36 Best and Cool Sunglasses for Men

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A good pair of sunglasses will boost your confidence.

There are litterally thousamds of styles mens sunglasses to choose from.

Thats why we’ve created this article with best and cool men’s sunglasses to narrow your choice.

Before diving into our list, lets answer the question: what is a good pair of sunglasses?

The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from sunlight. A good pair of sunglasses has some protection against glare and UV rays; if they are mirrored with side shields then the better.

When buying sunglasses, you will often find yourself heading for the colored lenses; however, these do not always protect you from UV rays. Therefore, look for the pair that has a UV coating to really shield your eyes.

Finally, find a pair of sunglasses with a flattering frame according to your face shape so you can really stand out in them.

The frames should also be made from durable material such as plastic or metallic depending on your preferences; this ensures that they serve their purpose without breaking or scratching.

So, the next time you need a good pair of sunglasses consider any of the following.

1. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

This is a stylish pair of sunglasses that can be worn almost every day. It features a metallic frame that is strong, durable, and rust proof so you have no worries if you get caught in the rain. Because the lenses are polarized, you can wear these glasses while you are driving to help reduce the glare that comes from other cars. Another great feature of these sunglasses is the glass lenses which are durable and really complete the look.

2. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

This is a great pair of sunglasses that features a wide frame that is designed simply with a little stylish detail for elegance. The lenses are plastic and polarized making them durable and perfect for reducing glare from your surroundings. The lenses offer top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Finally, they are easy to maintain because all that is required is to wipe both lenses and frames with a damp cloth.

3. Maui Jim Breakwall Sunglasses

These are great sunglasses for people who do not necessarily like frames on their gasses. They are a composite pair of sunglasses meaning that they are compatible with most protective treatments, including no-glare, photo chromic and scratch-resistant coatings. They also block UVA and UVB rays, and hold up to abrasives, such as household cleaners. The lenses are also polarized which allows 100% UV protection coating; they are a durable pair that is easy to maintain.

4. Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2132 Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the most popular model of the history of sunglasses. The first piece of the Wayfarer model was made back in 1925. Later some of the most popular icons of the 20-th century are wearing this model of sunglases on top seen TV Shows. This elegant full-frame model sunglasses reflects the latest trends in modern glasses design, and its wayfarer shape makes the Ray-Ban RB2132 the perfect choice for circular, oval and heart-shaped faces.

5. Prada Men’s 0PR 01SS Glasses

When it comes to Prada, you can always expect quality products. This is a stylish pair of sunglasses that features a simply designed frame with stylish detail including a trademark on the side. The lenses are made of glass; making them durable and of good quality. The frames are plastic and scratch-proof so no worries if you accidentally drop them. Though they are non-polarized, they offer protection against UV radiations so you can still use them for sunny days.

6. Persol Men’s PO3048S Sunglasses

This is a composite type of sunglasses making them durable against treatments such as scratch-resistant coatings. These stylish sunglasses are made with glass lenses that are more durable than one would imagine. Because they are simply designed, they can be worn with almost all outfits and still compliment your looks. The bridge is 19 millimeters wide which fits perfectly on most face shapes; they are a good pair for anyone who needs something simple and elegant.

7. TOM FORD Marko TF 144 Sunglasses

This is a composite type of sunglasses that is classy, stylish and like many other good pair of sunglasses; durable. It features durable glass lenses that are of high quality; they are polarized lenses that reduce the glare from your surroundings which is especially handy when it comes to driving. Though the frame is metallic, you can be sure that the glasses are light weight and it will be almost like you are wearing nothing.

8. Gucci GG 0010 S- 001 Sunglasses

Like many other Gucci products, these sunglasses are a representation of quality and style. They feature a durable plastic frame that is designed simply with a hint of elegance that only Gucci can offer. The pair features composite lens that are durable and resistant to maintenance products; what is more, they are 85mm wide so they can really shield your eyes. Though they are non-polarized, they still protect you from UV rays so always carry them to the beach for a sun soak.

9. Armani Exchange AX4008 Sunglasses

This is a non-polarized type of sunglasses that represents what Armani stands for; quality products. The sunglasses are composite so you can maintain them without having to worry about destroying the quality. The lenses are made of a durable plastic that is difficult to break or even scratch; the frames match the lenses in both quality and material. It is a stylish pair for the man who is not afraid of getting noticed thanks to the classy design and signature trademark on the side of the frames.

10. Versace Metal Sunglasses

This is a pair of lovely sunglasses that features stylish frames and gold decorations for the man who loves to stand out. The lenses are made of glass making them durable; they are also non-polarized but they hold up against UV rays. Because of the composite frames, you can be sure that you can care for your frames without damaging them in the process. Finally, the bridge is 15mm in width so they rest comfortably on your face.

