23 Best Credit Card Holders

Nowadays, most of the transactions we make throughout our day have been overtaken by internet banking.

As a result, the need for carrying cash all the time has diminished. However, there are still people out there who like to bring some cash and, most importantly, their credit cards.

If you are one of these people, then you should purchase a cardholder wallet.

If you keep on reading, you will find some of the best options down below.

1. Bosca Front Pocket Wallet

As the name suggests, this wallet is designed to easily fit in your front pocket, and it is capable of holding both cash and cards providing easy access for all of them. The wallet has three card slots, which are probably more than what you will ever need, especially if you are the sort of a person who likes to carry the least amount of things. There is also a deep pocket in the center of the wallet where you can easily stash a few bills.

2. Bellroy Card Sleeve Card Holder Wallet

Bellroy is among the top brands when it comes to leather products, and this particular cardholder wallet is certainly up there. As you might have guessed, this wallet is made with premium leather, which certainly adds to the looks of this wallet. The cardholder has eight card slots, which are probably more than what you will ever need. The wallet also has the capacity to hold a few bills, which is a plus. If you are looking for a minimalist wallet, then this is what you need.

3. Distil Union Wally Card Holder Wallet

Next, we have the Distil Union Wally Card Holder Wallet, and this particular wallet is made from top quality full-grain leather. It is a bifold wallet, making it not much bigger than a credit card, and that plays out in favor of the product. The wallet has room for up to 10 cards, and you will probably not use all of those slots, but it’s nice to have the option. The wallet also has an elastic band which can be used for holding cash that you might want to use in case of an emergency.

4. Flowfold Sailcloth Card Holder Wallet

If you are someone who prefers products that take the environment into account, then you should buy the Flowfold Sailcloth Card Holder wallet. This wallet is made from repurposed racing sailcloth, therefore, minimizing waste. The choice of the material also makes this wallet exceptionally lightweight and thin. The wallet has six card slots and also has some space for cash. The wallet is high quality, durable, and, most importantly, does what it is supposed to do. The wallet is quite thin, so it won’t feel bulky in your pocket.

5. Secrid Card Holder Wallet

If you are someone who prefers wallets with a more industrial design, this is the one for you. The Secrid Card Holder Wallet is made from high-quality aluminum, which certainly adds to the premium feel and durability of this product. You can carry up to 6 cards in this wallet, and all of them will fan out in front of you with a single push of a button. Security is another selling point for this wallet as it comes with RFID protection, which means that no one will be able to steal your credit card credentials remotely.

6. Magpul DAKA Card Holder Wallet

The Magpul Card Holder wallet is made from a reinforced polymer, which definitely makes this wallet one of the most durable on this list. It is also lightweight and comes with a transparent ID window, which can be useful if you have to carry an ID badge every day. The wallet allows the user to carry up to 7 cards at all times and even has added space for some cash. Its ultra-slim design is perhaps one of its most important selling points because you won’t feel it weighing down your pocket.

7. Chums Bandit Card Holder Wallet

If you are looking for an affordable card holder wallet that gets the job done, then the Chums Bandit wallet is what you need. The wallet is made from ripstop nylon, which makes it durable as well as lightweight. It even has a keyring attachment, which will allow you to attach your wallet to your keys. Users will be able to carry 4 to 6 cards in this wallet, but you can also carry a little cash if you want. The wallet has an elastic band to make sure that everything remains strapped together.

8. Hammer Anvil Card Holder Wallet

The Hammer Anvil card holder wallet is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive wallet. The wallet has three card pockets on either side, along with a transparent window for your ID. The wallet is also equipped with RFID blocking, which prevents any electronic pickpockets from stealing your credit or debit card information. The wallet has ample space for a few dollar bills as well, and that can be considered a bonus. It is made from decent materials and will definitely serve you well for months to come.

9. Buffy Slim Card Holder Wallet

Minimalist leather wallets have become quite popular in recent years, and if you are someone who likes such wallets, then the Buffway Slim card holder wallet is just for you. It is not too expensive is made from RFID blocking leather, which not only makes the wallet durable but also protects your credit card information. With this wallet, you can carry quite a few cards and have easy access to them whenever you need them. So, take a closer look at this wallet if you are into it.

