19 Men’s Preppy Style Essentials

The preppy style is based on students; it is a quick and easy way to look good without having to invest a ton in your look.

However, there are a few rules that you need to follow in order to make the preppy style work.

You can’t just dress the preppy way one day and hope that it will work out; instead, you will have to prepare for a few weeks and even months. During this time, you will need to collect clothes that work with this style.

So, here we are going to look at some preppy style essentials that you cannot forget.

1. Oxford Shirt

One of the first things that you need to complete your preppy style wardrobe is a nice oxford shirt. When you are choosing an oxford shirt, you should make sure that you go for block colors and nothing too dull because it will defeat the purpose of the preppy look. An oxford shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can find, and that is why it is so important for men’s preppy style.

2. V-neck Sweater

Next, we have the v-neck sweater, if you don’t own a v-neck sweater as of yet, then it is time that you go and buy one. No preppy look is completed without a v-neck sweater, especially when it is cold outside. If you are looking for a good v-neck sweater, you should check out what Amazon essentials has to offer. Their sweaters are made from the best materials, and that is what makes them worth buying.

3. Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is ideal for the colder days, a flannel shirt has a plaid design, and it is normally made from a thicker fabric. This is what makes it a little warmer as compared to other fabrics. A flannel shirt can do a lot for the wearer’s looks, and that is why it is a wardrobe essential. Wrangler is a company that has been making high quality flannel shirts for a long time now. So, it is advised that you check them out now.

4. Bean Boots

If you are new to the preppy way of dressing, then you will be surprised to see bean boots. These are different kinds of boots that a lot of people don’t even know exist. These boots are normally ankle-high, and they are made from two toned leather. This is what gives these boots their distinct look. There are many great boot makers out there that make some of the best quality bean boots, and one of them is Sperry. This particular pair of boots by Sperry are made from the best quality leather, and they are very comfortable.

5. Boat Shoes/Moccasins

Boat shoes are another essential item that you need to complete your preppy style wardrobe. They are comfortable shoes and walking seems easier in them. The reason why they are called boat shoes is because they were designed by a sailor who kept slipping in his boat, so he designed a distinct pattern on the underside of the shoe so that he would not slip anymore. Boat shoes can be found in a few different colors, and you can experiment with a few different colors to see what works best for you.

6. Madras Shirt

The preppy look is full of contract like urban vs rural or city vs country; there is no better example for this other than the madras shirt. The shirt was designed a long time ago, and it was only worn by the rural class in India. However, it later became a status symbol when people started to make these shirts in better quality materials which meant that only the rich could afford them. A madras shirt can work very nicely if you are thinking about going for the preppy look.

7. Navy Blazer

Then there is the blazer which does more than just add another layer to the preppy look. If it is cold outside, a blazer can keep you warm and make you look even better at the same time. Even though the preppy style looks to celebrate brighter colors, you can make an exception with the blazer if you want to. As long as the different colors work together to make a proper style, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

8. Preppy Polo Shirt

The next kind of shirt that you need for your preppy look is none other than a polo shirt. Polo shirts are very comfortable to wear, but the thing that makes them so good for the preppy look is that they come in so many bold colors. Polo shirts can either be tucked in or be left out, and you have the choice to do whatever you feel more comfortable with. If you are wearing a belt, then it is better to tuck in the shirt as it will give you the chance to show the belt.

9. Chinos

Chinos are the go to choice of trousers for the preppy look, these pants are comfortable, and they also have a lot of repeat wear potential. You can even think of chinos as a better replacement for jeans as they are appropriate for many settings. Keep in mind that when choosing chinos, you should go for a relaxed but tailored fit. If the chinos are too loose, they will not look as good, and in turn, they will destroy the whole look.

10. Hunting Jacket

The next preppy style essential that you need to know about is the hunting jacket. Hunting jackets are made from a material that is both water and wind proof. So, if you live somewhere it rains a lot, then it might be a good idea to wear a hunting jacket. It is these traits that have made hunting jackets such an important part of the preppy style from around the world.

11. Pullover

Pullover sweaters are one of the best things to come out of the fashion industry. As the name suggests, these sweaters are easy to wear, and they are not so snugly fit. The sweater is comfortable, and they will keep the wearer warm as well. These kinds of sweaters are ideal for the preppy look as it makes the wearer look the part and be comfortable at the same time. Normally, pullover sweaters are only worn in white, but you can find them in other colors too.

12. Cable Sweater

Cable knit sweaters are easily one of the most good looking articles of clothing you can buy. They are quite popular in universities as sportsmen like to wear them even when they are on the field. These sweaters are an integral part of the men’s preppy fashion, and you should definitely try to add them to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. There are many great brands that make some of these sweaters, so it would be wise to check them out.

13. Preppy Bowtie

Bow ties are not something that is insanely popular; however, the preppy style has made it its mission to make sure that bow ties get the love and respect that they deserve. There is no denying the fact that a bow tie can do wonders for the look, that is, if you choose the right bow tie. You can buy many kinds of bow ties, but none of them come as close as the ones we have for you here. This bow tie is made from cotton and is completely hand made.

14. Varsity Jacket

A varsity jacket is another essential item that you need for your preppy style look. A varsity jacket will not only keep you warm, but they are extremely comfortable as well. A good varsity jacket can quite easily be integrated into your preppy look. You don’t even have to think twice because you can literally throw on a varsity jacket in the 11th hour, and it will blend into your look without any worries. You can easily buy a varsity jacket online; they are available in a slew of great colors.

