23 Most Stylish Types of Men’s Sandals

Do you think dinosaurs are old? You haven’t checked out the history of sandals yet.

Though the comparison with dinosaurs is still quite vague, we still can’t deny that sandals have been an eternal part of men’s (and women’s) attire.

From kings to soldiers and the common folk, everyone has admired sandals throughout the centuries. And with it, they tried to forge it their way, thus resulting in hundreds of shapes and styles that we have today.

What’s different?

These different styles are not limited to cultures now.

You can pick any shape and style and rock it on a nice summer day, any day! Keeping this into check, we have piled up some of the most stylish types of men’s sandals you would like to look at. Plus, some tips on where and how to wear them ;).

So let’s get into it! Shall we?

1.  Hiking Sandals

Well, we know trail runners have been the standard kit for hiking lately. But we kid you not; hiking sandals are much comfier than you would think. During hikes, when your body is in its beast mode activity level, your feet can get sweaty, then when pushed and pulled, can form blisters. With the breathability of hiking sandals, that would just remain a horrible nightmare.
would just remain a horrible nightmare.

2.  Running Sandals

Love to run on those long trails with a more natural experience? Running sandals might be a good option! Their design is pure minimalism, with maximum support and a flexible sole that twists and turns based on terrains. You will feel every terrain, every up and down, as if you were barefoot. Moreover, they can also be a part of your regular summer outfit.

3. Italian-style sandals

Fashion, craftsmanship, and Italian are three words of the same thing. You can imagine where I am going with this. If you are looking for something equally functional, fashionable, and comfy, Italian -style sandals are the way to go. However, keep in mind that they come in a variety of designs. Just pick the one that compliments your personality.

4.  Gladiator Sandals

Well, gladiator sandals picked the steam a few years ago, and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon. The best thing? They are popular among both men and women. However, unlike women who look flattering in knee-length sandals, you want to wear your sandals about mid-calf or ankle-length.

5.  Slide Sandals

If we were to tell you about the most convenient, comfy, and commonly used sandals ever, that would be it. Slide sandals are great for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in various styles, materials, and designs suited for different occasions. Although they might be pretty casual for men, women fashionistas rock them.

6.  Thong sandals

Thong sandals are also commonly known as flip-flops. They consist of a light, flat sole and a loosely bound Y-shaped strap with a toe thong that passes between your toes. Are thong sandals highly fashionable? Maybe not. But does everyone wear them every day? Probably yes! The reason for that is that they go with every outfit until you are dressing for a party.

7. Fishermen Sandals

Take them as a hybrid between the classic gladiator sandals and jelly sandals. Fishermen sandals are ankle-high sandals with a strap and overall leather construction. Although they have remained standard fashionwear among women for quite a long time, males are now confidently putting them on. Nothing suits blue jeans more on a casual day out! 😉

8.  Leather Sandal

‘Leather sandals’ is a generic term used for all types of sandals that are made of, well, leather? Therefore, the category includes everything from hiking sandals to gladiator sandals to thongs and anything in between.

What makes leather sandals the best? They can mold according to the natural contours of your feet, giving you a more natural, comfortable walking experience.

9.  Birkenstocks

One thing Birkenstocks are known for? It would be their durability. Built to last like nothing else in its competition, these are a great example of how minimalism can be stylish. Moreover, since there’s a massive variety of designs in this category, you can always choose the right pair for the right occasion.

10. Wooden Sandals

Finding their origins in Japan, these are also known as Geta. They resemble conventional flip-flops as far as the design is concerned. But as the name implies, the soles of these sandals are wooden, and the base has three teeth that keep the shoes elevated from the ground. As far as fashion is concerned, you must be bold to put them on. And they aren’t as comfortable either!

11. College-dorm-room classic sandals

College-dorm-room classic sandals are pretty much the same as the conventional slide sandals. However, there isn’t much variety in terms of materials when compared. However, the design can be different, with some featuring a strap and others don’t. Although they aren’t necessarily fashionwear, there’s nothing terrible in classifying them as comfortable unisex footwear.

12. Hawaiian Sandals

How did flip-flops turn into Hawaiian sandals or slippahs? That’s a story you don’t want to miss. But what distinguishes them? That would be the vibrant colors Hawaiian sandals are available in. Sizzling up the game after World War II, Hawaiian sandals are now everyday casual wear among people across the globe. Plus, they are pretty cheap as well!

13. Mohinder’s city sandals

Mohinder’s city sandals are close sandals usually made of high-quality leather. They are pretty different from the conventional sandals we have mentioned throughout this list. And perhaps, the most versatile ones as well. Anyone can pull them on with anything, from street-style denim jeans to classic chinos and anything in between. They are ideal for warm weather and beaches!

14. Huarache

Well, yeah, we know, it’s quite a sexy name for sandals. But guess what, the name isn’t the only good thing about these. Finding its origins in Mexican areas, Huaraches rose to mainstream fashion in the 1960s, when hippie trends peaked.

Huaraches are mostly made of leather and have various designs, from simple sandals to more complex shoes. They are mostly preferred as summer wear due to their extra breathability and stylish look and are well in style even in 2022.

15. Water Sandals

As the name implies, water sandals are used for activities where soaking in water is inevitable. They are usually made of mesh and are designed to provide maximum traction on slippery surfaces. They are ideal for day float trips, wade fishing, and even a lazy day at the beach.

