawaiian Style Shirt

Spend your quality time with your best friends on the beach and give a try to the Neff Hawaiian shirt. Made from 100% polyester, and a blend of high-performance soft cotton takes care of your comfort level. Above all, it features a tropical tiger print and comes with a collared neck.

12. Hawaii Hangover Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Best Floral Shirt
Uplift your summer days with the Hawaii Flamingo pattern shirt. And the good news? This Hawaiian is constructed from 100% featherweight cotton. However, some people raised concerns about the wrinkles coming in and cheap fabric quality.

13. Men’s Bright Hawaiian Shirt

This short sleeve Hawaiian shirt is made to spend long hours on a hot sunny day. That said, this shirt comes in a plethora of radical styles, ready to revamp the attire. Another good thing is that the shirt has a tailored fitting that will adapt to your body shape.

14. Pacific Legend Plumeria Hibiscus Shirts

The Plumeria-Hibiscus shirt showcases an appealing look with its printed design. Made in the USA and is 100% cotton woven. Fortunately, you don’t see shrinkage after several washes. Also, this shirt has a well-fitted dressing.

15. Johari West Hawaiian Batik Shirt

This Batik shirt from Johari west is fabricated from 100% natural Indonesian cotton. The design of the shirt is infused with batik patterns in a repeated manner. On top of that, forget about the shrinkage and wrinkles after every wash with its high-performance fabric.

16. APTRO Men’s Casual Hawaiian Shirt

Best Flexible Hawaiian
If you don’t like the skintight Hawaiin shirts and prefer one that provides optimal comfort and flexibility with its 4-way stretchy fabric, then Aptro Hawaiian needs your attention. This shirt has a relaxed fit, a vibrant print and allows for freedom of movement. Also, you’ll admire the easy maintenance and wrinkle-free feature.

17. NUTEXROL Mens Hawaiian Shirt

This shirt was designed keeping the comfort and style factor in mind. The printed palm tree on the Hawaiian shirt vows for an engaging look. Primarily, it doesn’t require any special wash care and is outfitted with a handy utility pocket.

18. Varnit Crafts Hawaiian Shirt

Next, we have another flamingo shirt that gives a pool party and beach vibes. You’ll be glad to know that this Hawaiian shirt is fairly priced than other contenders. It has a breathable, washable, and comfortable fabric to wear on countless occasions.

19. Quiksilver Men’s Highlighter Hawaiian

This Hawaiian Woven is a combination of 71% cotton and 29% viscose. The Hawaiian shirt offers a snug and comfortable fit. You can find this shirt in only two colors. Moreover, the Quicksilver highlighter is rounded out with embroidery details to give a flattering look.

20. LEFTGU Printed Hawaiian Shirt

Affordable Pick
If you’re short on budget but loves to spend on a Hawaiian shirt, then Leftgu printed shirt can be your best buddy. The shirt is 100% polyester and has a tailored fitting to give a chic look to you. Furthermore, the fabric provides a soft and comfortable feel.

21. HISDERN Mens Printed Floral Shirt

Cheer your mood up with its cheerful colors and make the most of your beach party time. The Hisdern floral shirt is crafted from top-quality fabrics that make it a soft and comfortable option to wear. What’s best? The bright, vibrant prints on the shirt maximize the glow.


That’s it! We hope you have got clear insights about each Hawaiian shirt. They all come with a distinct feature, and to optimize your summer vacations, you have to make a wise decision. Below are our top picks to assist with your decision.
Aptro Casual Hawaiian Shirt takes the number one spot. The 4-way stretchy fabric, high-style on print, and resistance to wrinkle-free are some of the highlights.

Jogal Men’s Flower Hawaiian Shirt rests on the number 2 spot. It is made from premium materials, and the price-point makes it stand out from other competitors.


🤔 What is the Best Hawaiian Shirt Brand?

Barney cools and Tommy Bahama are arguably the best Hawaiian shirt brands. We say this because these brands intend to produce quality products. Also, these brands make sure that you get satisfaction, comfort, flexibility, and style all at once.

🥇 Where Can I Get the Best Hawaiian Shirt?

If you’re unable to find the best one from the above-mentioned Hawaiian shirts, it’s time to broaden your research and explore the market. The market is loaded with the same variant, patterns, and designs. Study what you’re looking for, and then choose based on your needs.

🧐 Are Hawaiian Shirts Still Popular?

Hawaiian shirts are a piece of garment that remain in fashion anytime. Their rock-on printed designs and a super comfortable feel make them an ideal choice to wear even in winters. You can uplift your summer look by wearing aloha shirts with tailored shorts, boat shoes for a casual look. You can also team up with skinny jeans or chinos to give a more urban feel.

☑️ How Do You Pick a Good Hawaiian Shirt?

If you want to worth every penny of your purchase, choose a Hawaiian shirt that is comfortable to wear, regardless of the fabric material, which you can sense by just holding it. However, cotton and silk are some great options. When it comes to the printed designs, trees and waves are typical, Miami scene patterns are hot-trending, so go for it.

The fitting and size of the shirt depend on your body shape. Let’s say if you have a shredded body, then a slim-fit shirt would suit you well. Otherwise, you may opt for loose-fitting.

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