15. Rugby Jersey

The preppy style promotes comfort, and there are very few things out there that are more comfortable than a loose rugby jersey. If you are a rugby fan, then this will be a no brainer for you, but even if you aren’t, there really isn’t anything stopping you from wearing it. If you think about the outfit for a few minutes, then you will find that there are many ways to make the rugby jersey work for a men’s preppy look.

16.Preppy Vest

There are some days that you like to dress light, and that is exactly what preppy vests are good for. They will keep you warm on a cool da and make you stand out from the crowd. To do justice to the preppy look, it is best if you mix and match the colors. Keep in mind that no one color should over power the others. The preppy style imparts a lot of focus to the colors you choose, so make sure that you do that. Goldbeige makes some of the best preppy vests you can buy.

17. Braided Belt

A belt can be an integral part of your look as it can bring it all together. However, it all depends on the kind of belt you are wearing. For you to look good in the preppy look, it is best if you purchase a braided leather belt; normally, it comes with a brass buckle and a brown leather strap. You can find this belt with various textures, so you can find something that works with your style.

18. Nylon Strap Watch

A watch is one of the best things a man can wear; a good watch can tell a lot about the person’s personality. If you are dressing the preppy way, you need to make sure that you wear a watch with a nylon strap. Nylon straps are normally quite bright, and that works perfectly in the preppy style. There are many great watches makes in the world, and so, you can easily find something that you like. Just take a look at the watch we have here; it has a mechanical movement and a great overall design.

19. Rope Bracelet

Accessories are a big part of the preppy style, and there are a lot of different things you can try. However, a rope bracelet can go a long way, they are easy to wear and are quite light, so it won’t add a ton of weight to your arm. There are many companies out there that are making some of the highest end rope bracelets, so it would be a good idea to check them out.

The Rules of Preppy Style

Collar Etiquette

One of the first rules that you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep your collars down. If you are popping your collars up, then you are breaking an important rule of the preppy style.

Try One Statement

The next thing to keep in mind is that you need to build your preppy look around one piece. Don’t try to change your preppy look every single day; it will only get confusing for you as well as everyone else. Plus, if you keep changing your look, you will start to spend more money.
< h3>Stay on Neutral Ground

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is to stick to neutral colors, so refrain from experimenting with bright colors as it will only overcomplicate the look.

Keep it Classic

Stick to the classic preppy pieces like cotton cable jumper. There is no need to bring new things into your look, just find what works and then stick to it.


Accessories are important but don’t over do it. If you are wearing a watch, it is more than enough, there is no need to add more accessories to your look.


🤔 What does men’s preppy style look like?

The main idea behind men’s preppy style is to be dressed in a way that is good for casual settings and even formal ones. It tends to find a balance in being dressed down for formal settings and being dressed up for casual ones. The preppy style is all about treading dress codes with irreverence; this means that people going for this style never need to be too dressy and should avoid any last minute changes to their dress. Men’s preppy style tends to celebrate colors, and as it is in favor of people wearing bright colors.

However, this does not mean that you are limited to certain color combinations. The preppy style also gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the colors you choose. The basic idea behind men’s preppy style is that it allows the wearer to blend a few different styles of clothing into one, and it all comes together as a distinct look. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that dressing in the preppy style is not that difficult; all that you need to do is give it some time and build your wardrobe according to your likes and dislikes.

🧐 What are the preppy style colors?

One of the most important things that you need to remember about the preppy style is the colors. If you wish to dress in the proper preppy way, it is important to maintain a wardrobe that contains many different colors. Men’s preppy style mainly celebrates block colors, it does not lean towards patterns either, which is another detail to mind. If you are thinking about dressing up in the preppy style, you need to avoid dark colors because, frankly, there is no place for those colors in this area. The preppy style still gives the wearer a lot of freedom when it comes to the colors.

You can experiment with various colors and fits and find exactly what you like. When you are going for a certain style, be it preppy or any other way of dressing, it is important to keep in mind that you will need time to find the colors and fits that you are comfortable with. So, don’t worry too much if you are unable to find your style right away; everything takes time. If you are someone who likes experimenting with colors, then this is the play to do so. As long as you avoid dark colors, you are in the clear.

❓ What’s the difference between preppy style and classy style?

There is a very fine line that separates classy and preppy styles, and although both of the styles seek their influences from the same sources, the main difference between them is in the attitude of the wearer. Classy style, as the name suggests, is neater, polished, and more orderly, whereas preppy style is much more casual. Even though a lot of people even dress in the preppy style for formal events, the style is not designed for that. With so many types of clothes on the market, people often add more things to the preppy style, and those things don’t belong under that rubric.

If you search the term top preppy style, you will see clothes that very few people will wear and feel comfortable in. the reason why preppy style came into being was to make dressing more comfortable and free for all people. It broke barriers and made dressing casually more accessible for people. If you are a student, it becomes quite difficult for you to dress a certain way every day; this is why people came together and made the preppy style so popular. Classy style, on the other hand, tries to make people more orderly and focus on the tiny details that you would otherwise ignore.

🙄 Is preppy style expensive?

Just like all fashion trends, the preppy style can be expensive or cheap, depending on how much you are willing to spend on it. This means that the preppy style is not limited to the wealthy; after all, it is inspired by university students who don’t have much money. So, if you are someone who enjoys the preppy style, you can accomplish your goal without having to spend much money. First and foremost, before you go and buy new clothes, you need to skim through your existing wardrobe and see what clothes will go well in the preppy style. This will save you a lot of extra cash that you can either save or spend elsewhere.

👀 Is preppy men’s style dead?

There was a time when preppy men’s style was not as popular; however, that all had changed when big names such as Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne started to board the preppy style wagon.  So, the simple answer to this question is that no, preppy men’s style is not dead; in fact, it has started to become even more popular, and more people have started to dress this way.

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