10 Things That Can Make You Less Attractive

So you’ve worked hard on your outfit!

The colors match, and your look is well throughout!

Now you go out, expecting to get some compliments about your appearance.

But unfortunately, you didn’t get a single one!

What did you do wrong?

While I cannot accurately predict your problems, I can say that you might have overlooked some minor details that just made you too unattractive.

So what could they be? Stay tuned to find out!

#1 – Not Fitting Clothes

Here’s the thing, clothes must fit you well. If they don’t, they can send two unwanted messages. Firstly, if your clothes are too big, they make you look weak. They will make your arms look smaller and less muscular. But if your clothes are too tight, they make you look like you’re trying too much.

So how do you get the right clothes? There are two ways. First, you could buy a size smaller or bigger than usual. This small change will make your overall look dramatically better. Additionally, you could tailor your clothes. Suits benefit from it the most! After getting tailored, your clothes fit you like a glove.

#2 – Not Taking Care of Your Smell

The worst thing about our noses is that we cannot understand if we smell bad. We are so used to our smell; we simply don’t sense it! But those who are around us will! This is an instant turnoff for both men and women.

So how do you beat the smell? First, you should, of course, do the basics. Wash your body and clothes regularly, add deodorant to your armpits and brush your teeth. Once you’ve done all this, you can also do a mouthwash to prevent bad breath.

And to top it all off, spray some cologne. Use only 2-3 dashes. This finishing touch makes you go from not stinking at all to smelling amazing.

#3 – Wrinkled Clothing

Speaking of clothing, another thing that isn’t a great thing to avoid is going out with wrinkled clothing. It doesn’t matter if the clothes fit you or not! They just send a message that you’re either a dirty or a lazy person.

So start ironing your shirts and other clothes. It doesn’t take that much time! If you don’t know how to iron, the second best thing to do is to buy a steamer. With it, you’ll achieve the same thing without burning a hole in your shirt.

And to prevent creases from happening, it’s essential to know how to fold your clothing correctly. Here’s an excellent video from Real Men Real Style that shows you how to fold your shirts in a few seconds.

#4 – Being Dishonest

While you might think that being rude and dishonest turns you into a bad boy that any woman will fall, it just doesn’t! It’s never a good idea to lie about your lifestyle and experiences as people will see right through it.

And even if some believe you, they’ll soon find out. The trick won’t work when they do, as they know you’re full of sh*t. So instead, improve your life and become the badass person you’d like to be.

#5 – Not Taking Care of the Small Things

The biggest problem with most men is that they don’t take care of their bodies enough. They look at the most significant things like their hairstyle, creating stylish outfits, and getting clear skin. While these things are crucial, you should also look out for the small stuff.

So what areas should you focus on? Well, start by plucking your eyebrows, cutting your nails, and whitening your teeth. These might be small, but people will notice them, especially women! Once they see these things, they might think you’re a dirty person.

#6 – Not Taking Care of Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are fantastic. They compliment your formal outfit very nicely! But unfortunately, most men don’t know how to take care of them. This will ruin how they look and shortens their lifespan.

So how do you take care of your leather sneakers? Well, you should clean and polish them every day. This will make them shine and look fabulous. Additionally, make sure that after you wear, you put shoe trees inside. This will help the shoe keep its overall shape and avoids ugly wrinkles developing around your vamp.

#7 – Wearing Clothes with Oversized Logos

Another thing I see people do so wrong is wearing those designer clothing with way too big logos. They just make you look like a giant advertisement for those brands.

While it’s okay to wear designer clothing, they should have small logos. Only with those will you look good!

#8 – Wearing No Undershirts

So you’re getting ready for that formal event you’re going to! You’ve put on an impressive suit, but you made one mistake! You didn’t put on an undershirt!

But why is not wearing one a mistake? Doesn’t it just make you sweat more? Well, they might make you sweat more on a hot summer day, but on other occasions, they don’t! The purpose of these shirts is to keep away all the natural oils and sweat from your expensive dress shirts. This keeps them looking amazing for a longer period.

So don’t go to a business meeting without one!

#9 – Copying your Friends

Most men copy their friends’ looks, and that’s a problem! That just makes them look like another average guy. Instead, strive to create your own unique style.

That being said, it’s okay to break this rule! If you really like your friend’s outfits, you can steal their look. Just make sure to give a personal spin on it, and you’ll start getting compliments.

#10 – Having a Closed Body Language

And lastly, let’s talk about your body language. If you always have your arms crossed or hands in your pockets, it tells others one thing. You’re weak! And that’s not attractive at all. You’ll just look like an unconfident man with no purpose.

So how do you change that? Well, have open body language! I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s the only way! Start by having a straight back and keeping your hands to the side. Also, don’t be afraid to look people in the eye.

Bonus: Wearing too many accessories

If you’ve been following a few style influencers for some time, you have heard about the excellent benefits of wearing accessories. You know that they help you complete your look and show that you have an eye for details.

But that doesn’t mean you can go overboard with it! You can only go and wear 10 accessories if you’re a rapper or trying to imitate one. The maximum amount should be around 4-5. Remember, less is usually more!


And these are the 10 things that make you less attractive. It’s okay if you’ve been doing any of these; I know I have. I still have to work on becoming a more open person. So what are you going to work on? Comment down below; I’d love to hear from you

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