12 Best Pen Wallets w/o Notepad

In a world where technology is taking over, it seems that people have no use for a pen and notepad.

However, when your phone or laptop fails you, it is always a good idea to have a backup to note down important stuff.

Studies show that noting down things makes it easier to remember. Therefore, you are at an advantage if you have somewhere to write.

Carrying a notebook and pen everywhere you go is impractical. Luckily, pen wallets are the minimalist and convenient solution.

Pen wallets have a notepad and slot for a pen. Additionally, they have space for cash and cards.

And right below, you will find a detailed list of the best pen wallets for this purpose.

1. Dango D01 Dapper Bifold EDC Pen Wallet w/ Notebook

This stylish wallet embodies class and sophistication.
The exterior features aerospace aluminum combined with DTEX material and mil-spec bolts into a stylish bifold wallet.
It also features a stylish anodized finish.
It comes with a pressurized pen and notebook. Additionally, it can hold up to 16 cards comfortably while retaining a slim look and feel in your pocket.

2. Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet

Next is this classy pen wallet. Its overall look makes it ideal for professionals, so it is the ideal work wallet.
The exterior features a durable DTEX material that features reliable water resistance. The interior has a soft nylon lining to enhance the feel of the wallet.
Additionally, the wallet has RFID protection to keep cards safe.

3. Bellroy Travel Wallet

For a simple and classic design, go for this stylish wallet.
It is made from environmentally certified leather that ages perfectly. The size fits a standard size passport so that you can carry documents easily.
The interior has designated slots for tickets, bills, and cards. The wallet can carry ten cards comfortably with other documents.
Additionally, it has a slot for your pen.

4. WOLFselection Premium Minimalist Wallet

This is a functional slim wallet ideal for minimalists.
The wallet can hold banknotes and cards while retaining its slim look. This is thanks to the leather material with durable stitching.
The wallet also comes with RFID protection and an elastic strap to secure cards and cash.
Each wallet comes with a handy pen and a package opener.

5. KenzaPad Premium Leather Wallet

This is a minimalist leather wallet that comes with a unique refillable notepad.
This cool accessory allows you to carry up to 8 credit cards. It also has two pen slots to allow access to the left and right-handed users.
The exterior has a premium leather exterior, and the wallet sports magnetic closure instead of zippers, snaps, or elastic bands.

6. Bellroy Notebook Cover & Pen Bundle

This small but stylish wallet is the best for people who appreciate simple designs.
The exterior is environmentally certified premium leather. It promises to age beautifully and provide a classy look for interactions.
Instead of zippers and clasps, this wallet has a magnetic closure. It discourages wearing and tearing at stress points.
It also has a pen and notebook.

7. Allett Original Wallet

This is a stylish wallet with a large capacity. It can hold up to 24 cards, plus cash and bills. Each card slot has a silicone lining to grip the card well.
The wallet has adequate protection against RFID scanning, and this prevents digital pickpocketing.
The wallet comes with a pen, which has a slot in the wallet.

8. Trayvax Summit Notebook Bundle

The unique design transforms this wallet into a portable journal. It can fit up to 8 cards and have room for cash and bills.
The exterior is durable oil-tanned leather. It gives the wallet a beautiful overall look. Additionally, it ensures that it ages well.
The wallet has an integrated pen pocket plus an all-weather notebook.

9. Zoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet & Documents Organizer

This wallet has a durable nylon exterior and a smooth polyester lining on the interior. Therefore, it is a high-quality, classy, and durable accessory.
It has multiple slots for cards, a pen, documents, and coins. It even comes with a durable and removable keychain.
The wallet is easy to carry by hand, thanks to the removable wristlet.

10. Sovereign-Gear Leather Field Notes Cover

This is a handmade cover that also acts as a wallet. Its stylish but simple design makes it ideal for professionals. And it’s pocket-sized.
It has a beautiful leather exterior that promises durability and toughness. The interior has multiple slots, including inner pockets for cards and cash.
The exterior has an elastic band for pen storage.

11. Jack’s Point field notes wallet cover

This is a durable bifold wallet with space for a notepad. It has a total of 8 pockets that are flexible for multiple uses.
It is pocket-sized, making it ideal for travelers and minimalists.
The exterior is top-grain leather for durability and a classic professional look. You will look stylish taking notes among your colleagues.

12. PAUKEI Refillable Pocket-Sized Notepad

Finally, this is a handmade refillable pen wallet.
First, it comes with a wooden pen with a designated slot on the exterior for easy removal. Secondly, the exterior is genuine leather that is tough and durable.
The interior has two pockets that can carry multiple cards and other small items.
With proper maintenance, this wallet will last a long time.

Final Thought

If you often find yourself taking notes on the go, the pen wallet is for you. Just pick your favorite and enjoy the convenience.


What is the difference between a normal wallet and a pen wallet?

A pen wallet comes with a pen, has a designated slot for a notepad and other slots for cards and cash. In contrast, a normal wallet does not come with a pen and only has slots for cards, cash, and coins.

Do I need a pen and notepad in my wallet?

Maybe. It will give you amazing convenience on the go, especially when your phone runs out of battery. It also helps you remember better.

Why having a pen and notebook in a wallet is a good idea?

First, it is convenient because taking down a note on paper is faster than using an app. And the wallet carries your cards and cash.
Additionally, it will help you remember better since writing down something makes it easier to remember. Finally, it is stylish and professional.

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