11. Dolce & Gabbana Men’s DG2165 Sunglasses

Like other designer products, these sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana are of high quality and unique style. They feature, slim frames and arms so that they rest lightly on your face; you may even forget that you are wearing sunglasses. They feature a metallic frame that is durable not to mention non-polarized plastic lenses which offer 100% UV protection. Other features include clear adjustable nose pads and the brand name engraved at temples. Most complementary face shapes for these sunglasses are oval and square.

12. THOM BROWNE 2K Gold Sunglasses

This is a gorgeous pair of sunglasses that is made for the bold man. It features state-of-the-art materials including premium cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium, and color-rich stainless steel which are used to create the beautiful frames. The lenses are constructed from impact-resistant prescription material and provide 100% UV protection; they are also scratch-resistant and coated with super hydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments. The commitment to craftsmanship on this pair delivers unmatched quality and timeless style that transform glasses from pure function to coveted pieces.

13. Christian Dior Matte Sunglasses

If there is one thing Christian Dior succeeds at, it is delivering quality and stylish products that make you feel classy and sophisticated. This is a lovely pair of sunglasses that fit the Dior brand; they feature a slim frame so you almost forget that you are wearing sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed unlike any other pair as they include a unique design on the arm and the bridge; they are the pair that will help you stand out and get noticed.

14. Bvlgari Men’s BV7027 Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, you can bet that Bvlgari is a good choice. These are a stylish pair of glasses that feature a thick frame that is composite to keep them in good condition when cleaning them. The lenses are made of glass which is durable, scratch-proof and easy to maintain. They are also non-polarized yet offer protection from harmful UV rays; they are perfect for a super sunny day at the beach or a sunset walk.

15. Bottega Veneta BV0111S Sunglasses

This is a full rim type of sunglasses featuring a simple design that still incorporates style and class. The lenses are plastic and easy to maintain in the long-run, the frames match the lenses as they are also plastic with a beveled edge and universal type bridge. The bridge is 23 millimeters wide so it will sit on your face comfortably. They are stylish and subtle so they can be worn almost anywhere.

16. Carrera 33/S Aviator Sunglasses

This is a bold pair of sunglasses for the man who wants to get noticed and be unique. This pair features composite lenses and frames meaning you can clean them without damaging them in the process. The lenses are non-polarized and feature 100% UV protection coating; perfect for a sunny day. The glasses feature a beautiful leather detail at the nose to tie the design together; it is truly a unique pair.

17. Burberry BE4181 Sunglasses

This is a classic pair of sunglasses for men from Burberry that features creative designs. The feature a composite frame for protection and non-polarized glass lenses for durability, strength, and quality. With a bridge of 17 millimeters wide and arm length of 140 millimeters, these glasses rest comfortably and lightly on all face shapes offering the ultimate accessory to boost your outfit. They are created to accentuate.

18. Giorgio Armani Nylon Sunglasses

This is yet another great product from Armani featuring a wide frame with slim arms. The sunglasses have a unique plastic-nylon frame which is durable and easy to maintain in the long run. The sunglasses have a Polycarbonate lens which is polarized to help reduce glare from your surrounding; they are perfect for driving at night. The combination of lenses and frame offer a lightweight pair of sunglasses that are comfortable to wear.

19. DKNY 0dy5083 Aviator Sunglasses

This is a beautiful pair of sunglasses that scream elegance and class. They are designed to be an accessory; they feature a strong metal frame that is durable for long term use. The sunglasses also feature plastic lenses that are easy to maintain and resistant to shock so you don’t have o worry if you drop them by mistake. What is more, they have 100% UV protection coating to protect your eyes from a bad sun burn.

20. OLIVER PEOPLES Gregory Sunglasses

If you like bold colors then this is the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. They feature an acetate frame that is thick and beautifully detailed; they are also durable so you can maintain their original state easily. The lenses are anti-reflective and non-polarized for the benefit of your eyes; these sunglasses are the perfect pair for trips to the beach and more casual days.

21. Paul Smith PM8258SU Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses feature a thick frame and similarly thick arms that adds detail to your face flawlessly. They frame is composite so you can keep them looking their best without damaging them in the process. The lenses are non-polarized but still offer anti-reflective properties so it still reduces glare from your surroundings. The lens width is 53 millimeters so it covers your eyes completely and protects them from harmful rays.

22. Polo Ralph Lauren Square Sunglasses

If you like quality products that accentuate your look then this is the pair for you. It features a composite plastic frame for durability and strength with >133 millimeters arm length and 17 millimeters bridge width. The lenses are plastic and non-polarized with 100% UV protective coating. What is more, the lenses are prescription ready so they can be used by people who have trouble seeing.

