21 Best Gym Bags for Men

Whether you are preparing for your next triathlon, simply a workout freak that finds bliss in putting his body through extra stress, or a regular 9-to-5 employee who wants to keep his body in shape, the role of visiting a gym is undeniable.

However, as you may have felt by now, it’s not just swinging your leg on a bicycle and riding to the gym straight off. You must also take care of the extras that come with it.

It might be finding a place for your post-workout sweaty outfit, your dry outfit, headphones, cellphone, powerbank, or even some protein bars you might want to binge on once you’re done?

Well, your trouser pockets clearly aren’t enough to do that for you until you have the foot of a dinosaur, of course?

The good news is, having one of the best gym bags for men frees you from these worries. With ample space to snug in each of your necessary items in special compartments, it saves you a lot of time and headaches.

Seems interesting?

Well, why not look at the list of some of the best gym bags we have just compiled for you…let’s jump in!

1.  Helly-Hansen Unisex Hh 2 Duffel 2 Packable Bag

Gym, tour, adventure, you name it! Helly-Hansen Unisex bag is one of its kind when it comes to quality and versatility. Coming at an exceptional price, with many pockets and a set of colors that complements its unisex status, it’s a fully functional piece and beauty to carry around! No reason why someone would dislike it!

2.  Victorinox VX Sport EVO 2 in 1 Backpack

It is not as vibrant as its previous counterpart and slightly expensive, but not calling it a fantastic gym and travel companion would be utterly out of jealousy. That being said, it’s among the best gym bags that totally dominate the niche.

Convertible, with a good number of multipurpose pockets and fully padded for added comfort, it’s the good step-brother of the Helly-Hansen bag, just a bit buffed!

3.  Handmade Brown Wash Leather Gym Bag

Not recommended for young gym freaks, but if you are a 30+ classy gentleman who loves to keep his body in shape, this somehow “vintage” looking piece is going to suit you. And don’t get us wrong, but it will even get you noticed in the gym…in a good way.

That being said, it has a lot of multi-purpose pockets and a well-sized construction that earns it a multi-purpose status. An easily likable piece of its kind!

4.  Helly-Hansen Sport Duffle

Combining the more than a hundred years old craft of Helly-Hansen with a touch of modern, sporty design, this bag sure has some teenage vibe to it. But that’s not the only important stuff here.

It is water-resistant, lockable, has padded shoulder straps, with many inner and outer pockets to keep your stuff intact. For a multi-purpose starter bag, it’s undoubtedly an excellent choice.

5.  Jordan Large Unisex Duffle Bag

OK, if you are looking for something conventional that pulls off the job, skip this one right away. What sets it apart is its unusual square design, which might be convenient, and for others, weird.

Also, the color is a bit dull for a stylish gym bag, so it might not be for our young lads. However, as far as the quality, build, and functionality is concerned, it’s a blind buy!

6.  Kennet Cole Reaction Duff Guy Colombian Leather Bag

Two things you need to know about this bag! First, it’s insanely expensive for an everyday gym bag; second, it’s pure classy and ultra wear and tear-resistant leather. That being said, only buy it if you need something for multipurpose use.

The design is pretty much familiar to the Handmade Brown Wash Leather bag we just mentioned, but with 3 color varieties and a quality that never disappoints.

7.  Nike Brasilia Small Duffel-9.0

You know it’s incredibly robust when it is from the king of sportswear. Not disappointing us again, this cheapy is undoubtedly worth a try.

With fairly durable material, a nice Nike logo aiding its overall aesthetics, and a lot of pockets to keep your gym supplies organized, you are surely going to love it.

The best thing? It’s pretty popular among gym folks. So you can always check it hands-on before buying.

8.  PUMA Evercat Contender Duffle Bag

Even cheaper than the one we just checked out, PUMA Evercat is somehow a more good-looking brother of Nike Brasilia.

However, since the exterior material is mesh, there sure are some questions on the durability factor as the mesh isn’t as resistant to wear and tear.

That being said, it has a space that pretty much accommodates everything, that too with extreme comfort.

9.  Adidas Team Issue II Medium Duffle Bag

Quite a lot of exclusive ports brands are in line, aren’t they? Anyways, this one also falls in the budget category with reasonably good design and functionality. What distinguishes it is the inclusion of extra, breathable pockets where you can keep all your dirty shoes and gym wear.

In other words, it’s a reliable piece for everyone. And oh! There’s a lot of color variety ;).

10. Serious Steel Fitness 1000D Duffel Bag

With a total of 7 compartments to keep everything tidy and snug, it’s a premium quality gym bag that is built to last.

The ultra-modern design makes it even more desirable, giving it a vibe of something straight out of the movies.

If you are looking for something reasonably impressive in looks, performance, and quality, this might be it! Some even call it “THE MATRIX” of gym bags.


11.  HYCOO Sports Gym Bag for Men and Women

Sportsman, gym freak, basketball player, or anything in between, HYCOO gym bag has your back.

It is made of water-resistant nylon fabric, with a space that will only lack space when you are fitting your whole wardrobe inside it.

