24 Best Valet Trays

A valet tray or catchall tray is a convenient accessory becoming a regular part of every man’s household.

When you get home, you would want a specific place to keep all the items you carry on your person every day.

Valet trays help with that, thus reducing the process of searching different parts of the house for your keys, wallet, phone, and other small items.

Valet trays are not only for your home either. You can travel with it to your hotel room to avoid misplacing the important stuff when you check out.

The market is full of great options for different occasions. However, the following are our top picks for modern men on the move.

1. OARIE Leather Bedside Tray

This bedside tray offers excellent convenience. It is made of PU leather, offering a solid build with an attractive luster. It is large enough for keys, phone, wallet, glasses, watch, jewelry, and loose change. In addition, it has a beautiful design and color that effortlessly add class to your room.

2. TAWBURY Wooden Valet Tray

This lovely valet tray acts as a haven for all your essentials. It is made from solid walnut wood with a faux suede lining to cushion your items on the inside. It helps to remove unsightly bedroom clutter. The compartments are ideal for the organization of multiple items.

3. duke Nightstand Organizer

If you carry multiple items, then you will benefit from this large-capacity nightstand organizer. It is made of lovely faux leather and features six compartments ideal for organization. The interior has an alluring velvet bottom to keep your items safe from scratches and abrasion. It is overall tasteful and appealing.

4. The Tulip Tree Premium Leather Valet Tray

If you travel a lot and would like to keep your essentials in one place, then this is an excellent valet tray for you. It is made from leather, with brass metal snaps. You can unclip the snaps to make it flat and easier to transport in a bag.

5. U NEATOPA Leatherette Valet

This sleek valet ray made from faux leather offers high capacity for multiple items. The design even features a charging station to avoid unsightly clutter. So you can store your keys, phone, sunglasses, wallet and have room for more items. And all these items will rest on a suede cushion lining.

6. HofferRuffer Decorative Vanity Tray

For a multipurpose tray that also enhances decoration, go for this stylish valet tray. It is made from sturdy wood, covered in attractive PU leather, and a soft fabric lining on the interior. It is perfect for dressers, countertops, and can hold multiple items, including your phone, keys, watch, and glasses.

7. Profile Gifts Woltar Wooden Valet Tray

The design features three individual compartments with ample space for multiple items each. This large-capacity tray is made from solid walnut wood with a brown felt finish on the interior. From a pocket knife to a phone, everything that fits in your pocket can fit here as well.

8. MyGift Rustic Brown Burnt Wood Tray

This is a tabletop tray that doubles as a case for maximum storage. The design features enclosed slots for expensive items such as watches and jewelry. Besides this, it has other slots for your phone, keys, and coins, among others. It is a great way to stay organized and secure.

9. Velvet Nook Tray

This tray from Velvet Nook features exquisite craftsmanship that will add a touch of class to your room. It is made from wood offering great visuals and a timeless allure. The size and depth are perfect for accommodating multiple items, including your phone, glasses, and wallet.

10. Alta Andina Leather Catchall

For something unique and easily portable, consider this valet tray. It is handmade from leather, with rustic copper rivets. This combination ensures that you enjoy this tray for a long time without losing its attractiveness. In addition, the space is ideal for your phone, wallet, and everything between.

11. Hide & Drink Leather Catchall

From a master of leather products comes this rustic leather catchall. It features sturdy brass metal snaps that you can undo to lay flat and pack in your bag. The full-grain leather body ensures that it ages well. It is lightweight, durable, and ideal for any house.

12. Launch Innovative Products Walter Wooden Valet Tray

Next is this lovely large-capacity wooden valet tray. The design feature multiple large compartments to allow you to store many items. It is made from cherry wood with a green interior felt finish. The bottom also has a smooth felt finish to cushion against your dresser or table.

13. Maruse Italian Tumble Leather Valet Tray

With this valet tray, you will enjoy the smooth feel and durability of Italian leather. It is handmade by the finest craftsmen in Italy, so it has durable stitching and a 4-color pallet design. The interior has a classy suede lining to cushion and protect your items.

14. Glenor Co Valet Tray

This is more of a case than a tray, but it works just as well. The design features attractive leather with metal accents. It holds all your pocket valuables comfortably while leaving space for other items. The design even features cutouts to allow charging your phone from the case.

15. LUCKYCOIN Valet Tray

Crafted from top-grain synthetic leather, this valet tray is perfect for your home and traveling. The design is made from durable leather with four snap corners that hold tight once snapped together. In addition, the design features a removable rivet to partition for better organization. As a result, it is practical and functional for all occasions.

16. Alta Andina Travel Valet Tray

This is a handmade valet tray made from fine leather. It features solid brass snaps, and its overall appearance adds a decorative touch. The spaces of the valet tray fit your phone, keys, wallet, and more. Moreover, you can undo the snaps and lay it flat for easy portability.

17. JUNSHUO Valet Tray

From an upper rotating cover to multiple compartments, you will love everything that this valet tray has to offer. It is a wooden valet tray with a magnetic rotating mechanism that you can access with just one finger. It has multiple compartments on the upper and one large one on the lower.

18. Twin Saints Store Leather Tray

This uniquely designed valet tray is the perfect place to stash your wallet, keys, and phone. It is handcrafted from durable leather, complete with a charming embossment at the base of the tray. This combination makes it a fantastic anniversary gift. With this gift, you can never go wrong.

19. KYMY Valet Tray

This is a charming and excellent valet tray ideal for multiple storage of items. It is made from thick PU leather that ages gracefully. It has strong snaps you can undo to make it easy to carry around. Finally, it is lightweight, beautiful, and waterproof, making it easy to clean.

20. Profile Gifts Valet Tray

This is another excellent option with six compartments ideal for easy organization of coins, wallet, sunglasses, and even a phone. The frame is made from durable wood with brown felt on the interior to offer cushioning. You will also find felt on the bottom to protect your furniture.

21. Main Street Forge Leather Valet Tray

This tray is designed to fit all the things you carry every day, from sunglasses to your phone, wallet, keys, and even pocketknife. It is made from premium leather and comes in multiple colors to match your aesthetic. It is perfect for your nightstand, or desk depending on your needs.

22. SOCOSY Marble Ceramic Tray

This is designed to match a specific aesthetic, and you will love how it looks in your kitchen or living room. It is made from ceramic with a beautiful marble texture. It is spacious, ideal for holding multiple items at a go. Overall it is visually appealing.

23. The Tulip Tree Hydrophobic Valet Tray

This is a waterproof valet tray with a luxurious design. The overall look is visually appealing, and its function is even better. It can hold small personal belongings such as keys, coins. Each corner has metal snaps that you can undo to make it easier for packing into a bag for traveling.

24. HofferRuffer Modern Desktop Organizer

Lastly, is this modern organizer made from wood and covered with PU leather. The interior has a durable fabric lining ideal for cushioning the items you place in the organizer. It doubles as a decorative element that you can use in the office or your home.


🧐 What is a valet tray?

A valet tray is a smart organization tool that holds pocket essentials such as keys, wallets, sunglasses, pocket knives, and your phone when you are in the house.

🤔 What is the best valet tray?

The best valet tray is the Glenor Co Valet Tray, thanks to the sleek and durable design featuring multiple compartments and a secure lid.

❓ What is the best material for valet tray?

Wood is the best material because it has a timeless attractiveness, ages well, and offers excellent durability.

👀 What is the difference between valet tray and EDC tray?

The two terms refer to the same thing, a tray to store your everyday carry items.

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