23 Best Beard Oils for All Types of Facial Hair

Do you want your beautiful facial hair to be taken care of in a well deserve manner? Or maybe you have a scraggly beard that has become difficult to manage.

Whatever the case is, you don’t have to worry anymore because beard oil is here to help. Beard oils contain high-quality ingredients that work best for all types of facial hair.

Having the best beard oil in your daily grooming arsenal can work wonders for you. It will assist you in growing a strong and healthy beard. Also, you can show off your beard to the world.

But, before that, you must be having some questions in your mind. Are there any good beard oils available on the market? If yes, then are they worth using? What makes them good?

Keep scrolling to get all your questions answered!

We have compiled a list with some of the best beard oils available online. We are sure that there is beard oil spacially made for your beard type.

1. BushKlawz Urban Prince Beard Oil

Do you want a fuller-looking, more manageable, and soft beard? Use BushKlawz Urban Price Beard Oil and reap the benefits.

The rectangular-shaped bottle of this beard oil makes it a stand out product. The pump dispenser helps to easily spray the oil on the beard.

This beard oil consists of premium quality ingredients. These include argan oil, jojoba oil, olive, grape seed, coconut oil, and aloe vera oil. Its fragrance represents cedar, grapefruit, and lavender.

All these ingredients work together to make the beard healthy and conditioned. This beard oil moisturizes and hydrates the skin underneath the beard.

2. Beardoholic Beard Oil Pine

Beardoholic Beard Oil Pine is made up of 100% organic ingredients. These include vitamin E extract, jojoba, almond oil, wheat germ, castor oil, grape seed, argan oil.

It’s precisely crafted formula stops beard itching and eliminates beardruff. The dry skin under the beard is moisturized and stimulates new hair growth.
You can safely use this beard oil because it is chemical-free and paraben-free. After using it, your beard will become healthier and stronger.

Just a few drops of this pine fragrance beard oil daily to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. When it comes to beard oil, Beardoholic is a proven example of quality over quantity.

3. Datenite Simply Great Beard Oil

The bottle of Datenite Simply Great Beard Oil is made of non-toxic and recyclable amber glass. Thanks to its nifty ball rod cap, it is extremely easy-to-use.
The ingredients of this beard oil are entirely natural. The list includes hazelnut, olive, wheat germ, sweet almond, vitamin E, and rosemary oil.

It helps in moisturizing the facial skin and a softer beard free of itchiness. The product is vegan and environment-friendly.

Make sure you shake the bottle before applying it to your beard. This product is perfect for wiry, rough, and bristle beards.

4. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is one of the most popular beard oil in the market. It is made up of 7 premium organic oils and 7 essential oils.
All the ingredients are 100% organic and natural. The oils include jojoba, sweet almond oil, avocado, moringa, virgin pumpkin seed, virgin argan oil, apricot, and kukui oil.

Its powerful formula contains vitamin E, minerals, and avocado oil. It helps in making the beard soft and healthy. Also, it relieves irritation and speeds up hair growth.

This beard oil has a strong fragrance of clover and licorice. It absorbs quickly into the roots of the beard and makes it conditioned.

5. Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil

Northern Fir’s Beard Oil is a high-quality product with a thick consistency. Its handcrafted formula is a distinct blend of nine plant-based beard oils.
It is a 100% unrefined version of argan and jojoba oil. A rare ingredient such as the Australian sandalwood is also included in the mix.

The high-quality ingredients are responsible for the fresh and woody scent. It will get absorbed into your beard relatively faster and make it softer.

It comes in a rectangular shaped glass bottle with a metal cap and reducer. The bottle is 1 oz and typically lasts for 1-2 months.

6. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

Want to get rid of itching and flaking of your facial hair? Have a look at Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil. It is made with premium quality oils and natural oils.

This beard oil eliminates dryness and itchiness by hydrating the skin underneath the beard. Its primary ingredients are almond, grape seed, cedarwood, castor oil, and eucalyptus leaf oil.

It has a unique woodsy scent, which lasts for a long time. After using for a few days, your beard will become flake-free and less frizzy.

For best results, shake a few drops into your hands and apply it on a damp beard. This will nourish the beard from the root level and make it shiny and soft.

7. Botanical Skin Works Natural Man Bay Lime

Botanical Skin Works Natural Man Bay Lime beard oil is a 3-in-1 formula. It cleans, softens, and moisturizes the skin and beard at the same time.

This beard oil is unique because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties strengthen facial hair and give deep nourishment.

You will find five essential oils in its blend. These are sesame, jojoba, West Indian bay, organic lime oil, and sandalwood. Each one of them has its unique benefits.

Its ingredients keep your beard soft, tangle-free, smooth, and well-groomed. This beard oil is great for an itchy and unruly beard.

8. Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Smooth Viking Beard Oil has been crafted with natural ingredients. These ingredients are powerful enough to make your beard smooth and soft.

This lightweight beard oil helps in taming even the most unmanageable facial hair. Its ingredients contain powerful softeners such as avocado oil, vitamin E, olive, and castor oil.

