79 Best Men’s Minimalist Wallets

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Minimalist wallets are the way to go for the modern man.

The world is developing into a cashless society, and it is no wonder that people are looking for wallets that can carry even less items.

If you have never owned a slim minimalist wallet or are looking to replace yours, then this is the right place to be.

Here is our list with 79 best minimalist wallets:

1. Dango D01 Dapper Wallet

This is a well-designed wallet from Dango that is made from high quality genuine leather that is held together by mil-spec bolts. The wallet had RFID blocking technology that will keep your cards safe from unwanted data scanning. Speaking of cards, it is made to hold up to 12 cards while maintaining a super slim profile.

2. FIDELO Carbon FIber Minimalist Wallet

This wallet is designed to be strong and improves everyday carry (EDC) of all your items. It is constructed from the best grade 3K carbon fiber; which is stronger than steel. It is also resilient against scratches, and is sure to perform for years. It carries 15 cards effortlessly and offers 4 different bill folds for your cash. It has RFID blocking technology and comes in 4 colors.

3. I-CLIP Full Grain Leather Wallet

This wallet is proof that you do not have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. It is designed and made in Germany from locally sourced materials. It has an ultra-slim design that fits into your pocket comfortably. The exterior is made of high-quality leather while the interior is big enough for 12 cards without losing its shape.

4. Bryker Hyde Slim Minimalist Wallet

Built for convenience, this wallet has 2 exterior Quick Draw Pockets for easy access. Each wallet is handcrafted from full grain leather; with time it develops a unique natural character. It has 8 card pockets, 1 ID Window (with ezthumb hole), and 1 money clip. The cards are protected by RFID blocking technology and it comes in 11 luxurious colors.

5. Rugged Material Ranger Minimalist Wallet

This is one of the slimmest wallets in the market that lets you hold up to 8 cards plus bills comfortably. It features an impressive Ranger Tool Card that has 12 inbuilt tools including a bottle opener. You can rest easy with this wallet as your cards are protected from the most powerful RFID Chip Readers. The steel wallet is made and coated with a High Quality Powder Coat Finish to ensure no corrosion and durability.

6. Basics Nomatic Slim Minimalist Wallet

This classy wallet is made to hold up to 15 cards; it features a one pull tab to allow you to have easy access to your 4 most used cards. It is created with Medical Grade Elastic and genuine leather that is built to last a lifetime. The wallet also has a handy pocket to store any cash, coins, or keys with you; it comes in 4 classy colors.

7. Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

This is a stylish slim wallet made of premium, environmentally certified leather that is durable and great for EDC. It fits up to 6 cards comfortably with quick access slots on the outside for fast paying. It is great for the front pocket thanks to the super slim design. Finally, it comes in 4 great colors.

8. Serman Brands Slim Bifold Wallet

This wallet is made from high quality leather that absorbs the natural oils of your hands which will allow the wallet to develop a rich and dark color. It is a slim wallet that carries 6 to 8 cards plus bills; the cards are protected by RFID blocking technology. Finally, the card holder has a front pocket for your most used card, 2 pockets on the inside, a photo ID slot, and a money clip to hold your cash.

9. Radix One Slim Wallet

This wallet is quite different from regular wallets. It is made of some polycarbonate material and is meant to carry cards rather than cash. It can actually fit up to 10 cards in a very simple profile. It is also slim enough to fit into the front pocket so you don’t have to sit on it.

10. Distill Union Wally Micro Wallet

One problem people experience when using minimalist wallets is the retrieving of cards. Distill Union foresaw this and gave us the Wally Micro Wallet, a slim wallet with a pull tab for easy retrieving of two of your most frequently used cards. This wallet is made of premium leather material and comes in a variety of attractive colors.

11. Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet

This is a classic wallet that is hand-crafted with premium Dutch/German top-grain leathers by Dutch designers; each wallet contains its own unique personality. It had room for 10 cards which are all protected by RFID blocking technology. The wallet has a card-slider system providing instant card-access at the click of a button. It comes in four classic colors and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy that sees you get your money back in 30 days.

12. Garzini Thin Minimalist Leather Magic Wallet RFID Blocking

The Garzini Essenziale is the ultimate slim leather card holder. The wallet can hold up to 10 cards easily in secure anti-slip card slots. Quick access slots outside make your life easier. The Magic Wallet system is designed to adjust its size based on your contents so no space goes to waste. Perfect to quickly store receipts and notes. This slim leather card holder supports all international banknotes and even cardboard business cards. Its slim design from the Essenziale range makes it the ultimate front pocket wallet.