And guess what, you can also gift one to your bae (if you have one :)) if you both like to stay fit and slim and have regular gym visits.

12. Herschel Novel Duffle BagE

Despite being based on pure minimalistic ideas design-wise, it packs up quite a lot of stuff for a gym bag. This earns it a versatile status, making it an entirely usable packing bag on several occasions.

From the gym to casual travels and even outdoor adventures, this is the thing you can easily trust. Just make sure to not put too much weight on it. Some users have reported the straps to be a bit weak.

13. Nike Heritage Backpack

Ah! Finally, a backpack enters the party. Now here’s the thing! If you are not someone who carries a lot of mumbo-jumbos to the gym, this one’s going to suit you perfectly.

It’s a typical travel bag with many inner and external side pockets to pack up your extras, and the signature quality one can expect from a reputed brand. You will have no regrets ;).

14. MATEIN Gym Bag For Men

If we had to describe this baby in just one word, that would be “interesting.” Why? Because it offers more than you can expect at this price. You must have seen gym bags having water-resistant properties on the outside.

But What really intrigues us are the water-resistant inner pockets in this bag, where you can place almost soaking wet items without any worries, with quite an ample capacity.

If functionality is what interests you, this one might be your choice!

15. Carhart Trade Series 2-in-1 Packable Duffle

Making premium quality bags since 1889, Carhart is a name much familiar when it comes to quality and craft. And the Trade series 2-in-1 packable duffle stands as one of their best creations to date.

Rugged structure, metal hardware, triple-needle outclass stitching, and a touch of minimalism, it’s a perfect gym and casual packing bag that you can use even on a family trip.

16. BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Travel Weekender

Another leather-made gym bag, Bonstanten’s genuine leather travel is pure love when it comes to looks, following the same classic route as the other two.

The reason it stays down is its fragile nature, which makes it unfit for vigorous activities. This further leads us to conclude that it isn’t as strong as its previous counterparts, but it sure ages like fine wine.

17. Mouteeno Sports Travel Duffel Gym Bag for Men and Women

Having more than 8 pockets to pack all your necessary items, Mouteeno sports travel bag, as the name suggests, is a versatile piece.

Apart from being highly spacious, there are other appealing features like separate compartments for wet shoes, shirts, and anything in between.

When paired with its premium quality and looks, the ultra-comfortable design makes it a perfect gym companion. Plus, it’s pretty popular among users.

18. Champion Manuscript Barrel Duffle Bag

The cheapest in the list, and perhaps the whole market, the Champion duffle bag is something none of our budget buddies should miss on.

Simple and convenient design, removable strap, and an ample amount of space and pockets to conveniently fit your gym accessories, it is a no-brainer for under thirty bucks.

And since it’s specially designed for gym freaks, expect some good quality.

19. QT&QY 40L Military Tactical Duffle Bag

Ever heard of military class quality in under 50 bucks? Well, now you have! Another low-priced gym bag making it to our list, this 40L bag has enough pockets to fit in all your necessary and extra items quite easily.

With water and scratch resistance, it ensures that you are already for whatever the day throws at your side, irrespective of the activity you intend to use it for. Just another option where you aren’t risking anything.

20. Adidas Amplifier Duffel Bag

Combine beauty and the beast in a single package and you get the Adidas amplifier duffel bag.

Nice looking, robust, and very easy to carry around even with maximum weight, no matter if it’s just for casual use or gym, you can always count on it.

For someone looking for a low-priced yet aesthetic and functional piece, we couldn’t recommend this more.


21. FILA Acer 25’’ Sports Duffle Bag

Fila is famous for its unique design and coloring approach in its products, and this bag is no exception. One of the best gym bags for men available in the market right now, it simply ticks every box in terms of quality, space, and stylishness.

 Although not something extraordinary, the value it gives for the price is praiseworthy.


What should be in a gym bag for men?

A great gym bag must have at least 40L capacity, a bunch of extra compartments to separate the wet and dry materials from each other, and breathable side pockets for shoes at the least. Apart from that, the quality of the fabric also matters a lot. You can keep something like Helly-Hansen Unisex Hh 2 Duffel 2 Packable Bag as a benchmark to make it easier.

What kind of gym bag should I buy?

This depends on your needs. If you are looking for something that not only packs your gym stuff but can also be a reliable travel companion, then go for something like Victorinox VX Sport EVO 2 in 1 Backpack.

However, if you are looking for something that just gets the work done, we would highly recommend going for cheapies like Adidas, Fila, or Nike. There are even some heavy-duty options in this category, like the QT&QY Military tactical duffle bag.

What size should a gym bag be?

By the rule of thumb, a gym bag size should be no less than at least 40L to sufficiently fit all your stuff. This is often the ideal size since anything bulkier might be challenging to carry around.

What is the purpose of a gym bag?

Well, whatever purpose you give it. Although this might sound funny, you can use a gym bag for almost anything. It covers everything from a reliable traveling companion to a good adventure chap or a daily gym buddy. The main aim is to keep all your accessories and gear safe, and that’s something you can’t specify in. Whether a situation.

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