17 Best Men’s Turtleneck Sweaters

Trendy, stylish, and cozy, nothing complements your winter apparel like a turtleneck.

From a pure utilitarian garment to finding its place in the wardrobe of every fashionable person, it is quite popular among men who love bold looks.

And If you’re one of them, below given is the list of some of the best turtlenecks men’s sweaters you can try this winter!

The selections are quite diverse, and surely have something for people of every budget and taste.

So let’s get straight into some of the best men’s turtleneck to try this winter.

1.  Goodthreads Men’s Lightweight Turtleneck Sweater

Coming at an extremely affordable price, it is a durable and comfortable next-to-skin garment made of fine merino wool. It is known for its lightweight, soft, and breathable texture, blended with the durability of acrylic. If you’re someone enthusiastic about outdoor adventures, this might be something you could consider. The best thing? You can wear it regardless of the season.

2.  Hugo Boss’s Men’s Turtleneck Sweater

Sitting at a slightly higher price point than the previous counterpart, Hugo Boss’s men’s turtleneck will be quite a luxurious addition to your wardrobe. Its fabric combination consists of wool and cotton. This helps it retain its tight-ish shape while staying equally soft and comfortable. It’s more of a trendy and stylish turtleneck sweater if complemented by a slim physique.

3.  COOFANDY Men’s Ribbed Slim Fit Knitted Pullover Turtleneck Sweater

The COOFANDY Turtleneck Sweater is made of 100% acrylic, which means you can expect a tight fit with a soft, wooly texture. Moreover, it has good color retention and quality to be used for a long time. The only drawbacks? Being completely synthetic fabric, it lacks the extra insulation you get in wool or cotton. That said, it will help you spend your winters with a style, but may not be optimal for any other season.

4.  Theory Men’s Wyndem Turtleneck Shirt

With the breathability of cotton and the warmth of alpaca, this one is an ultra-lightweight turtleneck shirt that goes well with everything and everyone. It has zero synthetic material used in it, therefore you experience all the natural goodness these natural fabrics have to offer. Its smell-resistant, absorbent, and soft nature makes it ideal for every season. We would especially recommend it to our athletic friends.

5.  Calvin Klein Men’s The Extra Fine Turtleneck Sweater

With Calvin Klein’s name behind it, you can’t possibly doubt its quality. With that being out of the question, “The Extra Fine” is made of 100% merino wool. This means ultra breathability and softness. Also, its unique composition and texture allow it to absorb the smell and halt bacterial growth. From dappers to formals, anyone can use it.

6.  Nautica Men’s Navtech Turtleneck Sweater

This sweater is best for both innerwear and outerwear with its well-balanced combination of cotton and polyester fabric. It’s soft, lightweight, and classy; and goes well with every apparel due to the decent color varieties. The quality is pretty good and will last for more than a few good years. It works great for those who are not really in snug-fitting shirts.

7.  Devon and Jones D420- Sueded Cotton Jersey Mock Turtleneck

Tall guy with some extra pounds? Perhaps this is something you would like to look at. The D420 Turtleneck is generously sized and 100% cotton-made. With its lose fit, breathability, and highly absorbent nature, it will keep your body nice and dry; without putting on unnecessarily extra weight. It works great for those with an active lifestyle where getting a bit sweaty is inevitable.

8.  H2H Men’s Casual Slim Fit

Stylish and classy, it’s an easy option for men of every age and budget. This acrylic sweater has a knit-fitted pattern design with a variety of colors that go well with any apparel. Although not as snug-fitting as you would like, it still doesn’t fail to turn eyes. Build to last and highly comforting; it’s a treat for winters at the price point.

9.  Ryannology Men’s Turtleneck Pullover Sweater

A little bulkier than your usual turtleneck; a very selective group of people find it stylish. However, when it comes to warmth and comfort, nothing beats this pullover sweater. The quality is considerably good for a low-priced piece and its elegant design and color patterns are cherry on top. Even if it isn’t something you would like to wear for your office, the homie feel makes it ideal for a casual fit.

10. Minus 33 Men’s Midweight Turtleneck

Coming from one of the oldest brands in the industry, this midweight turtleneck sweater is a blend of warmth and ease. The sizes are on-spot with a blend of elegant color varieties. Besides, the 100% merino wool composition makes it a versatile piece for both homebodies and adventurers. You can use it as both innerwear and outerwear.

