12 Best Pomades for Men

With the current fashion market dominated by all sorts of hair gels and sprays, pomades continue to be popular among men.

Unlike other styling products, they maintain the natural texture of your hair whilst providing the flexibility to style it from time to time (yeah! Pomades aren’t stiff).

Moreover, being one of the oldest hair styling formulas, most pomades are free of harmful chemicals (if chosen the right ones).

So just in case, you were looking for a healthy alternative or, perhaps, something that can help you sport multiple hairstyles without your hair turning into a brick, checking out the best pomades for men might be something of your interest.

You will love just the feel of it!

1.  Redken Brews Cream Pomade for Men

If you like to style your hair with its natural texture intact, Redken Brews Cream Pomade is your thing. This water-based formula offers a medium hold for simple styling with a scent that adds to its why-buy reasons. Although not recommended for complex hairstyles, you will love it for casual, more formal daily office use.

2.  Suavecito Pomade Firme Strong-hold

The bad boy of pomades, Suavecito Pomade Firme Stronghold has a league of its own. Known for handling complex hairstyles, it’s an intense water-based pomade with cream-like consistency that is one of the contributing factors to its long-lasting effect.

The woody masculine smell combined with its top-notch styling capability easily makes it a strong contender for the best pomades for men.

Highly recommended for everyone with thick, bushy hair.

3.  American Crew Fiber

Containing beeswax as a primary ingredient, American Crew Fiber Pomade is a strong-hold pomade that emphasizes keeping the natural hair texture conspicuous whilst protecting it from natural oil loss. Ideally formulated for shorter hair, it is a well-received and quite popular hair product among stylists and users for its thickening effect. Moreover, you won’t need a shovel to clear it off…

4.  Smooth Viking Hair Pomade for Men

A blend of hair-care and styling ingredients, Smooth Viking Hair Pomade is for everyone who likes to keep their hair shining throughout the day with a decent hold. It’s a water-based formula with a touch of castor oil that will keep your hair well maintained while protecting it from dandruff and frizziness, two of the biggest side effects of such products.

The special inclusion of steareth-20 ensures good hydration, combined with a fragrance that won’t fail to turn heads.

A safe and effective pomade for daily use.

5.  Pomade for Men- 5oz tub- from Mountain Barber Company

A pomade with long-lasting hold and shiny goodness, it’s composed of 100% oil-free ingredients that take styling to another level. It instantly gives a thickening effect to your scalp with a touch of shine and edginess that will keep your look refreshing throughout the day, with easy washing. Since the tub comes with a generous amount of pomade (5-oz) at a great price and has an amazing reputation among consumers, there’s nothing you will regret about it.

6.  Layrite Super hold Pomade

A pomade for the people, this one’s perhaps the cheapest one can get. If you are someone with little to compromise on style and budget, Layrite Super hold Pomade is for you. The formula contains Ceteareth 20 for an added softening and shining effect while not compromising on hold. Moreover, it’s an aqua-based formula so washing won’t be a problem. Just one piece of advice before you use it; keep the hair dry and you won’t regret it.

7.  REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

Easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to wash, there’s not a single thing to dislike about the REUZEL Extreme Hold Matte Pomade. Another cost-effective alternative with the luxuries of expensive hair products, it’s a gift for frizzy hair. The effects are instant; as soon as you apply it. It gives a matt texture to the hair and adds thickness to the hair volume. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys messy styles with a touch of softness.

8.  Old Spice Hair Styling Pomade for Men

Although not the strongest holding pomade, it nevertheless continues to be popular among men of every age. The Old Spice Pomade contains Beeswax for a soft, shiny texture and provides medium hold. Whilst the holding quality might not be ideal for everyone, it gives you the advantage of flexible styling throughout the day with zero stiffness. Also, the scent is admirable!