23. Ray-Ban Metal Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, you can always trust Ray-Ban to give you the best pair; this pair is one of the best from them. It features a solid metallic frame that is slim and complimentary to the slim 125 millimeters arms. The lenses are plastic and prescription ready; not to mention polarized and 100% UV coated. These sunglasses come in a variety of different colors so you can pick the one best suited for you.

24. William Painter Titanium Sunglasses

This is a pair of sunglasses that comes in three beautiful colors; Classic Black, Metallic Red & Metallic Blue. The German made titanium used in the toughest drill bits make the glasses ultra-durable. Although the arms are titanium, the front of the frame features high grade durable acetate that accommodates prescription lenses. The frames are made of flexible acetate with a memory that will mold back to the shape of your face. After a quick break in period, your glasses will conform perfectly to the shape of your head, making them a perfect fit, every time.

25. Ermenegildo Zegna Sunglasses

This is a classy pair of sunglasses that is designed simply with small details on the frame to tie it together. It has plastic frames with small details for beauty; with arms of 145 millimeters. The lenses are plastic and resistant so you don’t have to worry if you drop them by mistake. They are also non-polarized but will help you to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

26. COACH Polarized Sunglasses

Brand Coach has always remained true to its original philosophy even while experiencing significant growth in recent years. As such, this pair features quality craftsmanship that is sure to live up to expectations. It has lenses that are constructed from impact-resistant prescription material and provide 100% UV protection; they are also scratch-resistant and coated with super hydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments. They are a truly classic pair of sunglasses.

27. Maui Jim Peahi Sunglasses

This is a beautifully designed pair of sunglasses; it features Propionate frames in shiny black are slightly wrapped for extra protection. The Super Thin (ST) glass lenses, in gray, feature PolarizedPlus2 technology that eliminates glare and blocks UV rays without sacrificing color and clarity. These lenses are designed for driving and general use because the Super Thin lenses are 20% thinner than conventional laminated glass lens; and scratch-resistant coating shields the lens against scratches.

28. Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses

This is a casual pair of sunglasses that comes in a variety of colors including rose gold, silver, mirror orange, plum, and green mirror among others. The frames are metallic with an arm length of 135 millimeters. Though they are metallic, they are light weight and so they rest comfortably on your face; you could even forget you are wearing sunglasses. The lenses are plastic and non-polarized but they offer 100% UV protection.

29. Guess GU6843 Fashion Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses is designed to incorporate simplicity with a small colorful detail of the arms. They have a plastic frame with plastic and metal arms; these come in a variety of colors including matte white, brown print, and blue. The lenses are non-polarized but offer 100% UV Protection so they come in handy on sunny days. The glasses are complete with a small logo branded at the temples to tie the pair together.

30. Fendi 3YG Sunglasses

If you have always admired the classic detective look then you are sure to love these sunglasses. They are a round glass lens pair featuring metallic composite frames that are durable and resistant to shock. The glass lenses are composite and non-polarized with a lens width and height of 55 millimeters each. They are constructed from impact-resistant prescription material and provide 100% UV protection; they are also scratch-resistant and coated with super hydrophobic and anti-reflective treatments.

31. Roberto Cavalli Non-Foldable Sunglasses

This is an elegant pair of sunglasses that are classy and stylish; they feature a metallic frame with the signature logo at the temples. The bridge features a stylish detail that stands out from all other sunglasses; you can bet people will notice. The gradient lens is polarized and plastic making them resistant and durable. They sunglasses are not mirrored; and they are uniquely non foldable so you can always keep an eye on them.

32. Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses

This is a pair of stylish, sport-focused sunglasses that is 1 inch high and 1 inch wide. They consist of a Resin frame complete with a beautiful logo design at the temples. The sunglasses are have 20.3 polycarbonate lenses that are polarized to reduce glare; not to mention 100% UV400 protection coating. The sunglasses offer 100-percent UVA and UVB protection; it also features high-strength Thermo-grip rubber temples and nose pads.

33. Revo Territory RE 1034 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses feature a full rim rectangle metal frame with an arm of 130 millimeters. As for the plastic lenses, the 8-base lens technology enables the lenses to wrap on your face for a more curved fit relative to your face providing ample coverage and protection from the sun’s glare. The lightweight, shatterproof, polycarbonate, high-contrast, polarized Serilium lenses provide visual acuity in bright conditions. Finally, they are easy to wear and flatter all face shapes.

34. Nike Skylon Ace E Sunglasses

The Nike Skylon Ace model has a wrapped supra frame offering minimal visual frame interference and is designed for sports. They are lightweight performance sunglasses weighing 24g, making these Nike sunglasses suitable for running, golf, tennis, cycling as well as other active sports. The ventilated nose bridge improves comfort and reduces fogging so you can actually see where you are going while on the run or just playing tennis.

