8 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster for Men

Every stylish man should change their hairstyle after every few years. This way, you’ll stay fresh and young. So why not grow a long hairstyle?

But growing your hair long needs a lot of time and dedication. So how do you do it? That’s what you’re about to find out!

In this blog post, you’ll learn the eight essential tips that make sure you grow your hair fast while also keeping it healthy. Additionally, you’ll get some ideas for styling them! So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

#1 – Don’t Cut It

When you want to grow your hair, you’ll have to let it do its job. This is especially important to keep in mind in the awkward stage. Only then will you be able to grow long hair.

But there are two times when cutting your hair is beneficial: either for shaping or just trim the sideburns. This way, you won’t get a homeless man look. Instead, you’ll look like the stylish man you are!

#2 – Take Hair Supplements

Just like with growing muscle, if you want to grow your hair faster, then you’ll have to start taking supplements. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, which help to grow your hair. But not all hair supplements are created equal. So which ones should you consume?

Well, first, I’d recommend you to take biotin, but you could try out various other supplements. These include serums rich in vitamins, herbal supplements and much more.

So start taking them, and you’ll see your hair grow stronger and faster.

#3 – Get Vitamins

When I mean vitamins, I don’t mean taking vitamin pills. Instead, I’m telling you to add foods to your diet that are rich in nutrients. You’re primarily looking for foods that have Vitamin A, B, C and E.

There are multiple ways to get those vitamins. One of the best sources for them is fruits and berries, including blackcurrants, avocadoes and oranges. Additionally, other great foods include nuts, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

#4 – Drink Enough Water

Keep yourself hydrated! It’s not only good for hair growth. Water will help you to stay healthy and give you healthy skin with no acne. Plus, you won’t get any wrinkles anytime soon.

So how much water should you drink? Well, an average adult needs to drink about 2 litres or half a gallon a day.

P.S If you don’t want to drink that much water, you could supplement it with foods with high water levels. These include cucumber and watermelon.

#5 – Don’t Shampoo That Often

While regular shampooing is essential for health and sanitary reasons, too much isn’t great. When you shampoo your hair too frequently, your hair will start to get very dry, and you’ll remove a lot of the moisture needed for healthy hair.

If your hair is already very dry, then cut down on washing it. Additionally, start conditioning your hair. When you add conditioner to your hair, you’re applying back all the moisture you lost from washing. Plus, a conditioner keeps it soft and healthy.

#6 – Don’t Scrub Too Intensively

Now that you’ve washed your hair and are leaving the shower to dry yourself, remember one thing. Don’t scrub your hair aggressively! When your hair is wet, it’s very fragile and could break easily. You don’t want to lose too much progress! So tap dry your hair to minimize hair loss.

P.S Additionally, don’t go to bed with wet hair! When you move while you sleep, you could lose quite a bit of your hair. So if you can, shower an hour earlier!

#7 – Give Your Hair Some Downtime

If you want to have healthy and long hair, you must give it some downtime. So don’t tie your hair into a bun or put any hair product on it. Just leave it as it is.

The reason why you should do it is that this prevents your hair from getting damaged. Hair products and tied hair create stress to your hair which could lead to breaking them.

So every few days, take a day off and let your hair flow.

#8 – Massage Your Scalp

Another beneficial thing to do for your hair growth is to massage your scalp. But why should you do it?

According to recent studies, when you massage your head, you’re stretching the cells of hair follicles. That, in return, stimulates them to produce hair that is both thicker and longer.

Plus, it’s a comfortable thing to do, so you should do it anyway!

6 Long Hairstyles to Try Out

Now that you know how to grow your hairstyle correctly let’s define the hairstyle you want! I’ve listed out some awesome long hairstyles for you to test out:

#1 – Long Slick Back

One of the ways you could style your long hair is by just by wearing a long slick back. All you have to do is comb your hair to the back of the head and add some product to finish the look. Then you’re ready.

#2 – Natural Long Hair

Nothing special here. Just let it grow out and leave it looking natural. Just make sure to comb it a bit.

#3 – Long Textured Waves

Another way to style your hair is similar to the last hairstyle. The only difference is that you put on some hair product and create some waves. While making wavy hair is difficult, there are multiple ways to do it. Here’s one way

#4 – Viking Hair

There are many ways you can create Viking hairstyles! You could just style your hair by tying parts of your hair to ponytails and pigtails but could also shave the sides. The choice is yours! Also, if you can, grow a full beard.

#5 – Pony Tail

A ponytail is a simple yet bold hairstyle. It’s a straightforward look to get. Just grow it naturally, and then pull your hair together at the back of your hair. Then just tie them with a hair tie, wrap it around your hair a few times, and you’re ready.

#6 – Man Bun

And lastly, there’s the man bun. To get this look, you’ll have to gather your hair to the back of your head. Then just take your hairband to tie it. On your last wrap, pull the ponytail only halfway to complete the look.


And now you know everything there is to know about growing a long hairstyle quickly. All you have to do is take preventive actions against hair loss and consuming enough supplements and foods to increase the growth of your hair. Plus, massaging your scalp and not cutting your hair during the awkward stage is beneficial as well.

So where there any other tips I should have mentioned? Comment down below! This way, we’ll help all the stylish men grow the hairstyle they all want!

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