11. Pacinoble Men’s Turtleneck Pullover Sweater

A gift for dappers on a budget, Pacinoble Men’s Turtleneck Pullover Sweater has got you covered. It is made of high-quality cotton fabric that is as breathable as snuggly. Additionally, the ultra-simplistic color varieties with neat texture make it go well with every outfit. So be it your office or any other casual occasion; you know what to pick…

12. Ragemall Men’s Basic Turtleneck

Although predominantly made of cotton, the inclusion of spandex is something that makes it special. Since spandex in itself is not-so-breathable, the cotton compensates for it. This means that you get a snug-fitting shirt with great softness and comfort; while not worrying about it getting loose anytime soon. The extremely low price makes it good for everyone.

13. QZH.DUAO Cameinic Men’s Casual

The QZH.DUAO is another best turtleneck men’s sweater with the classic knitting design in our list. And we daresay, this has to be the cheapest it can get. The fabric used is 95% polyester and 5% cotton and is a good combination of warmth and softness. Although better options are available at your disposal, it nevertheless is a bang for the buck.

14.  NITAGUT Men’s Casual Slim Fit

Nothing complements an athletic body better than the NITAGUT Men’s sweater. It’s a versatile piece of turtleneck that is as convenient as trendy and can be used on multiple occasions. The 100% cotton composition gives it a balanced touch of softness and soothe whilst not compromising on quality. Just wear it with anything and it will blend in!

15. Buttoned Down Men’s Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Luxury, quality, elegance, and anything in between, this 100% cashmere turtleneck sweater compromises on nothing. Made of wool that is 8-times more insulating, soft, and lightweight than the ordinary, it touches the body like a pleasant breeze. Due to the moisture-wicking properties of this material and its completely flawless nature, there’s no way one can’t love it. Especially, when you can wear it any day of the year.

16. Paul Fredrick Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Made from the same premium quality cashmere wool, you just can’t go wrong with it. Like its previous counterpart, it is a well-designed turtleneck sweater with a classic charm. The fabric texture is immaculate and can be worn as next-to-skin or simple outerwear. Additionally, there’s a variety of colors to choose from. Simply worth the price!

17. Kallspin’s Men’s Relax Fit Turtleneck Sweater Pullover

Having durability of polyester, insulation of merino wool, Wear resistance of polyester, and color retainment of acrylic fabric, this sweater has everything one could wish for. If you enjoy wearing sweaters with a slightly loose fit that looks classy with every outfit, you are not going to regret your choice with this one.


🤔 Are turtlenecks good for men?

Well, it depends on the taste and preference of an individual. For instance, if you are someone who loves to give a touch of fashion to his winter wardrobe; turtlenecks are great.

They can be worn with any outfit and still look awesome.
However, some individuals find it too warm, and even strangling at moments. For those buddies, something light like Goodthreads Men’s Lightweight Turtleneck Sweater will work best.

🧐 Are turtlenecks in style?

For as long as we know, Yes, Turtlenecks are very well in style. This is because of its versatility. You can wear them as innerwear, outerwear, beneath your jacket, any way you like. And guess what, the trend isn’t just limited to men. It also has gained immense popularity among females in the past few years.

👀 Which Turtleneck is the best?

This comes down to your budget and preference. For example, if you are an athletic person, choosing merino wool turtlenecks like Goodthreads Men’s Sweater and Theory Men’s Wyndem are the best.

Similarly, if you are more into luxury and fashion, choosing a cashmere fabric sweater like Buttoned Down Men’s turtleneck will suit you better. For our budget buddies, the Coofandy Men’s ribbed slim turtleneck is a price banger.

🙄 What kind of pants do you wear with a turtleneck?

Currently, the jeans, chinos, and dress pants are paired with turtlenecks. These look decent and quite in place with turtleneck sweaters. But the trends keep changing and we might see something different in the swing in the next few years…who knows?

🤔 Why are turtlenecks flattering?

There are so many reasons for it. For example, it hides body imperfections, making one look sleek. Moreover, if you have a long neck or a double chin with very little time to lose weight, you can use turtlenecks as a quick hack. It will hide both in the meantime. Those with athletic bodies can rely on it at any hour of the day. It will only enhance their already sculpted body shape.

🧐 Are turtlenecks elegant?

Yes! And the fact that you can wear a turtleneck with practically any outfit makes it even better. Wear it with a suit and it becomes an integral part of your casual outfit. Similarly, it becomes more stylish when paired with jeans. turtlenecks just blend in with anything with the right color combination.

❓ How do you wear a turtleneck with a suit?

Just wear it in place of your shirt, tuck it in, and pull on your coat; you’re ready! However, you can avoid tucking if the sweater isn’t too large as it will hamper your movements. It looks good both ways though.

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