8 Tips to Looking Taller & Leaner

Let’s be honest.

People find tall and lean people more attractive!

But don’t feel bad about yourself, as you can change all that!

With some visual tweaks and tricks, you can make people think you’re slimmer and taller than you actually are.

So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Before I’ll Share You The Tips…

Before we go on and show you how to look taller & leaner, I need to tell you one thing: you can wear anything you want. If you feel comfortable about your body or just don’t care what other people think, then go and wear what you like.

Plus, you don’t want to look like any other guy, so if any clothing piece is recommended to avoid, don’t be afraid to wear them. It will also help you out in creating your personal style.

#1 – Buying the correct clothing

Not all clothes are created equal, so you should know what clothing suits you the best. There are quite a few things to remember for your next shopping spree:

  • Buy slim-fit clothes. While it’s currently trendy to wear oversized sweaters, trousers and other clothing items, don’t buy them! You don’t want to bring more focus to your short height or your stomach. So, get clothes that fit you!
  • Avoid clothing with big details. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never buy clothes that have big details. Instead, look for smaller detailed clothes. For example, let’s say you’re looking to buy a striped shirt. Instead of purchasing a t-shirt with thick stripes, look for one with slim lines.
  • Wear darker colours. If you can, wear dark clothes. If you didn’t already know, then black clothing makes you look slimmer. But dark colours don’t work all the time. For example, dark colours don’t work on a hot sunny day due to being impractical. So wear dark colours when it’s fitting.
  • Wear vertical stripes. Another guideline you should follow is that you wear vertical stripes. Why? Because they make your silhouette look slim. But horizontal lines have the opposite effect.

P.S If you want to wear horizontal lines, you can still do that. Just remember to buy the clothing item with slim stripes.

#2 – Wearing The Correct Shirts

The shirts you wear make a difference! If you pick the wrong shirt, you’ll do the opposite of what you want. So what shirts suit you the best?

V-neck shirts

V-necks are great to have for short guys. While crewnecks look okay on you, V-neck’s help you look taller and muscular. This is due to giving more focus to your neck, which makes you look tall.

Long-Sleeved Shirts

Another type of shirt that fits well with a shorter guy is a long-sleeved shirt. These will eliminate the focus of your small arms and make you look taller.

#3 – Get Your Clothes Tailored

One of the best things you can do to look both slimmer and taller is to get your clothes tailored. This way, you’re clothes fit you like a glove as they are designed for your body. And since they aren’t baggy anymore, you don’t look that small in them.

And you can tailor almost anything, not just a suit! You can get a tailor to adjust your jeans, shirts, jackets, and more.

P.S  If there’s one thing I would highly recommend you to tailor is your jeans. You want to make sure that they have the correct length. If they are too long, it will make you look shorter.

#4 – Proper Layering

Now, let’s talk about layering! For shorter and well-fed guys, it’s best to wear at least two layers. The outer layer should be a jacket. Why? Because jackets will build up your shoulders and take away the focus on your belly, making you look slim.

But don’t overlayer! If you put too many layers to your outfit, you’re creating a baggy look, which just gives you the look of being smaller, and that you’re wearing oversized clothes. So keep it between 2-3 layers.

#5 – Wear Low Contrast Outfits

If you want to look taller than you actually are, you must wear low contrast outfits. What do I mean by it? Try to avoid high-contrast outfits like a white T-shirt and black jeans. This way, you won’t split your body, making you look smaller than you actually are!

So, if you’re going to wear a dark shirt, your whole outfit should have dark colours. And when you’re going with a lighter one, then you should wear all light colours.

#6 – Wear Boots if Possible

Elevator shoes are uncomfortable to wear! So instead, why not try to wear boots as much as possible? These already have high soles, so you’ll increase your height easily. Plus, you’ll differentiate yourself from the crowd of average men who only wear sneakers. That’s a win-win situation!

So whenever the weather is cold enough, wear boots.

Bonus Tip: Match your boots with the colour of your trousers. This way, you won’t have your legs visually split, and they will look taller, which is considered attractive.

#7 – Buy fitting accessories

If you want to look slim & lean, you should focus more than just your clothing! Your accessories should fit you as well. You don’t want to buy huge watches that make your hands look small. The same goes for other accessories like necklaces and rings. Here are some recommendations for the right sized accessories:

  • For watches, I recommend you to go with a timepiece that has a face diameter between 34mm – 40 mm.
  • For necklaces, I recommend you go with a slim design one. No need to buy extravagant rapper chains!
  • For rings, I recommend you to go with a width between 19 mm to 21 mm

#8 – Getting a good haircut

If you want to look taller than you actually are, then you need to get the correct haircut. Not all haircuts work for you!

For example, don’t grow long hair. Why? Because you’ll lose the focus of the neck area, which helps you look taller.

So what are the best haircuts for a short guy? Well, the best would be something like a high-volume pompadour or similar. Then you won’t just get more focus on your neck but could get an inch to your height.


As you probably have noticed, it’s best not to buy oversized items for smaller and big-boned guys. These items will just make you look either smaller or with a bigger stomach. Additionally, it’s best to avoid high contrast like black and white outfits, as they visually cut your body and make you look short.

So what tips are you going to implement in your life? Are there any other tips I should have mentioned? Comment your answers down below. This way, we’ll help each other to look the best we can on our bodies.

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