10. Tumi Delta Slim Card Holder Wallet

The Tumi Delta Slim is a reasonably priced wallet that is made from high quality materials. The “slim” in the product name suggests that it won’t take up a whole lot of space in your pocket or bag. The wallet is capable of holding up to six cards, and it also features a single bifold for some cash. It is constructed from full-grain, soft Napa leather, which gives the wallet a pretty distinctive look. If you like wallets that just sit in your pocket without making a fuss, then this is exactly what you need.

11. Herschel Charlie RFID Card Holder Wallet

The Herschel card holder wallet can hold up to four cards in total, and it still has some room for some cash. It is a budget-friendly option and packs a lot of features, which makes it among the top cardholder wallets that you can buy right now. The wallet is also equipped with an RFID blocking layer that prevents criminals from remotely stealing your credit or debit card details. The wallet is manufactured using high-quality materials that are durable and won’t scratch as easily as some other materials.

12. GOVO Badge Card Holder Wallet

The GOVO Badge Card Holder is famous all over the world, especially among law enforcement. This is because the wallet also doubles as a badge holder where you can store your ID card or badge. Aside from that, the cardholder wallet also has four additional card slots where you can keep your important credit cards. The card holding mechanism is spring-loaded, which provides added security. It is made from high-quality materials, which makes the wallet highly durable.

13. Ridge Slim Minimalist

When it comes to manufacturing minimalist card holder wallets, Ridge is a company that has perfected the formula. They have created many high quality wallets in the past, and the Ridge Slim is definitely among them. It is a sturdy wallet made from aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. Even though it is a slim wallet, the Ridge slim can still hold up to 12 credit cards quite comfortably. Removing the cards from the wallet is also painful free thanks to a handy notch.

14. Fossil Ingram Leather Card Holder Wallet

Next, we have the Fossil Ingram card holder wallet, and this is a wallet that everyone needs. It is a trifold wallet and is made from top quality leather, it is available in two color options. The wallet has eight card slots and four pockets; it even has a window for your ID card. Ideally, you would stash credit cards in the provided slots, but all of the slots are big enough to hold cash as well. The smooth texture of the wallet makes it easy to insert and remove cards from the pocket.

15. ROCO RFID Card Holder Wallet

The Roco card holder wallet is available in two different colors, and they are both made from top quality aluminum. This means that durability is not something that you need to worry about when buying the wallet. The wallet is equipped with RFID blocking, which is an essential feature at this point as it keeps all of your credit cards safe. If you are someone who owns a lot of credit cards, this is the wallet for you as the Roco card holder wallet can hold up to 20 cards.

16. Travelambo Minimalist Wallet

The Travelambo minimalist wallet is made from high-quality leather and is available in loads of variants. The wallet protects all of your cards as it also features RFID blocking, which is something that you need at this point. Aside from that, the wallet has ten card slots along with two long top slots where you can keep adding things like receipts, tickets, or cash. The wallet is lightweight, durable, and you won’t even notice it in your pocket.

17. Radix One Card Holder Wallet

If you are someone who likes thin wallets, then you should buy the Radix One Slim. The wallet is available in 6 color combinations. It is made from high-quality polycarbonate, which makes the wallet extremely lightweight. The Radix One allows you to comfortably hold up to 10 cards, and it does all of this while looking sleek and stylish. Durability is another area where the wallet shines, especially when you consider the price. All of these things make this wallet a viable option for anyone looking for a simple cardholder wallet.

18. HuMn Minimalist Wallet

The HuMn wallet is a little on the expensive side, considering other wallets on this list, but it is nothing too drastic. The wallet boasts a sleek, slim design making it perfect for travel. It is made from aircraft grade anodized aluminum, which also means that it comes with RFID blocking capabilities. The wallet is available in a few different colors, which is a great option to have. Given its material choice, the HuMn wallet is durable and can take a lot of wear.