9.  AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade

Sport a flawless hairstyle with the new and enhanced formula of AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade. With a medium hold, it works best for short to medium-length hair with a nice touch of shine. Just take a fingertip amount of pomade, rub it gently between your hands, and apply it to dry hair. You will love it for its consistency. And as the name suggests, it’s immaculately clean!

10. Brickell’s Men’s Styling Clay Pomade

Coming from one of the most renowned brands of haircare arena, Brickell’s Men’s Styling Clay Pomade is filled with hairstyle and hair health-friendly goodies. This provides a  medium hold with natural hair texture preserved. Moreover, the inclusion of natural ingredients like argan oil, and Aloe Vera ensures hair moisturization. Hydrolyzed proteins ensure a healthy scalp with everyday use. It’s a 2-in-1 pomade and hair conditioner for everyone who is into hair care with a style!

11. Dapper Dan Delux Pomade

The Dapper Dan Celux Pomade is a completely basic, classic formula that provides extra shine to the hair without greasiness. Additionally, it provides a medium hold that goes well with basic hairstyles while providing the flexibility to adjust it from time to time. The fresh, citrusy fragrance ensures a fresh feel. As the formula is aqua-based, you won’t need additional supplements to wash it off. A simply amazing product that doesn’t disappoint.

12. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

A self-proclaimed “America’s strongest holding water-based pomade”, the imperial Barber Classic pretty much lives up to the motto. Having a moisturizing effect with cateareth 25 as a primary ingredient, it allows you to achieve a medium and strong hold together.

However, the hair should be really dry for the latter. Something that makes it even better is the water-reactivation ability. So just in case, you feel like making slight adjustments, move a wet hand in your hair and you are all set to go! Easily one of the best pomades for men with thin hair.


🥇 What is the best Pomade for men’s hair?

Depends on preference. If you are looking for a simple, daily get-up decent pomade, Redken Brews Cream Pomade is the best you can go for. Similarly, if you also emphasize hair health along with style, then Brickle’s Men’s Styling Clay Pomade would be our recommendation. However, if you’re more into bad boy looks, then nothing beats Suavecito Pomade!

🤔 What does Pomade do for men’s hair?

Pomades are a gel-like, waxy substance that refers to a range of hair products used for styling and enhancing hair texture. There are different varieties of pomades available based on shine and hold intensity.
However, don’t mistake pomades for gel, as the feel and quality are way different. Moreover, pomades are more about maintaining the softness with a strong hold that doesn’t feel stiff.

🧐 Is pomade good for thin hair?

Well, generally not. As a matter of fact that most pomades contain wax, they will weigh down the hair more, or even make them fall out. However, there’s a good range of pomades especially made for thin-haired men. You can check out Imperial Barber Classic Pomade if you’re one of them.

❓ Does pomade thicken hair?

Most pomades like clay have a thickening effect once you apply them. However, it is temporary and fades as soon as you wash it off.

👀 Does Pomade stop hair growth?

If your hair is strong and fine, using a pomade won’t have any side effects. As for those with thin hair, you would most probably need to be careful with the pomade you choose. Oil-based pomades will not only affect the hair growth in the latter case but also cause it to fall out due to extra stickiness. If you still insist on using pomade, make sure it’s an aqua-based product.

🤔 Is Pomade better than gel?

Until you are into some hardcore hair styling, a pomade will do well enough to cope up with your daily, casual looks, and even more. However, as pomades emphasize hold more than stiffness, it won’t be an ideal solution for intricate hairstyles. In other words, it’s better than gel in terms of ease of use and hair care, but not when things are a bit…complicated?

❓ Why Pomade is bad for your hair?

As the primary ingredients used in pomades are wax and oils, it will most probably clog the hair follicles if not used with caution, resulting in hair fall and poor growth. But as long as you clean the hair regularly and thoroughly, this is unlikely to happen.

✅ What is the strongest hold pomade?

The strongest hold pomade on our list is Suavecito pomade. It has a firm and long-lasting hold that will remain throughout the day.

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