Most times, beard hair becomes messy, dry, and damaged. This beard oil will help you make it healthier, stronger, and beardruff free.

The essential oils give the beard oil a pleasant rustic smell. It absorbs quickly and penetrates through the roots of the hair.

9. Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil

The smell of Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil reminds of fresh-cut lumber. This product helps in conditioning wild and dry beard.

The ingredients present in this beard oil are high-quality, safe, and natural. It is designed to hydrate the hair and skin of the beard.

The bottle has a dropper-top, which helps in the easy application of oil. It helps in reducing dryness, itchiness, and flaking.

Its ingredients are natural. These include sweet almond oil, avocado, jojoba, virgin argan oil, moringa, virgin pumpkin seed, kukui oil, and apricot.

10. Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance Free Beard Oil

If you are dealing with unruly and dull-looking facial hair, then Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance-Free Beard Oil can be the savior. It helps to eliminate itchiness, irritation, and beardruff.

It effectively deals with all beard problems and keeps the facial hair moisturized. Also, it is made up of only two ingredients – Moroccan argan oil and jojoba oil.

Ranger Grooming Beard Oil contains no additives, parabens, fillers, and GMOs. The product comes in dark amber glass bottles that protect it from UV rays.

The glass stopper easily helps you to apply it to your beard. Use it after you’ve finished styling your beard.

11. Wild Willies Beard Co. Beard Oil

Wild Willies Beard Co. Beard Oil is award-winning beard oil. It not only fuels your beard but enhances and boosts its growth.

It contains a specialized blend of ingredients. These ingredients include 10 key vitamins and essential oils. They help in treating and conditioning the follicles down to their roots.

The beard oil inhibits dandruff and beard itch. It doesn’t leave the facial skin oily or greasy at all. The unique easy-to-use pump top bottle is designed for minimal product usage.

With its beard oil spray pump, you can easily apply it to your beard. It helps in preventing spillage and wasting of product.

12. Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

Bossman Jelly Beard Oil is the first beard oil, which is made from jelly. Its increased viscosity fully covers and penetrates deeply into the beard.
It comes in three scents – hammer, magic, and gold. These magic scents are made with vanilla oil and sandalwood.

This beard oil is made up of high-quality ingredients. Some of them are – beeswax, castor oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed, avocado oil, cocoa seed butter, and shea.

The product is beneficial and capable of dry facial hair into thicker and faster-growing beards. Besides, it will help in getting rid of itchiness and irritation.Purchase

13. Proraso Beard Oil

Originally from Italy, Proraso Beard Oil helps nourish and protect thick beard. It penetrates deeply into the hair to moisturize and soften.

After using this beard oil, you will experience that your beard is soft as silk and grease-free. The perfect mix of rock rose, cedar, saffron, and vanilla give an exclusive wood scent.

97% of its ingredients are natural. It doesn’t contain any silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and phthalates. It is infused with avocado oil, eucalyptus, and menthol.

Among other ingredients, walnut and macadamia nut oils are also present for extra protection of beard hair.

14. The Gentlemen’s Beard Premium Beard Oil

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil takes care of both – the beard hair and the skin underneath the hair. It softens the beard and moisturizes the skin.

Just a few drops of this beard oil will reduce itchiness, irritation, and flakes. You will instantly feel that your beard is less coarse and more manageable.

It absorbs faster and penetrates deep into the facial hair. Other benefits you get are stronger, thicker, and fuller looking beard.

The glass dropper makes it convenient to use. It is fragrance-free, vegan, and made up of high-quality ingredients.


15. Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute

Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute is known for fighting unruly hair and dry skin. The grapeseed oil present in the mix softens the hair.

Argan oil unclogs the pores and eliminates flakes. It helps in restoring a healthy and shiny textured beard.

The Australian sandalwood and bergamot essential oil provide a subtle woodsy scent. It gets absorbed quickly and penetrates through the pores.

Not more than 4-5 drops of this product are needed daily to nourish long beards. If you want a smooth and shiny beard, then this beard oil is worth buying.

16. Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil

Mostly, men with beards struggle with the loss of moisture. This leads to damaged hair, flaking, and irritation.

Don’t worry because Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil is here to help. It restores the natural moisture of beard hair.

Also, it effectively promotes softer and healthier hair growth. Its high-quality formula includes ingredients such as jojoba oil and argan.

The product comes in three aromas – mint blend, forest blend, and unscented. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any grease on the face.


17. The American Beard Company Beard Oil

It is designed for all beard types. The American Beard Company Beard Oil works on all textures and is 100 % organic.

It works effectively against unruly, rough, and untamed beards. After a single-use, you will notice a conditioned and soft beard.

Itchiness and beardruff will be drastically reduced. All you will have is healthier and moisturized facial hair.

This beard oil will help you in shaping, styling, and maintaining your beard. It is vegan approved and made up of natural ingredients.


18. Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil

Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil is highly suitable for new beard growers. It comes with a free beard comb and an ebook guide for beard care.

The product is vegan-friendly and 100 % organic. It works on beards of all ethnicity. After its use, even the coarsest and toughest beard becomes softer.