19. Timberland Minimalist Wallet

Timberland is a brand that is no stranger to making premium leather products, and their skill surely shines in this minimalist wallet. The wallet is available in three colors, and all of them are made from leather. The wallet allows you to carry up to 5 credit cards; it even has a window for your ID card and a dedicated cash clip. The design and material choice is the main focus for this wallet as there are very few wallets that will look as good as this Timberland offering.

20. Mr. Wallet Card Clip

Mr. Wallet is the ideal card wallet for a lot of people. It is made from high-quality leather, which gives it a unique vintage look. The wallet features RFID blocking, which basically means that no one will be stealing your credit card information anytime soon. The card has five card slots, and it also has a magnetic money clip, which, as you guessed it, is used to hold a few bills of cash. The wallet is minimalistic, which is what makes it a decent choice.

21. SERMAN RFID Blocking Card Holder Wallet

Next, we have the SERMAN RFID blocking wallet. It is a bifold wallet that is available in a few variations. The wallet is made from good quality leather, which definitely adds to its looks. The wallet has enough room to fit 6 to 8 cards comfortably, along with a few bills. It has a pull-tab design that makes all your cards available with ease. The wallet has a minimalist design, and it doesn’t feel bulky at all. So, take a closer look at this wallet if you are looking for the perfect wallet.Purchase

22. Husky Card Sleeve Minimalist Wallet

The Husk card sleeve is one of the most simplistic wallets out there. It is made from a mixture of 95% leather and 5% nylon. The wallet is highly durable and is equipped with RFID blocking technology that will prevent anyone from remotely accessing your credit cards. The wallet has enough room for up to 10 cards plus a little cash. It has a very sleek design, which makes the wallet ideal for travel; you won’t even know that you are carrying it.

23. ID STRONGHOLD Card Holder Wallet

ID Stronghold is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to RFID blocking technology. Every slot in the wallet is protected, which is a bonus. The wallet comes with three card slots, but it can hold up to 20 cards as well as some cash. The wallet is constructed with leather, and it has a perfect size, which means that you are less likely to lose the wallet. The sleek and slim design of the wallet is ideal for everyday use.


Even though wallets are becoming more and more unnecessary every day, they are still part of our lives. Most people prefer to carry cards instead of cash, and that is why these cardholder wallets are becoming so popular. If you are in the market for a decent card holder wallet, you should pick one from the list above.


🤔 Is a cardholder better than a wallet?

Which wallet is better than the other is a pretty subjective thing because it all comes down to your preferences at the end of the day. If you still prefer carrying a bit of cash, then maybe you should go for a more traditional wallet.

On the other hand, if you like to carry the least amount of things and want only to carry essential items, you should buy a cardholder wallet. Having said that, cardholder wallets are becoming more popular nowadays as more and more people prefer this kind of wallet.

🥇 Which brand makes the best cardholders?

The best cardholder wallet is something that you need to decide on your own. Each brand offers something different and at different price points. Therefore, you need to see which cardholder wallet fulfills your needs and performs well.

When you are buying a cardholder wallet, you need to focus on buying a wallet that is made with high quality and durable materials. This is because a wallet is something that you intend to use for many years, and that is why durability is key. For this reason, leather or aluminum cardholders have become so popular in recent years.

🧐 What can I use instead of a wallet?

A wallet is anything that allows you to carry your essential cards and a bit of cash. And to be honest, you can do that with anything. However, nowadays, wallets have become more than just a container for your cards; they are now considered a fashion accessory.

This is why it is important that you buy a wallet that complements your looks and is durable. You can find wallets made from a ton of different materials, and you should always buy the best one, given your budget restrictions. Cardholder wallets are an obvious alternative for traditional wallets, and you should consider buying one.

❓ Do RFID cardholder wallets really work?

Whenever you are buying a cardholder wallet, you should make sure that it is equipped with RFID technology. This technology really works, and before it was made mainstream, a lot of people suffered from remote theft. RFID is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to tag and steal information from objects such as credit cards.

If you want your credit card information to stay safe, then you should ensure that your cardholder wallet is equipped with RFID blocking technology. There are many high-quality card holder wallets that you can buy right now that are equipped with this technology.

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