13. Common Fibers Bifold Wallet

Made of aerospace grade carbon fiber, this wallet is made with standard RFID protection. In essence it is an upgrade of your old fat back pocket wallet. Although it is a slim wallet, it can accommodate 6 cards and bills. It also has two extra hidden compartments. The design is sure to blow your mind.

14. Bellroy Leather Note Sleeve Wallet

Java in color, this wallet will match any man’s style perfectly. This wallet is very slim, comfortably fitting into your front pocket. At the same time, the wallet can carry almost everything you will ever need to carry. It can hold a maximum of 11 cards and also has room for unfolded bills and coins. It is made of premium tanned cow leather.

15. Ikepod Micro Slim Card Wallet

An Italian-made wallet, the Ikepod Micro Slim Card Wallet features a unique black and red design. It has an inner slot to keep cards and bills, and an extra slot on the outside to keep two more cards. It also has an RFID protection feature to protect your cards. The wallet comes with a warranty that basically guarantees you at least two years of use without damage from normal conditions.

16. Jack Spade Men’s Mitchell Leather File Wallet

This wallet has a width of 3 inches, and a height of 4.5 inches. It comes in black and brown colors, and is made of 100% pure cow leather. The design is pretty sleek, with three external card slots. Although it is very slim, it is a great product for any man transitioning into the minimalist lifestyle.

17. Kalibrado Bifold Thin Wallet

Convenience is the word that can describe Kalibrado wallets. This one in particular is designed so slim and with the capacity to carry cards, bills and even coins. Still, it can be carried in the front wallet without any bulge showing. This is probably the best bridge between traditional back pocket wallets and modern minimalist wallets.

18. Bole Classic Card Case

Bole is a Swedish company that goes way back to the 19th century. As illustrated by this card case, the company’s aim is to create style by honoring simplicity. The wallet is made using real cattle leather, and as such, it ages with style. The company stands behind their product by offering a 15 year warranty on the product.


Dash Co. Slim Travel Wallet

This is the ultimate wallet for the man who loves order. It has three separate pockets for keeping cards, and all credit cards are protected by RFID technology. For such a super slim wallet, it is simpy amazing how anyone can fit 10 cards in it comfortably.

20. Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet

This bifold wallet will best suit the man who likes to carry a lot of money or cards with him. It has an attractive appearance, and is made of some high quality polyester material. Although it is meant to be carried in the back pocket, it is quite slim and beautifully designed.

21. Card Holder Hazelnut

A very simple card holder, this product features a single slot for all cards. This is the best wallet for anyone who carries just a few cards, and maybe even no cash at all. If you’re familiar with wallet materials, one look at this card holder will tell you that very high quality leather was used in its making.

22. Skagen Men’s Torben Slim Wallet

The Skagen card case has a great minimalist design. It can carry about four cards at the maximum, and a little bit of cash in the middle section, making it one of the smallest minimalist wallets out right now. It is made from high quality supple and fragrant leather.

23. HUSKK Ultra Slim Front Pocket Card Holder

Most wallets are designed just for men- but not this one. The HUSSK slim card holder is one wallet which is made with great attention to detail. It is made slim to an extent where no one can notice it in your pocket. As a woman, you can simply carry it in your purse.

24. Saddleback Bifold Wallet

This wallet is made of full grain boot leather, the best quality leather you can ever find. It has two slots that carry several cards, and a larger slot for carrying bills. It shouldn’t worry you that the wallet is the traditional bifold type- it is still slim enough to fit perfectly in your front pocket.

25. Ted Baker Men’s Felix Wallet

If you like brown leather minimalist wallets, then this one is sure to impress you. The inside part of the wallet is lined with an attractive polyester material. It is also very light, weighing only 0.3 oz. The Ted Baker Wallet is sure to give you minimalism and style.

26. Timberland Men’s Cloudy Trifold Wallet

Imported from India, this wallet is made of leather and comes in a tan brown color. The look and feel of the wallet is just that of real authentic leather. If you are the type that likes to carry lots of cards, but still dislikes the traditional bulky wallets, then this wallet will suit you perfectly.

27. Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet

One big problem with minimalist wallets is retrieving cards and cash. Sometimes, the wallets just get too tight. But that shouldn’t be a problem with this wallet. It has a little hole in the bottom that you can use to push out the cards. Also, this might be the last wallet you ever buy- it’s covered by a 100 year warranty!

28. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Lloyd Front Pocket Wallet

Made of pure leather, this wallet is slim enough to fit into your front pocket. It has four credit card slots, one slot specifically meant for ID cards, and one larger pocket for the storage of cash. In terms of functionality, this wallet has the capacity to carry just as many items as you need to, without causing the unnecessary bulge in the pocket.

29. Michael Kors Men’s Harrison Leather Card Case

This wallet is beautifully designed in a dark blue color. It is made of a mixture of smooth and saffiano leather, all derived from cowhides. Besides having the capacity to carry several cards, it provides security to your cards by using RFID technology.

30. Fossil Men’s Maverick Card Holder

If you are a man of class, then you need to carry a wallet that says it for you. This wallet is navy blue in color, and has a sleek design guaranteed to impress anyone you ever meet. It has the capacity to carry more than 7 cards while maintaining the minimalist look.

31. Secrid Vintage Card Case

The Secrid wallet solves many issues that have been raised about slim wallets. First, you can retrieve the cards very easily, without even having to open the wallet. Secondly, it provides a firewall to your important cards by using RFID technology. It is also made of aluminum, which helps to prevent bending of cards.

32. Kenneth Cole REACTION Fold Wallet

This wallet excels in almost all areas you can think of. It carries all your cards in a safe RFID protected space, and can even accommodate change in an outside zipper pocket. It is a slim wallet by normal standards, but is capable of accommodating 9 cards.

33. TUMI Monaco Slim Card Holder

With only four card pockets, this card holder is designed specifically for the real minimalist men. It is also quite slim and should fit into a normal front pocket just perfectly. It also has a main slot for the storage of bills.

34. Zippo Minimalist Wallet

The Zippo slim minimalist wallet is what you carry around as a show of style. Being titanium coated, it has an iconic outside look and feel. It is also sure to last a very long time as it is made of high quality material. The wallet can hold 7 cards and cash bills.

35. Vaultskin Manhattan Slim Wallet

This wallet is made in Britain, with leather sourced from Italy. The inside section of the wallet is RFID protected, and can hold up to 8 cards. The outside pocket can hold one extra card, but is not RFID shielded. The wallet is designed to hold US cash bills or any other currency with bills of the same size.

36. Trayvax Element Wallet

Top grain oil tanned leather is what is used to make this sophisticated wallet. The sleek leather and stainless steel used to make the wallet give it a classic look. As a bonus, you can use a hidden opener to pop open your bottles. To keep your identity safe, the makers of the wallet have included RFID protection.

37. HuMn Mens Mini Wallet

Dubbed the ‘vegan wallet’, this product is completely free of leather. Instead, it is made of airplane grade aluminum. With it, you can also walk around town feeling safe since it has RFID blocking. In general, this is a great offer for a great price.

38. Pitaka Magnetic Slim Wallet

The Pitaka carbon slim wallet is designed in modules, meaning you can make it as slim as you want it to be. The wallet can carry just about anything you might need, including your keys. It is made of high quality carbon and holds your cards and cash together by magnetism.

39. Levi’s Military Key Fob Wallet

This pass case wallet includes 7 card slots, 1 ID card slot, 2 hidden pockets and a billfold pocket. This wallet is quite cheaply priced for the benefits you get. It also comes with a military key fob that is made of leather.

40. iCraft Wooden Flat Wallet

If you choose to buy this wallet, then you can expect to have one unique accessory. Wallets from this company are different since the wood used to make the wallets is not the same for any two wallets. The wallet is also very light, weighing only 0.6 oz. This is even lighter than whatever you will choose to carry in it.

41. Guess Men’s Naples Front-Pocket Wallet

Made of 100% pure tan leather, this brown wallet will impress you in functionality, style and even pricing. It has enough room to carry more cards than you could possibly need, and is also slim enough to fit perfectly in your front pocket.

42. Diesel Men’s Jem Johnas Card Case

Diesel is a reputable company. This wallet is made of high quality and genuine leather. It has the company logo at the front, and company branding debossed at the back of the wallet. In general, the design is pretty nice. The wallet has the color of coffee beans.

