25 Types of Men’s Shorts

For a long time, shorts were considered improper attire for certain occasions; however, they have become more widely accepted among the masses as a comfortable piece of clothing.

With summertime just around the corner, people will want to bring their shorts out again. Shorts are considered the go to option for most people during the summers.

They are cool, relaxed, and quite affordable, which are just a few of the reasons why they are so widely adored.

One of the best things about men’s shorts is that they are available in many different styles.

So, here we will take a look at some of the best types of men’s shorts you can buy right now.

1. Cargo Shorts

The first kind of shorts that we have on this list are classic cargo shorts; they are perhaps one of the most common kinds of shorts and generally hit at the knee. One of the main reasons why this kind of shorts is so popular is that they have a lot of pockets. They usually have two traditional pockets and two more near the bottom of the shorts.

2. Chino Shorts

Next, we have chino shorts which stay just above the knee; it also has a straight leg. These shorts don’t have any pockets towards the bottom, but they do have traditional side pockets. One of the main reasons why so many people prefer chino shorts is that they are available in a slew of great colors and patterns.

3. Denim Short

Denim has its own fan base because this cloth can be given almost any shape. Denim shorts are quite popular, especially among construction workers, because they have loads of useful pockets along with the handy hammer loop. Denim is made from pure cotton; however, it doesn’t look like it. You should own a few denim shorts too.

4. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are normally knee length shorts; their hem can either be cuffed or uncuffed. As you can tell by the name of these shorts, they are quite popular among the people of Bermuda. These shorts are perfect for summer and can even be combined with a dress shirt to make for a truly unique look.

5. Running Shorts

As the name suggests, men’s running shorts are made for runners. These shorts are made from lightweight materials that make it easier for the wearer to run long distances. Some shorts included an inner lining that doubles as an underwear. If your shorts have this lining, then you don’t need to wear an additional underwear.

6. Walking Shorts

Walking shorts are a little different from running shorts; they are stretchy and feature an inner mesh lining to keep everything comfortable. These shorts also promise good airflow, which makes the whole experience of wearing these shorts very pleasing. So, if you are someone who likes to take long walks, then you should definitely buy these shorts.

7. Golf Shorts

As the name suggests, golf shorts are designed for golfers, and even though professional golfers can’t wear shorts during a PGA tour, they are still popular among casual golfers. You can just walk onto a golf course wearing board shorts; that is why people have designed these special shorts that serve a specific purpose. They include belt loops, pockets, and a zipper.

8. Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts offer more room, especially to the thigh and crotch area. For some time, these shorts were mainly directed towards the older folks; however, things have changed now, and more people want to wear them. These shorts are normally made from a blend of polyester and spandex, which makes the shorts a little stretchy and a lot more comfortable.

9. Flat Front Shorts

If you are looking for a pair of shorts that are a bit more formal looking, then you should go for the flat front shorts. These shorts are often paired with a polo shirt and are normally worn to vacations, barbecues, and even parties. So, if you are looking to diversify your shorts collection, you should definitely go for flat front shorts.

10. Khaki Shorts

The sole purpose of khaki shorts is to make the wearer look a bit more dressed up and classy. However, now many more styles are available in this category. Khakis are usually made from cotton, but sometimes other materials can also be used. If you like to wear shorts on a daily basis, then you should own a couple of good khakis too.

11. Cycling Short

Cycling shorts come in various configurations; some are designed for mountain biking while others are designed for road cycling. Cycling shorts for road cycling are tight fitting and don’t have pockets because road cyclists usually wear shirts that have pockets at the back. These shorts are made from a combination of nylon and spandex, which gives them added durability and comfort.

12. Gym Shorts

If you are someone who likes going to the gym, you should buy a pair of good quality gym shorts. These shorts are baggy and have an elastic waist, and they can either have pockets or not. Mesh is usually used for gym shorts because it is much more comfortable and breathable fabric. Other materials that can be used are spandex, polyester, and cotton.

13. Swim Shorts

Swimming shorts or trunks are worn during swimming or when you are just lounging by the pool’s edge. There are many kinds of swimming trunks that you can buy; some are small and tight, while others can be longer and looser. What kind of swimming trunks you wear is totally up to you.

