7 Places to Keep Coins When Having a Minimalist Wallet

Wallets are supposed to be slim and minimalist, especially since the use of cash is quickly fading from our system.

Most people today operate with credit cards and debit cards, and that is basically all that they carry in their wallets.

It therefore makes no sense to have a huge wallet in your pocket.

The only thing worse than having a huge wallet bulging through your pants is having to carry heavy coins around. Coins keep making that irritating jangling noise in your pocket, and also make your pockets feel very heavy.

Not to mention the fact that coins easily fall out of your pocket whenever you engage in some high energy activities, or even just sit on the ground.

So what can you do about your coins?

Of course, you could resort to carrying heavier wallets; those wallets that are designed with little pockets for coins. However, many people find it plain wrong to carry coins in a wallet. Another simple alternative is for you to quit carrying coins all together.

With that said, if you have to handle coins for whatever reason, and also need to have a comfortable minimalist wallet, then here are 7 places where you can keep your coins when carrying a minimalist wallet:

1. The little pocket in jeans trousers

Jeans trousers come with a little pocket, right above the usual side pockets.

These pockets are great for carrying coins around, mostly because you will not have to deal with the jangling noise of your coins.

Also, coins can’t easily fall out of this little pocket since they are tightly held in place. That is, unless you wear very buggy jeans.

A lot of people also use these pockets to keep their small items such as lighters, SIM cards or keys.

Unfortunately, official and semi- official trousers do not have this secret pocket. Fortunately, there are several other similarly nice places to keep your coins.

2. A jar in your car


If you drive a car, you can always keep your coins in your car.

A car cup holder or just any jar can do this perfectly.

Most cars also have a small place on the side of the door for keeping small things, such as candy. You can also use this for your coins, especially if you happen to always have many coins with you.

If you choose to use a jar, make sure it is kept somewhere away from the eye of passers-by.

People could easily break your car window just to get to the money jar.

3. A cavity card

Basically, this is a card with a pocket where you can put in any small thing such as a key or even an SD card.

All wallets, regardless of how slim or minimalist they try to be, have a place for holding cards. They may lack a place for your coins, but they will not lack a pocket for your cards.

The cavity card simply needs to be placed in such a place, together with your cards.

Hopefully, you don’t carry so many coins around, since this can easily go against your wish of having a small and light wallet.

Although keeping coins in your car is a great idea, it could still not be in line with your purposes. Maybe the whole point of you keeping coins is so that you can hand out some money to the homeless on the street corners.

Having the capacity to carry around your coins can therefore be very convenient for people who need coins so close to them.

4. A case for your coins

Most people would go for a minimalist wallet so that they can have a smaller wallet to carry around.

For such people, a separate case or pouch for coins can seem to do the exact opposite of what they want.

However, if you are the type of person who carries around a back pack or any sort of bag, this option would very much be in line with your purpose.

A coin case or coin pouch can easily fit in any bag without causing any significant increase in weight.

Carrying your coins in a case might not make it as accessible as it would be in your pocket. But this shouldn’t be a problem if, like most people, you don’t use coins often for transactions.

5. Coin purses and coin pouches

If you lean more to the conservative side, you can also use a coin pouch or coin purse.

Since you do not like to carry around a fat wallet, you probably wouldn’t welcome the idea of carrying around a purse or a coin pouch.

With that said, you will find purses and pouches of great convenience if you usually carry a bag.

On the flip side, if you rarely or never have a bag when you go out, then this option is definitely out of the question.

A better alternative for you would be the magic coin pouch.

6. Magic Coin Pouch

This is still a pouch, but a really small one which can fit in your tiny jeans pockets.

You might be wondering why you need such a pouch when you can always put the coins in the tiny jeans pockets directly.

The reason is because these pockets are sometimes too small, and you will probably have trouble trying to get the coins out.

The jeans pockets definitely serve the purpose of keeping your coins silent, but when it comes to drawing them out, you have to struggle with a single finger. This is extremely inconveniencing.

This magic pouch can solve this problem for you.

You just fill your coins in the pouch, and put it in your pocket.

7. Charity and the tip jar

Coins are becoming less and less useful in the economy.

For this reason, you should consider keeping your coins in the tip jar of whoever gave them to you. You could also donate your coins to charity or to the homeless.

This will entirely eliminate the need to walk around with coins.

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