The 18 Most Stylish Shoes for Men to Wear with Jeans

We often spend a lot of time deciding which jeans to wear with which shirt and which color combination suits better. But the part of our attire that we think least about is our shoes.

Perhaps we think, “eh, no one’s gonna notice it.” It turns out that’s not entirely true. In fact, a lousy or mismatched pair of shoes can ruin the most decent of your dresses, casuals included.

You certainly don’t want that, and neither do we. And that’s why we thought of dedicating a full-fledged article to the most stylish shoes you could rock with your jeans.

So without any ado, let’s jump into it!

1.   White Sneakers

White sneakers have been a cult classic when it comes to casual wear. They are clean, athletic, and have a young-guy vibe that will make anyone look good and feel good.

They are the perfect pair to wear for everyday attire like jeans and t-shirts, and perhaps a jacket or long coat in winters. Plus, if you love to look stylish even on casual meetups or day-to-day errands, white sneakers are the way to go.

They usually look great with dark wash blue jeans, but you can also rock them with blue ones with a snug-fitting shirt on.

Which weather would suit them the best? Well, that would be summer as people tend to put on light colors when it’s hot. Plus, there are many breathable options you can pick.

2.   Boat Shoes

You must have seen those models or artists rocking it with a light shirt, hat, chinos, and a pair of black glasses, posing on a yacht or Seaview. Well, that would be the ideal case, but who says you can’t rock it anyplace else?

Boat shoes have to be our favorite for casual summer wear. They are light, breathable, and sophisticated yet classy with a squared face and overall leather material.

Due to their signature dark color, they look fantastic with jeans. There are also more color options are available made of different materials if you aren’t fond of simplicity.

The best thing? You can easily put on boat shoes with your jeans at any time of the day. Just one piece of advice, don’t wear socks; it ruins the whole look ;).

3.   Black Sneakers

If you want to be classy, even in casual apparel, you will love black sneakers. However, what’s important to note is that you can’t just pull them on with “any” denim. They are not as versatile as white sneakers.

The most you can do with black sneakers is match them with a white shirt and black denim pants. You can also wear a jacket on your shirt to look even edgier for a more refined and dressier look.

Guess what? Black always looks fabulous when worn the right way!

4.   Driving shoes

Driving shoes are just a simpler and less sophisticated version of boat shoes. These are made of leather and have a rubber sole to maximize feel and grip while facilitating comfortable foot movement.

Thanks to the evolution in trends, it is now one of the most commonly used casual shoe pairs with jeans worldwide. The only limitation for these is their slightly mature vibe. This means it would only suit men in their mid or late twenties and above.

An extra advantage? You can also rock them with a formal suit!

5.   Crossovers

As the name suggests, these are hybrid shoes that combine the features of two types of shoes in one. The combination can be of any shoes. However, the most general trend going on these days is the mix of classic leather shoes with sneakers.

The idea behind it is to give the best of both worlds. Such shoes can not only be worn for a casual day but can also suit you on semi-formal occasions. Moreover, with outclass comfort and fantastic durability, there’s nothing dislike about them.

6.   High top sneakers

High top is a sneaker variant that extends slightly above the ankle. These were made for basketball players only to provide optimum ankle support and protect their feet.

However, in the 1990s, they became trendy among the common folk, teenagers being on top through successful brand endorsements. The shift soon captivated the adults, and now it’s a standard part of every man’s shoe rack.

High-top sneakers go great with jeans. Plus, as there’s a wide variety of colors, you won’t get short of finding the right pair to complement your apparel.

7.   Trainers

Trainers are a variety of sneakers mainly used for exercise or practically any activity where one must shift the body weight. The idea is to provide the wearer maximum comfort and allow him to land evenly during the exercise.

Anyways, due to their snug and nice feel, they have also, like the high-top sneakers, transitioned into casual shoes that can be worn with everyday apparel. Plus, they give off an athletic feel. Just one tip, wear them with no-show or low-cut socks.

8.   Espadrilles

If you’re a fashionista, there’s no way you don’t know about the iconic espadrilles. And if you are not, all you need to know is that Espadrilles are one of the most iconic shoes with a history dating back to 1300.

Espadrilles are mainly made of jute fabric, often ingrained with sophisticated designs, making them a perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. Espadrilles are very light and are an ideal option for summers.

There are also options available that are made of suede and leather, but those are for formal occasions. With jeans, nothing looks better than the jute espadrilles, period!

9.   Chukka Boots

Casual, formal, semi-formal, or whatever the occasion is, chukka boots are the way to go. These ankle-high boots know no distinction when it comes to style. Anyone can rock them on any sort of attire.

Construction-wise, chukka boots have a suede or leather upper, open lacing, and a maximum of three pairs of eyelets. They have a highly functional and robust design that will easily go through time tests.

Although initially worn by the military, they are now one of the most popular and fashionable men’s staples, and we mean men of every line and class. Just a piece of advice, always wear the suede variant with jeans.

