9 Ways to Achieve the Modern-Day Bad Boy Look

We’ve all heard it. Most women don’t date nice guys; they like bad boys. But who really is a bad boy? And how could you become one of them?

That’s what you’re about to find out! In this blog post, I’ll tell you everything from how to dress the part and how to be one. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Definition of a Bad Boy

Before we go and turn you into a badass, we’re going need to get one thing straight. So who do you think a bad boy is? Is he someone who’s a bit arrogant? Who swears a lot? Maybe he’s also quite cocky?

If you think so, then you’re wrong. That guy is called a jerk! So who truly is a bad boy?

There’s one thing that separates the two of them. It is confidence!

Still, confused? Let me explain.

While you might think a jerk is confident due to being able to say bad things about others and ready to pick a fight, he’s not. A moron does that because he feels insecure. He thinks that the only way to get attention is by bringing other people down so he can be on the top.

But true confidence is something else. Confidence means being able to make your own decisions. You don’t need anybody’s approval as you choose for yourself. But at the same time, a confident man will always admit when he’s wrong.

So now that you understand who a bad boy actually is, let’s get into dressing the part.

9 Ways to Achieve the Modern-Day Bad Boy Look

If you genuinely want to become a bad boy, you need to know how to dress the part. This way, nobody will think of you as a nice guy. So here are the nine clothing items every bad boy wears. You’ll find links to them below the images.

#1 – A Leather Jacket

Starting with our list is a classic bad boy style – the leather jacket. It’s a fantastic jacket to own due to its versatility. It looks incredible on casual outfits as well as with formalwear. Don’t believe me? Check out this man on Pinterest with a biker jacket, a dress shirt, and a tie. He looks impressive!

#2 – Three Button Henley

Tired of the same old T-shirts? Well, why not mix it up sometimes with a 3 button henley? These shirts are fantastic as the buttons due to giving your outfit a bit more depth. You can wear these shirts for almost any weather, including summer and winter.

#3 – A Turtleneck

Turtle necks are pretty underrated! By wearing one, you can make any outfit look better. They work especially great with a suit or an overcoat. So if you don’t have one yet, I recommend you to get either a black or white one.

#4 – Boots

While sneakers look fantastic and are comfortable to wear, they shouldn’t be worn for every outfit. Instead, you should want to change it up a bit with boots. You can choose from many different styles like Military, Chelsea, and Chukka.

#5 – A Simple T-shirt

Another clothing item that every bad boy has in their arsenal is simple t-shirts. These shirts are usually just one coloured one or with minimalistic patterns. That means no funny graphics! So grab a few of them. The best colours to start with is black, grey, and white.

#6 – Bomber Jacket


Another jacket that works well is a bomber jacket. These jackets look especially good with a simple t-shirt and some black jeans. So if you don’t have at least one in your style armoury, I suggest you get one as soon as possible!

#7 – Overcoat

And ending with the list is my favourite clothing item – an overcoat. This outerwear is amazingly versatile and can be used for many occasions. You could wear it to the office with your suit or hang out with your friends! A great outfit to try is an overcoat, a hoodie, and some jeans (Check the Picture Here).

#8 – Denim Jacket

Ending with jackets is the denim jacket. It’s an incredible piece to add to your overall look. Just take a simple white t-shirt and jeans, and you’ve got a badass outfit.

#9 – Accessories

Accessories are kings, and bad boys know about it! So to start, get yourself a watch. It will help you to complete your look and differentiate yourself from average men. You could also begin to wear different rings, bracelets, sunglasses etc.

4 Tips to Develop the Bad Boy Attitude

You’ve got the clothing! Great, now we need to work on your state of mind. To become that confident guy, you’re going to need to start doing a few things different. Here’s a list of them:

#1 – Change up your vocabulary

No, we don’t mean you’ll have to start swearing. Instead, I’m looking to change your vocabulary to be more confident. But how do you do that?

Well, you’re going to need to change up some phrases. Here are a few examples:

  • “Sorry for bothering you, but….”
  • “I think we should go to the Italian restaurant.”
  • “Um… It’s just an idea, but we should travel to Greece.”

These sentences don’t give out any confidence and make you look weak. Replace them with these:

  • “Do you have a moment to talk?”
  • “Let’s go to the Italian restaurant.”
  • “How about going to Greece?”

All you have to do is remove all the weak words like “Uhm”, “sorry”, “I don’t know”, etc. Once you do that, people will start taking your opinions more seriously.

#2 – Have a Good Posture

A bad posture is usually seen as a weakness, and a bad boy is nothing like that. So you should stand up straight! But with all the office hours and the constant staring at our phones, our posture inevitably slouches.

So how do we prevent that from happening? Well, there are two things we can do. We can take preventive measures and do exercises that fix our posture. When you do both, you’ll never have a slouched back anymore.

So, what preventive actions could you take? Well, there’s many of them. For example, when you watch your phone. Try to keep it at your eye level. And if you have money, or your office has it, try working with a standing table.

And to fix your posture, there are many exercises you can do. Here’s a great video that I found on YouTube. Additionally, you could go on walks. I do it every single day! I just take out my favourite music or audiobook and try walking with a straight back for about 15-30 minutes.

#3 – Have a Hobby

Do you know what the best way to become a more interesting person is? It’s by getting a hobby. With it, you’ll get multiple benefits. First, you’ll be a happier person as you have something interesting to do daily.

But additionally, it will boost your confidence. Not only will you become more interesting, but it’s also going to be easier to talk to people. But how do you get a hobby?

Well, first ask yourself: “What the things do you want to do?” Is it cooking something? Or maybe it’s playing an instrument like a guitar or a saxophone? Once you’ve discovered it, you should start doing your hobby, even if you can do it only 5 minutes a day.

But if you don’t know what hobby to try, then here are a few recommendations:

  • Bartending
  • Learning an Instrument
  • Cooking
  • Martial Arts
  • Motorcycling

#4 – Start Making Your Own Decisions

A badass always makes their own decisions, and so should you. But how can you start doing that?

Well, I’d recommend you to start small. Start deciding small things like what food will you eat today or if you genuinely need to buy the new iPhone.

Once you’ve become comfortable with these decisions, start making more meaningful choices. This could be if you should stay at your current job or go work on your passion. Then just repeat the process until you don’t need anyone’s opinion when deciding.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to anybody. You should always seek advice from others who’s better at that field. This way, you know that you’re not doing anything stupid.


And that’s how you become a bad boy. Are there any tips I should have mentioned in this article? Comment them down below. This way, we can all become badasses.

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