14. Board Shorts

Next we have board shorts which are also designed as swimwear for surfers. These are longer than usual, and you can often find people wearing them on the beach. These shorts are baggy and fall below the knee, and come with a drawstring so that you can adjust the fit. You can get these shorts in various designs, patterns, and colors.

15. Tailored Shorts

The world tailored shorts can mean a few things; it can refer to shorts that are custom made for you so that it fits perfectly, or it can refer to shorts that resemble slacks. No matter what, the common fabrics used for tailored shorts are suiting fabric, cotton, linen, denim, and seersucker. With so many tailored shorts on the market, you can find something you like fairly easily.

16. Baggy Short

Baggy shorts are very popular, and they can be seen in various designs. These kinds of shorts are mainly geared towards people who are more athletic. You can find baggy khaki shorts, mountain biking shorts, and even cargo shorts. These shorts are non-restrictive and allow much more freedom of movement.

17. Hiking Shorts

The name hiking shorts will give you a clear idea of why these shorts even exist. There are three things that these shorts aim for, versatility, comfort, and mobility. These shorts keep the hiker cool during the trial so that they can perform better and lose less energy. They are very durable and can handle the rough terrain.

18. Tennis Shorts

Tennis is a very popular sport, but if you want to play it properly, you will need the right attire. Tennis shorts are lightweight and give much more freedom of movement. They have elastic waistbands and offer a lot of comforts. They also have a couple of pockets for you to carry tennis balls.

19. Patterned Shorts

If you want to play around with your look and give yourself a unique aesthetic, you should go for a patterned short. These shorts can either have a plaid or vertical stripes, which can be very useful if you want to look a little slimmer. These shorts are not very expensive, and you can find the right one if you look in the right place.

Daisy dukes are among the most popular kinds of shorts out there; however, they are not meant for everyone. These shorts are usually made from cut off jeans, but they can be found in other materials too. Not all men like wearing this kind of shorts because they are not comfortable showing a little thigh, but there is a market for it.

20. Pajama Shorts

Men’s lounge or pajama shorts are aimed at people who are looking for maximum comfort. They have an elastic waist and can even have a drawstring. The shorts are made from cotton, which makes them feel comfortable while you are sleeping. You can get these shorts in many colors.

21. Official Shorts

These kinds of shorts are very easy to come by; they can be made from various high quality materials that offer maximum comfort. You can get these shorts in a lot of great colors and patterns so you can find something you are truly interested in.

22. Linen Shorts

As you can probably understand by the name of the shorts, these shorts are made from high quality linen. People are often seen wearing these shorts with a Hawaiian shirt. These shorts are usually loose fitting and highly breathable. You can get these shorts in multiple colors.

23. Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are not for everyone, and it is to be understood that you shouldn’t go and buy them. These shorts are worn by men living in Bavaria who are celebrating Oktoberfest. They are made from high quality weather, but they are definitely not meant for wearing casually. Because they are meant for special occasions.

24.Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are not supposed to be worn on their own instead you are supposed to wear them under baggier shorts. You should buy the right size shorts because they should support you, a good pair of compression shorts improve oxygen and blood flow.

25. Boxer Short

The last kind of shorts that we have on this list are boxer shorts. People find the loose-fitting of boxer shorts very comfortable, and that is why so many people are in line to buy these shorts.


What is the difference between shorts and Bermudas?

The main difference between Bermuda shorts and normal shorts is the length. Bermuda shorts are longer and normally go below the knees, normal shorts, on the other hands stay above the knees. These shorts are also more casual among the two, and that is why you need to be careful about where to wear which kind of shorts.

How should mens shorts fit?

Shorts should fit you just like your pants would, they should be comfortable around your waist. Ideally, you should not need a belt to hold your shorts; however, if you like wearing a belt, that is perfectly fine. It is important to understand that shorts fit everyone differently and you should be wearing them the way you feel most comfortable.

What are the best men’s shorts?

One thing to understand is that everyone has different preferences, so there are no one best men’s shorts. It all depends on the occasion and what you are comfortable wearing. Beach or pool shorts are different from the shorts that you might wear to an outdoor party. So, just make sure you have a couple of pairs of shorts for all occasions.

How do you wear shorts correctly?

Normally, shorts are supposed to sit on your hips just like jeans or trousers. If you think that your shorts are too loose, you should wear an appropriate belt. Not only will the belt hold the shorts but it will give your look a more professional appearance. If you check these boxes, then you are wearing your shorts correctly.


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