43. Sharkk Aluminum Wallet

Probably the newest wallet from Sharkk, this card holder is made of high quality plastic with an aluminum shell. The wallet is basically meant to carry cards and is conveniently made to be water-proof. In convenience, the card holder is small enough to fit in the front pocket.

44. Prägres Slim Minimalist Money Clip

This wallet is designed to simplify your life. It securely holds your cards using an elastic band. The maximum number of cards you can carry in this wallet is 5, making it an ideal product for minimalist men. All purchases are covered by a 30 day warranty.

45. Fred Perry Scotch Grain Card Holder

This black, hand wash wallet can work both as a card holder and as a money holder. If you are the type to carry coins around, this wallet can also serve as your coin pouch. It is made of leather, and has an attractive look and feel. The texture of the wallet is actually that of Scotch grain.

46. Coach LSF Saffiano Leather Card Case

The Coach LSF leather card case is made of Saffiano leather. The company name ‘COACH’ is embossed on the wallet in an attractive design. It has four card slots, all of which are multifunctional. Weighing only 0.3 ounces, it is also very light and provides maximum convenience.

47. Machine Era Ti5 Minimalist Wallet

This is the premium Machine Era EDC card carrier. The card case holds up to 7 cards in a minimalist profile. It is also worth mentioning that this wallet is made of aerospace grade titanium, and you should therefore have no doubts regarding its longevity.

48. Trayvax Summit Wallet

Trayvax is not a newbie company in the wallet industry. Being an established and respected company, you can expect this wallet to be top quality. It is actually made in the USA, and with materials sourced from the country. With its minimalist design, this wallet should add simplicity and organization to your life.

49. Prägres Wooden Flat Wallet

This Prägres wallet is made of wood, and simply carries your cards by holding them with an elastic strap. It weighs 0.7 ounces, which is very light. It is also slim enough to fit into the front pocket without any bulge showing. Made of exotic walnut wood, you should expect it to last for a really long time.

50. Bellroy Leather Sleeve Wallet

If you are into old school accessories, this wallet will definitely catch your eye. It is probably the slimmest wallet you will ever own, and at the same time, is capable of carrying up to 8 cards. Your most frequently used cards can be kept on the outside slot.

51. Jack Spade Mitchell Card Holder

This is a minimalist wallet that is specially designed for the man of class. Its color is a dark shade of brown, which identifies perfectly with the leather material used to make it. It has 2 card slots and an extra one on the outside.

52. EZGO Slim Wallet

This wallet can hold up to 8 cards and some bills in a very minimal profile. The wallet only weighs 24 grams when empty, which is quite light. The design also allows you to carry around your SD cards in it. Depending on your taste, you can pick one of the six colors that this wallet comes in.

53. Tru Virtu Slim Travel Wallet

As the first ever aluminum wallet to have integrated cash and coin compartments, the Tru Virtu slim wallet is ideal for the real minimalist man. The wallet can carry a maximum of six cards, and six bills, all in separate slots. The wallet has a slick design which is sure to blow your mind off.

54. Hide You Seek Premium Leather Wallet for Men

In addition to cards and bills, this wallet can also hold your keys. This will solve your issues with jiggling keys in your pocket, and at the same time, reduce the bulge in your pocket. The wallet has a slim and sophisticated design. The material used in its making is pure leather.

55. BOSS Orange Men’s Bertis Card Case

The BOSS Orange Bertis wallet is made of shiny cow leather, with a natural wrinkle effect. The logo plate on the front of the wallet is made of a silver-tone material which looks really good. The wallet is not as bulky as other traditional wallets, yet has the capacity to carry just as much as the larger wallets.

56. Marc Jacobs Madison Card Holder

Made in Vietnam, this card holder is 100% cow leather, with an extra purple lining on the edges. The rest of the wallet is a shade of blue. The stitching of the wallet is perfectly done, making the whole appearance of the wallet great. This wallet is a little pricey, but is worth every cent you pay for it.

57. Corkor Cork Wallet

This wallet is made of high quality cork with absolutely no animal products used, making it a great wallet for vegans. It also has a great look. In addition, it is a secure wallet to keep your cards in since it has the capacity to block RFID signals that are used by thieves to steal your identity.

57. Ben Sherman Original Target Cardholder

This wallet is made by Ben Sherman, and features a creative design with a logo that reads ‘The Original BenSherman 1963’. It is made of PVC material that very closely resembles real leather. This is a great wallet for a man who likes to carry money around, but doesn’t want the bulge or bulk of carrying a fat back pocket wallet.