But is it all they are suitable for? Probably not! In hot weather, where maintaining style and functionality hand-in-hand seems impossible, putting on a lightweight pair of water sandals is your best option.

16. Memory Foam Sandals

For people who have been suffering from arch pain and heel pain, memory foam sandals are the best option. Memory foam is a non-compressive substance that molds the body’s heat and pressure and supports the wearer. They are highly comfortable and retain their shape after usage.

These sandals are available in various shapes, designs, and sizes. However, the most excessively used ones are flip-flops. That’s because flip-flops are lighter, breathier, and more suitable for casual attire.

17. Cork Sandals

Like the memory foam sandals, Cork concentrates mainly on the practical side of the wearing experience. But still, they look unpretentiously stylish and will suit the taste of any fashionista, male or female.

Cork is a very elastic material with excellent shock-absorbing properties. This means people with problems like fasciitis etc., will feel more comfortable. Moreover, the material molds according to the feet to provide a more natural and soft feel.

What’s even better? There are countless styles available in cork sandals. So there’s always something that will match your tastes.

18. Gorpcore Sandals

Here’s an interesting fact, Gorpcore sandals were made initially for hikers and outdoor adventure freaks. But guess what, like anything, its design which was purely based on technicalities, turned into fashion. And now here we are, putting Gorpcores on with almost every streetwear.

They are stylish, techy-ish, and very comfortable as their primary purpose was to provide utility in more challenging terrains. What to wear it with? Well, you can easily rock ’em with your usual jeans. However, winter attire would look suaver.

19. Crocs

Although crocs sort of fall more in the category of sneakers rather than sandals as a commonly used and daily footwear, we thought of including it anyway. Crocs are closed at the toe region and open from the back, with a strap surrounding your foot for a better fit.

There are also some punch holes on the top that aids in extra breathability. You can also add a gibbet there if you feel like getting a bit creative. Crocs can be worn anywhere, at home, at the workplace, or on the streets. Plus, they are unisex!

20. Loafers

Are you looking for something a bit more versatile, classier, and suitable for casual and even dressy occasions? Loafers might be something you would like to look at. It’s basically at the middle line between shoes and sandals as far as its wearability is concerned.

Loafers are generally made of leather or suede. As you might already know, it is a low-cut shoe without any laces, flat heels, and a thin leather sole. What to wear it with? With anything, including your favorite denim jeans, Khakis, and even shorts.

They are also a great choice for semi-formal or formal occasions if you don’t want to be a bit out of the box.

21. Beach Sandals

Beach sandals also constitute a huge variety of footwear. They are generally made to be very light and breathable so that you get the most out of their beach experience while staying comfortable all the same.

Typical sandals that fall in the beach category include Hawaiian sandals and simple flip-flops. Are they suitable for everyday wear? Hell yeah! Just put on a nice T-shirt with shorts, and you are all good to go out on a nice summer day.

22. Dress Sandals

Men’s dress sandals are also a pretty generic category as it offers a lot of variety in terms of design, material, and overall wearing experience. What’s the same among all the dress sandals? They are strictly made of high-quality leather and are only available in black and brown color variations.


Sandals are an excellent option for people who like to go a bit more unconventional with their looks and prefer comfort over ultimate fashion. We hope our two cents on different types of men’s sandals helped you choose the right fit for your upcoming summer vacations, adventures, and day-to-day wear. Which type of sandals did you love the most? Please let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear from you…



What type of sandals are formal?

For men? Well, sippers seem too casual to be worn with any formal dressing. However, for someone who is quite vehement about pulling it off, perhaps you would like to go for something leathery and shinier and have a more elegant color like black or brown. But would we recommend wearing sandals at a super formal business meeting? The answer would be no!

That being said, sandals look perfectly fine with semi-casual dresses, though. Just find a color that complements your overall attire. If not, you can always go for a good pair of loafers.

Which sandal material is best?

Leather and rubber are both excellent choices if you are looking for a high-quality pair of sandals. Both are very stylish. Moreover, they are durable enough to withstand any weather conditions (dry or wet) and comfortable walking in.

However, what distinguishes them is their nature of use. Rubber sandals like flip-flops are more suited for summers. While leather sandals generally go well with everything, from daily wear to adventures, and anything in between, in any weather!

Which company’s sandals are the best?

Well, if you are looking for something that guarantees both premium quality and style, Birkenstocks is your ultimate choice. They are a good alternative for most dress shoes and even casual wear items like sneakers. Plus, as they are highly comfortable, you can easily rely on them even if you do some serious walking.

Are men’s sandals in fashion?

Well, you bet they are very good at fashion! Thanks to the massive variety of sandals available these days, there’s always something you will find to wear with your clothes, as long as they fall in the spectrum of casual outfits. As for which is the best and most common combination of dresses and sandals these days? It would be shorts or pants with slides.

How do you style men’s slides?

The best thing about slides is that their simplicity makes them pretty much match anything. You can wear them with basic jeans and a t-shirt for a normal day, a tight shirt and shorts, paired up with socks for a more athletic look, or with just regular street clothes when you don’t want to feel too gimmicky.

Overall, among all types of sandals, slides are the most versatile. So much so, you can also wear them with a suit as long as it’s not too formal. A new fashion trend is to wear slides with suits having a floral design.

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