33 Best Men’s Shorts

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Shorts for men’s style does not have the best reputation. But it is only because people do not know which ones work for them. Once you discover your ideal style, you will realize that shorts are an essential part of summer fashion.

Outside athletic endeavors, there are many ways that you can wear a pair of shorts without looking like a child. Summer offers the perfect opportunity for wearing these fashion statements.

From attending classes to pool parties and also to the beach. Additionally, you can style them up for casual days at work.

So if you are feeling confident, consider the following pairs of shorts to improve your hot weather wardrobe.

1. Volcom Men’s Vmonty Stretch Chino

For summer, we present these fantastic shorts. They are made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex. This premium blend offers amazing comfort, stretchiness to let you participate in any activities, and great breathability.

2.LEE Performance Series Shorts

The delicate straight fit of the shorts ensures that you can wear them anywhere, even in the office. They are made from cotton and spandex for breathability and general comfort. They will serve you for long, perfect for everyday wear.

3. Wrangler Authentics Classic Relaxed Cargo Shorts

Relaxed fit and multiple pockets are just some of the things you will enjoy from this pair of shorts. Cotton and spandex blend to create a smooth fabric ideal for absorbency and movement. It has six pockets for maximum storage.

4. Perry Ellis Men’s Performance Shorts

This pair of shorts will take you from the beach to a pool party because it embodies the smart casual look. It is made of 100% polyester making it breathable, ideal for movement, and generally comfortable.

5. Calvin Klein Refined Chino Stretch Shorts

Designer shorts are always worth the purchase, and this pair is no different. It has a great straight fit, ideal for lounging and active movement. It has stylish pockets with belt loops. It also comes in multiple colors.

6. Goodthreads Pull-on Stretch Canvas Shorts

Lounging and chilling at the beach are just some of the things you will enjoy from this pair of shorts. It is made of cotton and elastane, offering breathability and absorbency. Elastane keeps it a little stretchy to allow all movement.

7. IZOD Saltwater Flat Front Chino Shorts

This is another smart-casual design ideal for boating and pool parties. Cotton and spandex create a comfortable feel with breathability and tear resistance. The Saltwater wash gives it a relaxed worn-in comfort ideal for movement.

8. Dickies Relaxed-Fit Stretch-Twill Work Short

The design ensures that you can rock this beautiful pair of shorts to casual Fridays. Because it is made of durable poly-cotton twill, you will remain comfortable and wrinkle-free throughout the day. It has reinforced belt loops and slant pockets.

9. Quiksilver Union Amphibian Shorts

The classic style of these shorts is simple but elegant. It is made from recycled polyester with the signature Quiksilver DryFlight water-repellent hydrophobic coating. Still, they maintain a lightweight profile, with a great fit and multiple color options.

10. PGA TOUR Expandable Flat Front Golf Shorts

These comfortable shorts ensure you stay that way with every golf swing. The stylish design features flat fronts with moisture absorption capabilities thanks to the polyester fabric. It maintains smoothness and breathability. It comes in multiple colors.

11. Levi’s Slim Cut-Off Shorts

For casual street style, go for this pair of shorts from Levi’s. They are made from high-quality cotton and elastane to offer comfort, absorbency, and stretchiness for ease of movement. The waistband sits comfortably below the waist and comes in multiple colors.

12. Columbia PFG Backcast Shorts

The elastic closure on these shorts ensures that they stay on. They have an Omni-Shade lining that blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburns. The careful engineering makes them great for swimming and will remain comfortable in and out of water.

13. Hurley Phantom Flex 2.0 Walkshorts

The polyester and spandex blend will rest comfortably on any skin type. These shorts have a classic simple design ideal for everyday wear. They are also quick-drying and provide comfort for movement. They also come in multiple colors.

14. Champion Graphic Powerblend Fleece Shorts

For something a little more relaxed, ideal for lounging and errands, go for this casual pair. They feature a cotton and polyester blend for absorbency, superior breathability, and movement. It has a drawstring closure for a great fit.

15. Tommy Hilfiger Casual Stretch Chino Shorts

Made of cotton and spandex, this stunning pair will have you comfortable, breathing in the temperatures, and looking effortlessly stylish. The stretch fit is an added advantage that will allow regular movement at all times.

16. RVCA Weekend Stretch Short

These flat iron chino shorts ensure that you look your best every summer. They are made from a blend of polyester, elastane, and cotton. It offers superior breathability, and the slant pockets are deep enough for a phone, keys, and even a wallet.

17. Haggar Expandable Waist Canvas Shorts

With an expandable waist and deep pockets, you will enjoy all that these shorts have to offer. The cotton and spandex blend gives them an attractive luster that improves breathability, rests comfortably on the skin, and provides enough stretch for effortless movement.

18. Savane Hiking Cargo Shorts

For outdoor activities, we hope you can consider these cargo shorts built for hiking. They are made from cotton for breathability, easy movement, and absorbency. They also have two deep front pockets for multiple items and come in many colors

19. NITAGUT Casual Classic Fit Shorts

Made from cotton, linen, and spandex, these shorts will take you from the beach to lounging in the house easily. With drawstring closure, you will get the right fit each time. The fashionable and comfortable design makes them great for everyday wear.

20. Carhartt Cotton Ripstop Cargo Shorts

These are unlike any cargo shorts you have seen. They maintain an impeccable design that allows you to wear them to the office. They are made from 100% cotton, ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. You will stay comfortable, with ease of movement and superior breathability.

