12 Best Baseball Glove Wallets

The baseball glove wallets are coming into the world after the retirement of old baseball gloves.

Yes, the old, torn out, and unused baseball gloves are the reason behind the manufacturing of these wallets. 

The baseball gloves that became a point of tossing into the trash can were given meticulous attention and were recycled to produce finest baseball glove wallets

Following are some of the baseball glove wallets that were handcrafted from the cowhide leather.

Without wasting any moment, let’s roll over the features and see what’s in for you.

1. Fielders Choice Goods Credit Card Holder

Got to travel with loads of cash? The money clip feature lets you carry a good amount of cash feasibly. Besides, the wallet allows you to conserve upto 12 cards without feeling weighty. The best thing is its construction material, which is made from top-grain leather.

2. Genuine Baseball Glove Leather Bifold Wallet

If you’re someone who loves to have a simple design wallet then this product is rightly made for you. The durable leather is used to make this professional bifold wallet. Additionally, the wallet gives you 8 credit card slots for storage convenience.

3. Fielders Choice Goods Brown Billfold Wallet

Here comes another smart wallet on the list that allows you to occupy 12 credit cards at a time and that too without feeling overweight. Quality deserves a round of applause, as it is designed from pure leather, allowing you to serve for decades to come.

4. Rawlings Men’s Baseball Stitch Bifold

Talking about this wallet, it features an id window that lets you store any important card. To add more versatility, this bifold comes with 2 slide pockets. Not only this, Rawlings wallet can hold upto 4 credit cards with ease. The dimensions are compact enough to adjust into your pocket.

5. Fielders Choice Goods Brown Billfold Wallet

Next on the list is another Fielders glove wallet. The wallet permits you to store 8 cards simultaneously and a handful of cash without any problem. The Fielders is designed from the top-grain and high-quality leather, ensuring this is your first and last wallet.             

6. Mens Baseball Leather Wallet

This wallet is crafted from genuine baseball leather that delivers an exceptional look from the front. As far as its interior is concerned, it includes 8 credit card slots, an id window, and a cash pocket. What’s more? The wallet can be a great gift for the baseball lovers community. 

7. Fielders Choice Goods Credit Card Holder

Tired of finding new leads and looking for something durable that complies with your requirements? The wallet has the capacity to store more than 6 cards. Another cool feature is its handcrafted construction that vouches for excellent performance.

8. Flag Man Cardholder Wallet

This cardholder wallet is fabricated from dark tan and chocolate glove leather. Thanks to the large cash pocket that makes storing cash and utility bills a breeze. However, this wallet from Flag Man offers 3 card holder pockets, which is fairly less than its competitors.

9. Rawlings Baseball Stitch TRI-FOLD

The Rawlings comes with a trifold closure. One of the best features about Rawlings wallet is its red stitching detail and the logo embossed on the front. Once you open the wallet, you will be glad to see the number of credit card compartments, an id window, and a bill holder pocket.

10. BASEBALL Front Pocket Wallet

An ideal wallet for the guys who carry essential things and at the same time offers a sleek look. Thankfully, this wallet features 4 exterior card slots and a strong magnetic money clip ensures your financial records are gathered in a safe place. 

11. BASEBALL Bifold Wallet

Being a baseball fanatic, you can’t afford to miss this wallet out. This feature-rich wallet is full of style and functionality and delivers exquisite performance from the interior as well as the exterior. The interior has 8 card slides, 2 id card windows, and 2 receipt pockets. And, the quality is simply matchless.

12. Rawlings Tanned-leather Baseball Stitch Embroidered Wallet

Rawling tanned-leather wallet is smooth, and buttery, all credits to the supple leather. This reasonably-priced wallet is sturdy enough to last for a long time. Moving onto its interior, the wallet contains 2 card slots, 8 card holders, and 1 bill compartment holder that organizes the entire interior.


What is a baseball glove wallet?

As the name suggests, baseball glove wallets are crafted from the old, and outdated baseball gloves. The old gloves are furnished, polished and then recycled into the wallet from cowhide leather. It is always a good idea to recycle and benefit from it rather than leaving up in the empty can of trash.

Are all baseball glove wallets made from real baseball gloves?

No, not all baseball glove wallets are fabricated from the torn out baseball gloves. But, some of them that are designed from real leather give the depiction of old baseball gloves.

Is recycling baseball gloves into wallets a good idea?

Yes, it is considered a great idea to restore gloves after they are no longer used by anyone. Since those gloves are designed meticulously and thoughtfully, leaving them behind in a trash can might not be a good idea. Recycling them for future use and crafting leather wallets can prove to be beneficial. 

The recycled wallets can pose more benefits than the regular wallets in the market. They are more durable, sturdy, and has spacious interior that can accomodate your essentials feasibly.

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