It helps with split ends and detangled hair. The hair becomes healthier, thicker, and shinier. Also, the skin beneath the hair is free of irritation, flakes, and itchiness.

This beard oil is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It conveniently spreads on the hair and promotes the growth of hair follicles.

19. Bulldog Skincare and Grooming Original Beard Oil

Bulldog Skincare and Grooming Original Beard Oil are exceptional for taking care of any type of facial hair. It works great for the coarse and brittle beard.

The blend includes extraordinary ingredients. Some of them are camelina oil, aloe vera, and green tea. It has a lotion-like consistency and performs as a leave-in conditioner.

It helps in taming stray hair and gives your beard a matte finish. Your beard will look thicker and healthier.

You just have to put a small amount on your hands, rub it, and massage it into the beard. Use a good facial hair comb to make sure that it’s evenly distributed.

20. Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil

If you want to feel like a true gentleman, then go for Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Oil. Its distinctive bourbon scent sets it apart from other products.

It is made from natural ingredients that offer great benefits to the beard. These ingredients include – apricot, tea tree, sweet almond, jojoba, vitamin E, and aloe vera.

After using this beard oil, you won’t have to deal with an itchy beard and beardruff. Your facial hair will be strengthened, moisturized, and much healthier.
This product is designed to prevent flakes. Also, it helps in treating dry skin under the beard.


21. Baxter of California Beard Oil

Baxter of California Beard Oil is a multifunctional product. It ensures a healthy beard and lets you look good all day long.
It contains avocado oil, vitamin E, squalane, and botanical extracts. These ingredients keep the hair smooth and adequately hydrated.
Baxter of California’s Oil works on the skin beneath the beard hair. It keeps the skin conditioned and smooth.
Inflammation, flakes, and itching will be a thing of the past after using Baxter of California. This product is infused with jasmine, sandalwood, and cedarwood scent.

22. Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Viking Revolution Beard Oil product is also made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It is effective to deal with an itchy beard.

Its two main ingredients are – jojoba oil and argan oil. Both of them are known for beard conditioning and moisturizing.

After using it, you will get a smooth, tamed, and frizz-free beard. It is suitable for all types of facial hair length and texture.

The product is lighter and thinner. It will help you to eliminate beardruff. All you need is a few drops of this beard oil and enjoy dazzling facial hair.

23. Art Natural Beard and Stache Beard Oil

Art Natural Beard and Stache Beard Oil is a combination of vitamin E, Moroccan argan oil, and organic jojoba.

It promotes soft facial hair. The healing and hydrating formula eliminate flaking, inflammation, and itching.

The ingredients are antioxidant and antibacterial. They help in beard growth stimulation and deep cleaning of facial pores.

It is carefully crafted for every skin type. Even if you have sensitive skin, it is safe-to-use daily.


The Final Verdict

It takes more than just cleaning when it comes to keeping your beard healthy and softer. You need to use good products like beard oils.

Beard oil is capable of providing great results. By using it, you can enjoy a thick mane that is easy to groom, shiny, full, and soft to touch.

But before that, you must find the best beard oil that suits your requirements. Once you find it, welcome an itch-free and beardruff-free facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Which beard oil is best?

Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil is the best beard oil available in the market. It contains argan oil and shea butter.

This beard oil helps in fighting dryness and frizz in your beard. It nourishes the skin underneath the beard and adds comfort.

Also, the product has a subtle and nice smell. It is vegan-friendly and helps in keeping the beard soft and hydrated.

🧐 Do beard oils actually work?

Yes, beard oils do work. They are used to soften and moisturize beard hair. Men use them to keep their beards look softer, tamer, and fuller.

If your beard is rough in texture and lacks proper beard growth, then beard oil can help you deal with it.

It helps in taming scraggly hair to give a neater and more styled look. Also, it reduces the occurrence of itch and beard dandruff.

🧔 Can I use beard oil every day?

Beard oil can be used on daily basis. You should apply beard oil twice a day. Take a warm shower before bed and apply a little beard oil on your facial hair.
Beard oil is capable of providing great results. It can soften your beard and provide great strength to the roots of your hair.

Just a small amount of beard helps in reducing itchiness, flaking, and dryness. Beard oils often contain unrefined argan oil and pure jojoba oil.
These essential oils remove unwanted dead skin cells and promote faster facial hair growth.

☝️ What is better – beard oil or beard balm?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements. The beard balm sits on facial hair for longer as compared to beard oil. That’s why beard balm is capable of giving long-lasting moisture.

On the other hand, beard oil is also fantastic. It helps in keeping the skin underneath the beard healthy, itch-free, and hydrated. The main ingredients include jojoba oil and argan oil.

A beard balm contains more ingredients than beard oil such as beeswax and shea butter. However, a beard balm can only be used as a moisturizer. That’s why beard oil immensely does an incredible job at beard care.
Long story short, both the products are great for facial hair. If you want a leave-in conditioner, then buy a beard balm. But if you want to promote hair growth and soften your beard, then beard oil is preferred.

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