21. Russell Athletic Standard Dri-Power Shorts

These polyester shorts feature pull-on closure for minimum effort. Therefore, they are best for lounging by the pool or in the house. The Dri-power keeps you dry, and the odor protection ensures you stay fresh all day.

22. TRUEWERK Workwear Shorts

If you are looking for a great pair of work shorts, you have just found them. The unique design features construction from proprietary T1 WerkFabric that repels water on the surface and comfort to the skin. They give a secure and comfortable fit every time.

23. Nike Sportswear Club Short

For classic comfort, choose these Nike shorts. They have a drawstring closure for a perfect fit. The soft feel will give you lasting comfort throughout the day. The shorter inseam improves the look and will provide you with better movement.

24. Lucky Brand Flat Front Shorts

The spandex and cotton blend will feel great on the skin while letting you lounge or move comfortably. The pair has two deep side pockets for multiple items and two back pockets for maximum storage. Expect to turn heads in this pair of shorts.

25. Nautica Relaxed Fit Denim Shorts

A good pair of denim shorts is a must-have for summer. They are tough but comfortable and will improve your street style. Expect maximum storage thanks to multiple pockets. Also, you have great color choices.

26. Savane Pleated Mirco Fiber Shorts

This is something you can wear to work or a pool party. It carries an air of sophistication and stylishness. It is a blend of polyester and spandex that will give you excellent breathability, comfort, and absorbency.

27. Vineyard Vines Performance Breaker Shorts

These clean-fit shorts feature a lightweight fabric made from polyester and spandex. It also stretches for mobility. The exterior has a water resistance finish offering convenience. Lastly, it has slash mesh pockets.

28. Buffalo David Bitton Parker Denim Shorts

These are another pair of shorts that can improve your street style. The denim shorts are made from a blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester. They offer easy movement, breathability, plus great visuals to help enhance your look

29. adidas Basketball Crazylight Shorts

As the name suggests, these are lightweight shorts for lounging, sports, and even running errands. Made from 100% polyester, they look great, feel comfortable, and will offer excellent absorbency for hot days. The wide welt pockets are ideal for keys and small items.

30. XKTTAC Outdoor Quick Dry Shorts

With an elastic closure and deep functional pockets, these shorts are great for outdoor activities. They are made from a lightweight stretchy fabric with water resistance ability. These shorts are breathable and generally comfortable for everyday activities.

31. Amy Coulee Classic Shorts

Made from 100% cotton, these shorts were built for comfort, breathability, and all-day comfort. The waist features a drawstring closure for a great fit. It has deep side pockets for conveniently carrying your phone and other small items.

32. Match Cargo Shorts

These classic cargo shorts stay true to the spirit of adventure. They are made from cotton for easy movement, comfort, and absorbency. They have generously sized pockets to carry multiple items. A classic loose fit will make them your favorite shorts.

33. Facitisu Store Amphibian Hybrid Shorts

Lastly are these stylish hybrid chino shorts. They are made from a lightweight fabric ideal for effortless movement. Dri-Fit technology keeps you cool and dry. It also has breathable construction all over for superior comfort.

Buying Guide

Shorts length

When it comes to length, you want to look stylish and presentable. You should also show a little leg if you have been working out. An inseam of between 7 and 11 inches is what most guys go for. Seven inches should be as short as it should go because it will give you room for movement while showing off your legs. This length ensures that you look presentable, too. 11 inches should finish right at the knee to avoid looking baggy and weird. Taller men look better with 11 inches, while shorter men will look better with 7 inches.

Shorts Fit

The ideal fit of shorts is when they skim your body, giving you enough room to move freely. However, you have to maintain a keen eye to avoid looking baggy. Always go for slim fit or tailored looks to avoid bagginess. Additionally, you need to pay attention to your body type. If you have thick thighs, do not let the shorts hug them too tight so you can have free movement. However, don’t pick too baggy shorts because you will look untastefully big. Alternatively, if you are on the skinner side, avoid baggy leg holes. They will make you cartoonishly thinner. The same goes for a tight fit.

Shorts Materials

How the material of your shorts feels is very important. You should want something comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Cotton is an excellent option because it breathes relatively well and is gentle on every skin type. Polyester offers moisture resistance plus similar properties to cotton. An added advantage of polyester is that it retains its shape, so your shorts neither stretch nor shrink. Also, consider linen because it is excellent for hot weather because it breathes easily and dries quickly. Spandex is best for offering stretchiness for great movement. Cotton and poly blends are also great because they provide the best of different fabrics.

Prints & Patterns

If you select basketball shorts, be sure that you keep them in the house or running errands. They should never make an appearance during smart-casual events. Plaid patterns are currently dated, especially for cargo shorts. You want to look casual but tasteful. Therefore, go for solid colors. If you must have a pattern, it should be subtle to maintain sophistication. Ensure that all details are clean and well designed. Excessive pockets (more than 6) will make you look too busy and even unkempt. Even cargo shorts have a pocket limit. Neutral colors go with any body type, and they are easier to style for different looks.


🤔 What are the best men’s shorts?

We believe that the best ones are the Quiksilver Union Amphibian Shorts because they are comfortable, stylish, and water-repellent.

🧐 What are the most comfortable men’s shorts?

The Nike Sportswear Club Shorts are the most comfortable. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and they have an adjustable drawstring closure.

☝️ Are men’s short shorts in style this year?

Men’s shorts are always in style, especially during the summer.

🩳 What shoes to wear with shorts, men?

Sneakers are best for street style, while loafers will elevate your smart-casual look. Sandals are great for the beach or poolside, and boat shoes will give sophistication to your outfit.

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