8 Reasons to Start Using a Front Pocket Wallet in 2023?

When I first heard of a front pocket wallet, I was thinking that it was just another one of those hipster things that people just want to happen. I scoffed the idea at first while quietly reassuring my back pocket wallet that I will never ever let it go.

But the more I read about front pocket wallets, I realized that its not just going to be a fad. It’s not like Friendster that we all remember as a “phase”.

There really are some legitimate points on why front pocket wallets are better than the regular back pocket wallet.

Just to be clear. I was once a non-believer like you. Although it pains me to say it, I am a convert.

I mean, why not? If something was presented to you with benefits and the only negative thing about is that it can be a fashion faux pas then I believe we should reconsider, right?

The Benefits of a Front Pocket Wallet

So in order to help you make up your mind. I will be listing the top reasons why I decided to go for a front pocket wallet and say goodbye to my old wallet. Believe me, it’s not because I am trying to be hip.

1. Front pocket wallets are comfortable

If you own one of those large and bulky billfolds that you keep in your back pocket then you will agree with me that they do come with a little bit of discomfort. Of course you get used to it someday but that discomfort is just a symptom of a much larger problem as will be discussed later. Front pocket wallets are designed to be streamlined. You won’t have to experience any discomfort when sitting down again.

2. They look better

Having a big bump on your behind is not sexy. It might attract a certain group of people who like fat wallets but most women you are interested in won’t mind. A front pocket wallet assures that there will be no odd shapes ruining your style.

3. Front Pocket Wallets won’t ruin your jeans

If you keep your jeans like me then you are familiar with those ruined back pockets thanks to bulky back pocket wallets. Front pocket wallets are designed to not put weight on the fabrics on your jeans so they will not experience the same wear and tear as the traditional setup with the back pocket wallet.

4. Convenience

Of course we are used to the idea of reaching down to our back pockets every time we need something from our wallets but until you tried reaching for your front pockets instead, you will never know how inconvenient it is.

5. Secure

A front pocket wallet is much harder to pickpocket compared to the traditional pocket. This is because it is easier for us to notice an unwanted hand on your front pocket compared to your back pocket. Even seasoned pickpockets think twice about front pocket wallets.

6. It’s Healthier

Remember the discomfort I mentioned above? Turns out the discomfort is not all in your head. Studies have shown that back pocket wallets can cause Piriformis Syndrome or the aptly called “fat wallet syndrome”. Nobody wants to suffer from back pain just because of their wallet, right?

7. Technologically advanced

Due to being the “new kid on the block”, front pocket wallets are more likely to be technologically advanced compared to traditional wallets. For example, some front pocket wallets block RFID that can skim (steal information) contactless credit cards. It offers a certain level of security that most traditional back wallet pockets don’t offer.

8. Built to last

Everybody claims that their wallets last a lifetime but that’s hard to support in the case of back pocket wallets because they take so much pressure and stress just by being in your back pocket. Front pocket wallets are more likely to last longer because they are specially designed to suit the shape of your front pocket (and your legs) so it gets lesser stress from your pocket.


I do agree that it is still a matter of taste and getting used to but ever since I switched, I never looked back. Front pocket wallets bring about a plethora of benefits that we just can’t ignore. Not Convinced yet? Check out this infographic then!


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