Wallet Vs Cardholder – Which One to Choose?

Wallets have been an essential accessory since the 1950s, and for a good reason.

They are practical as they can hold many vital things like cash, coins, and credit cards while looking stylish.

But they can get bulky.

And for that reason, there’s been an emergence of trendy and minimalistic wallets called cardholders.

But which one should you choose?

Stay tuned to find out!

Pros & Cons of Classical Wallets

First, let’s start off by defining classical wallets. In our opinion, a classical wallet is anything that a cardholder isn’t. That means everything from billfolds, zip wallets are considered as classical wallets in this blog post.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about their pros and cons.

Pro: Carrying Capability

The biggest strength of these wallets is their practicality. If you pick the correct wallet, you’ll be able to store many things. These include your credit cards, photos, cash and coins.

Con: Big and Bulky

However, that practicality comes with an aesthetical weakness. Traditional wallets are noticeably bigger when you’ve filled them. And when you’re putting your wallet into your front pocket, it’s going to stick out.

So if you want to look the best, it’s better to pick a cardholder or alternatively carry it inside of a bag.

Pro: Versatility

Another significant benefit of classical wallets is their versatility. With a cardholder, there’s not a lot you can carry. Maybe a few cards and some cash. However, with a classical wallet, you can do so much more. You could store your coins, cash and important documents.

You could even go more personal and find wallets with storage for your needs. For example, there are some wallets that can store guitar picks. So whenever you go camping, you can strum those guitar strings.

Con: Could break cards

However, the con of the classical wallet is that it could break your plastic cards. That’s because these wallets are made out of a flexible material which could damage your cards really easily. Just think about the unpleasant surprise when you open your wallet and see a broken credit card!

Pros & Cons of Cardholders

Nowadays, a new wallet trend has emerged. Many men have started to ditch the classical wallet for the new trendy cardholder. That’s due to its slim design. But should you pick one over a traditional one? Let’s go over the pros and cons.

Pro: Slim Design

The most significant appeal of this type of wallet is its thickness. It’s a very slim and small wallet, which makes it a stylish accessory. That means you could put it into your pocket without having that bulky pocket look. And that gives your outfit a more appealing look.

Con: Lack of Space

But that’s where the slim design falls short! Since it’s so thin, the users must be ready to sacrifice some practicality. With cardholders, you could only store a few cards and some cash. So if you have this type of wallet, you can only have the bare essentials with you.

Pro: Durability

Traditional wallets are usually made out of two different materials: leather or cloth. While these are great-looking materials, they are no match for the versatility of materials used for a cardholder. Cardholders can be made out of wood and metal.

And thanks to these materials, they are amazingly durable. Just think about Ridge wallets. They’ve got wallets made out of aluminium and carbon fibre. And they are sure about their durability that they offer a lifetime warranty!

Con: Damaging Other Stuff

However, that material could become a hassle when you keep multiple things in one pocket. Just think about what could happen if you fall with your phone in the same pocket. In the worst-case scenario, you find that your all-metal wallet just broke your smartphone’s screen. Not a thing you want to see on a Monday morning!

Pro: Protecting Your Cards

While it could break your phone’s glass, there’s one thing it won’t, and these are your cards. Most cardholders come with a card locking mechanism. That means your cards will stay in place and won’t fall off. So your credit cards will keep looking fresh until they expire.

Which one should you choose?

So now you know the pros and cons of both types of wallets. So which one should you pick? That’s hard to say as it depends on you.

A cardholder is best for those who don’t need much from wallets. They only need to carry a few things with them and a minimal amount of cash.

However, if you’re someone who travels and flies a lot, then a cardholder isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need to store more than your credit card. You’re going to need room for your important documents, hotel info, etc. So for those guys, a classical wallet just makes more sense!

But there’s a third option. You could choose both!

There’s no shame for a man owning multiple wallets. For example, you could use a cardholder for your daily uses. These could be for going to your office or visiting your favourite restaurant where having your loyalty cards or ID isn’t required.

And for other times, when you need cash or more storage like going travelling, you could use your traditional wallet. So basically, you’re getting to enjoy the benefits of both wallet types.


To recap, cardholders are excellent for men who need only the bare essentials. But classical wallets are better for those who travel a lot. So what type of wallet will you buy? Comment down below; I’d like to hear from you!

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