58. Nike Slim Card Holder

Nike has the reputation of making high quality products, from shoes to caps. Their wallets are not any different. This particular one is made of high quality leather material and features a black simplistic design. A green elastic band is also stitched onto the wallet with accurate precision, making the wallet all the more attractive.

59. Slim 2 Wallet

Featuring a clean brown design, this wallet is of top quality. It is only 9 mm thick, which means you can very easily slide it into your front pocket without messing up your trouser fabrics. It can hold anything from one to ten cards, and is made of premium grain leather.

60. Cyrus Minimalist Wallet

Designed with the minimalist idea, this wallet is pretty slim. It has 6 card slots, a slot for ID and 2 hidden pockets. It is made of bridle leather, and is manufactured in Oregon, USA. You can get the wallet in either black or cognac color, depending on your personal preference.

61. Grovemade Black Leather Compact Bifold Wallet

A Grovemade product, this wallet is very thin. If you are used to fat wallets, then you can be sure to keep checking your pockets to confirm that you still have your wallet. Besides aiding your look and style, this wallets provides easy access to your most frequently used cards.

62. TGT Gray All Over Deluxe Wallet

This wallet is made in the USA, with leather sourced from Italy. Its quality is further enhanced by the fact that it is double stitched. The wallet can easily carry your cards, money and even a key. And yet, it can be carried in the front pocket.

63. Shinola Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

This sturdy wallet is made in the USA, and with leather obtained from the country. The wallet features two credit card slots and a magnetic clip wrapped in leather. This one also falls among the pricey wallets, but is guaranteed to satisfy you completely.

64. HUSKK Minimalist Slim Wallet

HUSKK minimalist slim wallet is designed to reduce the bulk in your pockets. It can carry up to 10 cards, bills and other small items such as keys, without causing any significant bulge in your pockets. The three card pockets are conveniently designed to allow you to retrieve cards easily.

65. Poquito Walnut Wallet

This wallet is made of wood, and more specifically, walnut. It is designed to hold anything between 2 and 8 cards, and items such as coins and keys. Coins and keys have a special hidden section. Being well polished and made of natural materials, the wallet has a great solid look.

66. Capsule Tanistry Minimalist Wallet

Hand-made with premium Italian vegetable leather, this wallet features a cash strap used to hold cash bills. The wallet has a slot in the front for frequently used cards. The main sleeve slot can hold up to four cards, making it sufficient for your needs. The wallet also features reinforced stitching at identified weak points, so you can expect it to last for a good period of time.

67. OpperMann London Slim Leather Card Holder

With only two slots for cards, and a big slot for more cards or cash, this wallet is probably the closest you will get to minimalist. The logic behind it is that you will learn to carry fewer items if you have less room to store your stuff. The wallet is made of tanned genuine leather which is guaranteed to age gracefully.

68. Hardgraft Classic Wild Pocket Wallet

This wallet is made in Italy. Unlike many other wallets, this one is made of fine felted wool and hand stained vegetable tan leather. It has a single divider, and can fit a maximum of 6 cards.

69. Huckberry Ridge Aluminum Wallet

Since this wallet has a modular design, you can easily change the outer plates. Described as the sweet spot between traditional bifold wallets and minimalist wallets, this wallet can hold up to 12 cards. It also has a money clip with a hinge and spring to hold extra cards and bills.

70. Owen and Fred Navy and Brown Card Wallet

The manufacturer of this wallet is rather new in the business of making wallets. However, the Owen and Fred brand has since grown to cover numerous countries. This wallet is one of their best works. It is designed to carry essential cards, and some cash. It is made of leather and is hand stitched.

71. Kalibrado Minimalist Wallet

Made of pure leather, this wallet is ideal for the modern man. It comes in two colors: black and brown. This wallet has everything a sophisticated wallet should have. Being slim as it is, it can be carried in the front pocket without any noticeable bulge showing.

72. Machine Era Flat Wallet

The black machine era minimalist wallet is made of high grade aluminum. It is very light compared to many similar wallets, and also very slim. It also has an anodize coating to increase its longevity. The wallet holds about 6 cards and some bills using an elastic band.

73. ROCO Aluminum Slim Wallet

This is a high-quality wallet that will please and impress the minimalist in you. It features an ultra-slim design that is detailed from interior to exterior. It is made from top industry standard aluminium metal. The elegant design has RFID blocking technology, and a patent money clip in the form of a flexible silicone band.

74. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Wallet

This is the epitome of minimalist wallets thanks to its sleek design. It is made of 100% polyester that is great for handwashing making maintenance a breeze. It has multiple card slots and a top-access storage sleeve. The final detail is a red and white striped tab that adds character to the wallet.

75. TUMI – Alpha Gusseted Wallet

This is a very sleek wallet that is as beautiful as it is functional. The exterior is made of Ballistic Nylon offering a sleek and luxurious finish to the wallet. The stitching is carefully detailed to the interior that features a synthetic lining with RFID blocking technology.

76. Gerber Barbill Minimalist Wallet

If you are looking for something unique and bold then this is the wallet for you. It has an integrated bottle opener that eliminates the need to carry extra tools. The exterior is a heavy-duty stainless steel frame that is both low profile and surprisingly lightweight. It comes in 4 beautiful variations.

77. DUXTIO Slim Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

This wallet is made of aerospace-grade aluminium; a material that can bear the wearing and tear of everyday life. On top of this, it is eye-catching and beautiful. The interior features a luxurious lining with RFID blocking technology. It can fit up to 12 cards without losing its shape or filling out.

78. Fossil Men’s Ingram Magnetic Multi-Card Wallet

For the real simplistic man, there is this wallet. It can barely accommodate 7 cards, and more than five bills may pose a problem when it comes to keeping the magnet locked. If you rarely need to carry more than 7 cards, then this should suit you perfectly. Also, the design is pretty sleek.

79. Tribe Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

Tribe wallets are made of such high quality materials that the makers guarantee you will die with it and pass it on to the next generation. Being a minimalist wallet, it is only one centimeter thick without any cards. It can hold a maximum of ten cards and some bills comfortably.

What to Consider When Buying Minimalist Wallets?

There are a number of things that come into play when you are buying a minimalist wallet that caters to your needs. You can’t buy a minimalist wallet without looking at the features you really admire. So, if you are completely unaware about the material, style and quality of these wallets, this guide will prove to be a life-saver for you. Just hang on and go through every factor and then make a subtle decision.


A minimalist wallet comes in only two materials: metal and leather. Many people prefer leather material as it is rugged, tough, and durable, allowing you to serve in the long run pretty well. Besides their durability, leather wallets deliver a statement and a dynamic appearance. Since they are fabricated from top-grain or full leather, they might blow a hole in your pocket with competitive pricing. So, if you are more inclined towards classic looks and feel, a leather wallet is your way to go without a single doubt.

On the contrary, we have a metal wallet. The issue with them is their ability to get scratched and bend easily while you insert it. But, leather also tops in terms of durability provided that the wallet is well-built to support you for years.

Style and Quality

Focus on buying a quality minimalist wallet to ensure that it is ever-lasting. Also, note that when you are buying a quality wallet, don’t forget to choose a timeless style that delivers a sleek look. Consider buying a wallet that contains all the features you need for hassle-free storage. Be it leather or a metal wallet, a wallet that you love is all set to take a place in your back pocket.


✅ What are the best minimalist wallets?

The best minimalist wallets have good qualities. The first is lightweight because, after all, it is a minimalist wallet. They are also made from durable fabric, the best being leather. The best minimalist wallets also have multiple slots to help keep things organized and in place. A secure closing mechanism is also an added advantage.

❓ Are minimalist wallets good?

Minimalist wallets are perfect. They are a forward-thinking design because the world is slowly going digital and paperless. Soon enough, all payments will be made through cards and mobile money, eliminating the need for a bulky wallet. A minimalist wallet fits in well in the changing world and is very easy to carry.

🧐 Which brands are making the best minimalist wallets?

If you are looking for minimalist wallets’ best brands, look out for Saddleback and Bellroy wallets. Saddleback is a champion at making slim and functional wallets from durable materials with card slots for convenience. Bellroy wallets are similarly lightweight with simple modern designs that stand out. Both these brands design wallets that fit into the front pocket discreetly.

🔥 Which is the best minimalist wallet with a coin pocket?

The Tru Virtu Slim Travel Wallet is the best minimalist wallet with a coin pocket. First, you will notice its simple and sleek design that maintains a minimalist wallet’s best qualities. It is the first-ever aluminum wallet with an integrated coin compartment making it unique and attractive. The build ensures that your coins and cards remain dry and safe from impact.

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