10. Work Boots

Just because they are called work boots doesn’t mean that work is all that you can wear them for. In fact, they can be a great pair with anything, from your office uniform to your daily wearables.

Due to their snug fit, extra covering, and stylish look, you can confidently put them on both in summers and winters with any of your favorite jeans.

Work boots are available in two materials, leather and suede. Always choose leather if it snows. Suede is preferable for a casual day since it doesn’t come off as formal.

11. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are another variety in the ankle-high category. Although they mostly resemble the ankle boots, what distinguishes them is the addition of the side panel, plus a relatively soft fabric at the back.

And thanks to these simple alterations, they are extremely easy to wear compared to lace-up boots. What’s even better about them? They can blend in with both semi-formal and casual attire.

Generally, they are preferred for winters for their snug and cozy fit, and their appearance perfectly fits the winter theme (if that’s a thing).

Just put on a long coat, a muffler, and your favorite jeans with these shoes, and nothing’s stopping you from looking like a supermodel.

12. Cap toe boot

Cap toe shoes have a characteristic extra layer of leather in the toe region with a distinct line on the uppermost cross-section area of the boot. This line divides it into two, thus giving it a cap-like look at the address.

These are more daytime dress shoes that go well with formal dresses. Although not pretty standard, you would love them if you are an unapologetic fashionista, especially with jeans. You can also use them with your formal wear to give it a touch of sophistication.

13. Monk strap shoe

Well, get the suede one, and you have got yourself a perfect shoe that will look lit with jeans. Get a leather one, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop you from looking suave in a suit, but not a very formal one, to be precise.

Anyway, if you love to stay classy even in casual wear, you will like these a lot. Since they have a semi-formal design, you can wear them with anything, from denim to chinos and anything in between.

14. Oxford shoes

We know what you’re thinking. Oxford and casual don’t go hand in hand, right? Well, you’re not wrong, but with minor tweaks in the dress, Oxford can look as fabulous as anything with denim.

For example, let’s say you buy brown oxfords, they won’t probably look the best with light blue jeans.

But what if you make your casual dress level down to a bit formal side, so much so that your shoes start to look a bit informal? Like wearing dark jeans instead of light blue ones?

That’s when the real magic happens. You just have to be careful about what you put on with these. A hoody with oxfords will look more awkward than you think.

15. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes often go great with denim, exuding an edgy look that reflects pure masculinity. However, just like the oxford shoes, you must keep many factors into account when making them a part of your casual look.

Usually, denims with relatively dark color shades go well with derby shoes. Also, keeping your pant at toe length with a tapered bottom will just complete your look!

As for super casual and perhaps, street style apparel like faded jeans with loose threads and holes, derbies might not be a great choice.

16. Loafers

Well, it’s ok if this one might scare you a little. But hey, hear us out! This can be the perfect alternative to your favorite sneakers on the go.

The best thing about loafers? They are quite versatile; all you need is to choose the right material and perfectly transition from decent casuals to semi-formals.

Loafers generally come in two types of materials, suede and leather. However, as you will be combining them with denim, suede is your best bet.

What makes them even better? They perfectly match with any jeans denim color, light or dark!

17. Brogues

Brogues are a second word for pure class. Wear them with anything, and it only upgrades your look, period!

Brogues often go great with skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans, and also straight-leg jeans, irrespective of the color, paired up with a denim blazer or shirt.

Just make sure that the pants aren’t slack and do not go down beneath the ankles. That being said, they are a great choice for casual and even meeting attire.

18. Cowboy Boots

If you like old-school, cowboy boots might be just what you want to pair with your jeans. The best thing about cowboy boots is that they go great with any denim color. To give you some idea, for daytime, you would want to pair them with medium blue color, while dark colors are perfect for the night.

Just make sure that the jeans have a length long enough to cover the shaft of your boots, but not so long that they are dragged beneath the heels. Also, they look even better with pants that are form-fitting in the thighs but fairly loose beneath the knees.


Can men wear shoes with jeans?

Sure thing! You can combine a bunch of casual shoes with jeans like sneakers, work boots, trainers, and even boat shoes. Although all of the aforementioned go well with everyday outfits, going for low-profile and cost-effective options like sneakers and trainers is preferable.

Is it weird to wear dress shoes with jeans?

Yes! Dress shoes can go perfectly well with jeans. However, you will have to be selective in terms of color. Dark colors are usually preferred with formal shoes. Oxfords and Brogues are perfect to wear with jeans, given that the color contrast complements each other.

What color of shoes to wear with jeans?

This depends on what color of jeans you are wearing. If you are wearing purely raw denim jeans, then simple and cool colors like black, white, brown, and even dark blue shoes will suit you. It all depends on your preference.

How should men wear jeans with sneakers?

Sneakers pair well with straight-leg jeans. As for what color of jeans will go with which color of sneakers, here’s the thing! Sneakers of any color look awesome with jeans of any color. Usually, boots with bold patterns are preferred for a more refined look. But that, of course, entirely depends on your preferences.

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