6 Hairstyle Rules Men Must Follow

You need to have your hair looking good all the time! That’s because when somebody sees you, they’re going to look at your face first. And if you have unstyled hair, you’ll be judged. But how do you keep your hair looking amazing though out the day? That’s why I created this blog post!

Here, you’ll learn the six rules you must follow to have as few bad hair days as possible. So if that sounds interesting, keep on reading.

Why Most Men Struggle With Their Hair?

The problem that most men face is that they focus on a small part of a good hairstyle. They look for finishing products when they should also be looking if their hair is healthy.

So, to have a great hairstyle, you need to look at the bigger picture! Are you washing your hair properly? Are you applying hair products correctly?

Once you start improving on every aspect of a good hairstyle, you’ll start having fewer frustrations at the mirror, and instead, you’ll start to effortlessly pull off your desired look!

6 Hairstyle Rules Every Man Should Follow

Now that you understand why most men struggle with hair, let’s talk about the rules that help you to get that ideal hairstyle.

#1 – Wash your hair properly

To have that amazing haircut, you must wash your hair with the correct technique! If you don’t, your hair could damage your hair, and it could get dry.

So how does the process look like? Here’s the 4 step guide to washing your hair:


  • Wash out the dirt with a shampoo. To begin, wash your hair in warm water with shampoo. This way, you’ll get rid of all the dirt and oils that built up since your last shower. So get in deep and wash it away.
  • Use a hair conditioner. After washing your hair, you’ll get hair that is clean but dry. So let’s put the moisture back by using a hair conditioner. You want to cover conditioner everything. These include your hair roots and ends.
  • Leave the conditioner on your hair for a minute. Don’t wash it away, and let it stay there for at least one to two minutes! This way, your hair will absorb the moisture from the conditioner, and you’ll get that softness you want. So in the meantime, you can wash your body and then just wash it away with cold water. Why? Because cold water closes the cuticles and pores in the scalp, which helps to seal the moisture.
  • Gently dry your hair by tapping. Don’t dry your head aggressively. Your hair is very delicate when it’s wet. So instead, use your towel to tap dry your hair, and you’ll keep more hair on your head.


P.S Use proper shampoo and conditioners to wash your hair. It might be easier to buy the 2-in-1 shower gel that also cleans your hair, but don’t. It isn’t as effective as a shampoo.

#2 – Proper Hairstyling Routine

Now that you’ve walked out of the shower, it’s time to style it. But how can you style it so it would look good the whole day? Here’s the 3 step procedure for it:

  • Apply a pre-styler. Before you get your blow dryer out, it’s essential to apply a pre-styler to it. This way, you’ll add volume to your hair and will make it easier to get it into shape.
  • Blow-dry to the desired shape. Now that you’ve got pre-styler on your hair, it’s time to blow dry it to shape. To keep your hair healthy, use low or medium heat so you won’t damage your hair.
  • Use a finishing product. Now all you have to do is put finishing product to your hair. This will help you eliminate any imperfections and make your hairstyle keep its look for the whole day.

P.S When applying either the finishing product or pre-styler, less is usually more. You don’t want to make your hair stone-hard; instead, you want them to be able to move.

#3 – Work with your hair, not against it

When you’re styling your hair, you might get frustrated as the hair doesn’t want to go in the desired direction. Then maybe try to go in the other direction.

For example, when I was combing my hair to the right, some hair always wanted to stick out. But once I changed my direction to the left, I had more control with hair, and it was way easier to style.

So work with your hair and don’t go against it! If you have curly hair, then embrace it. Pick a cool curly hairstyle that works for you! This way, you won’t be styling your hair for 20-minutes and get frustrated.

P.S If you still want that straight hair, then get yourself a Brazilian Blowout. It’s the best chemical way to get your hair to stay straight for months.

#4 – Carry a comb with you

If you don’t use a lot of hairspray to lock your hair in place (which you shouldn’t), then carrying a comb with you is an excellent thing to do. Your hair could use a bit of a touch up from time to time.

So whenever you might have a hair crisis, then don’t worry, and find a restroom. Then make your comb a bit wet and re-style your hairstyle. That way, you’ll reactivate your styling products and look good the rest of your day.

#5 – Go to a saloon often

Going to saloon a bit more regularly is a good thing. This way you’ll always look the best. Plus, it makes it easier to style the hair.

So how often should you go? If you can, I’d recommend you to go at least twice a month, especially if you’re rocking a faded look. But if this isn’t possible due to your financial situation, then I recommend you to at least learn to trim your sideburns and the neck area.

#6 – Change up your diet

Did you know that diet also affects your hair? A good diet will help your hair look healthy!

But what should your diet look like? Well, you should eat foods with vitamins and minerals in them. So, implement some fruits and vegetables into your diet. You’re primarily looking for foods that are rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Vitamin B5.


So getting a good hairstyle isn’t all about styling. You’ll also have to wash it correctly, style with a correct technique and eat fruits and vegetables to keep your hair healthy. Additionally, you should go to a barber more often.

So what rules will you implement in your life? Is there any I missed? If I did, then comment down below. That way, we can help each other out and look the best!

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