35. Bvlgari BV5042 Sunglasses

These are a lovely pair of sunglasses made by Bvlgari that have a number of attractive features. To start, they have a composite lens and frame which makes them durable and resistance to cleaning solutions and chemicals. The lenses offer 100% protection against UV rays while still being non-polarized. Finally, they have jeweled decorations on the side to really style them up; this makes them the perfect accessory to completing your look.

36. Police HALO Sunglasses

Stylish and unisex model for young, brave, rebellious people inspired by the American way of life. This pair of sunglasses is part of the newest collection of Police, preciously made for both men and women. The HALO sunglasses are non-polarized and have plastic lens. It is full-frame model and reflects the latest trends in modern sunglasses design. You can wear those sunglasses all year long.

Buing Guide

You can’t randomly buy the sunglasses without observing certain factors. While buying online, you have to be aware of the size of glasses you wear. Due to the fact, you cannot try them on virtually. Some other things that you should check while buying are UV rays protection and polarization. Here, you will learn about the anatomy of sunglasses and how you can get a perfect pair of sunglasses.

Let’s dive right into it.

Choosing Frames

The sunglasses feature 3 different types of frames namely oval, square, and round.


Square glasses consist of a large frame that covers the area till the top of the cheek bone. These glasses have rounded bottom edges along with the top edges that are relatively straight across. Square glasses resemble a lot of wayfarer classes and can also make look longer faces shorter.


Round glasses come with curvy edges and are equally wide and tall. If you want to convey a vintage look, round sunglasses soften the angular faces with a circular shape.


Oval shaped glasses consist of rounded edges and are wider than they are taller. Also, these oval sunglasses are narrower at the jawline rather than at the temple. It is an ideal choice for the people that have square or diamond faces.


While buying the sunglasses for the first time, we might have come across a weird number like 56 – 18 – 130. You can be assured that this is not a cult number.
The first number is the width of one lens. While the second number represents width of the nose bridge. In the end, the third and the last number are the lengths of one arm.

UV Protection

Sunglasses protect us from two types of Ultraviolet rays.

UVA – These are less intense ultraviolet rays. We recommend you buying sunglasses that block at least 60% of UVA rays
UVB – These are relatively more intense ultraviolet rays. UVB is the leading cause of sunburn and is extremely dangerous for the eyes. We recommend you buy sunglasses that block at least 70-80% of UVB.


Polarized sunglasses block all the sunlight that reflects from the surrounding surfaces. Due to this effect, the influx of extra light is reduced. As a result, the eyes relax because now they don’t have to strain the vision to see in the bright light coming from all directions.
Concerning its quality, polarized sunglasses are relatively more expensive than non polarized sunglasses.

Lens Color

Design and fashion are not the only purposes for the colored lens. Although, color does not provide an extra level of protection from UV rays. But still, some shades are more suitable for certain activities. Like:

Green, Grey, Brown

Ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities

Yellow, gold, Amber, Rose

Ideal for snow-related activities like skiing, snowboarding, and the list goes on.

Blue, Purple

They are primarily used for fashion purposes.

Mirrored or Flash Coating

Preferable for people with high light sensitivity


🕶️ What are the best quality men’s sunglasses?

The best quality of men’s sunglasses will give you 100% protection from UV rays, will last long due to careful construction and high-quality materials, and, finally, will look stylish on different face shapes. Therefore, we believe that the best quality of men’s sunglasses that meet these criteria are Dolce & Gabbana Men’s DG2165 Sunglasses.

😎 What men’s sunglasses are in style this year?

This year has been all about timeless designs that look good with everything. Therefore, we think that the THOM BROWNE 2K Gold Sunglasses have a classic design that reigned supreme this year. The ultra-light design with scratch-resistant coating makes them a desirable pair. Also, the dedication to a simple but classy design is something every man will appreciate.

🤔 Who makes the best sunglasses for the money?

Ray-Bans reigns supreme when it comes to good making good sunglasses. For years, this company has been making high-quality sunglasses that have ended up on the faces of celebrities and pop-culture icons. Ray-Ban focuses on using high-quality materials, ensuring that each pair is scratch proof and resistant to rust. They also have high-quality lenses that help with sunlight and glare.

💰 Are expensive sunglasses worth it?

Expensive sunglasses are always worth it. Often, expensive sunglasses are pricey because they have features you would not find on a pair of sunglasses you buy on the streets. First, they are made of durable materials, and you can tell because they are heavier and solid. Secondly, their lenses are specially made to give protection against UV rays and glare.

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