9 Best Shirt Stays

We all know the feeling when a shirt you tucked in so gracefully for your office goes loose and you are left with an unkempt, dobby-like look.

Apart from affecting your overall look, it has a huge impact on your personality and confidence. Not to talk of the troubles if you have a profession with a strict dress code.

Well, we’ve all been through these worries, only to realize later that one doesn’t need to be a master tucker to get a grip of it. Especially, when the world is full of hacks! 

One of those is using the shirt stays.

It’s a popular get-up accessory among men who desire or require to maintain a tidy and sharp look all day long.

The shirt stays make use of an elastic strap and a clip that keeps the shirt tucked in its place. Moreover, with many shapes and styles (garter, loop, and y-shaped), you have many options on hand. 

Below given are some of the best and popular selections for men of every age and line:

The Best Shirt Stays for Men Reviewed

1. NV Holders Premium Shirt Stays

The NV holders keep your shirt tucked in 24 hours a day with its convenient design and premium material. The extendable straps have tight clips that provide you full movement flexibility.

This shirt stay is available in three sizes including Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the one according to the thickest part of your thighs.

The main advantage of HV Holders is its contemporary and minimalistic design. So if the straps break free by some chance, it won’t embarrass you with a rubber strap hanging off your pants.

Convenient eh?

2. Shirt Stays Plus- Y-style Shirt Stay

Well, you know it’s the best when it comes from someone with a strict official background. The self-proclaimed “world’s best shirt stays”, is all about quality and consistency.

It has a three-straps design with no band. Two of the straps hold your shirt bottom whilst the one your sock top. Coming in a pair, these shirt stays keep your tidy looks intact without imposing extra bulk on your body.

It’s adored by people of every line (especially police) for its comfortable and effective design.

3. Kedofe Adjustable Elastic Shirt Garter

The Kedofe shirt garter re-invents the idea of NV holders by adjusting straps at three sides of the band. This applies even force on the shirt from all sides, adding an extra touch of sleekness to your get-up.

Besides, the soft and skin-friendly materials provide the greatest comfort. The straps are also extendable with minimal movements restriction. We highly recommend this to anyone having with a job where one’s always on the move. 

4. Stirrup Style Shirt Stays by Comfy Clothiers

The idea of bands and Y-style shirts clipping your socks doesn’t seem interesting enough? Well, this one might be something of your taste!

Although Y-shaped, the stirrup shirt stays make use of a loop surrounding your leg instead of clipping the sock. This way, it provides a secure connection at the bottom, whilst not letting the upper clips go loose.

With the simple adjustment mechanism, people of any height can use it. Just don’t fit it too tight or you’ll damage your shirt.

5. FancyBoy Signature Shirt Stays for Men

As you can expect from the name, FancyBoy Signature Shirt Stays come with a nice touch of vibrance. It comes in three colors, namely boardroom black, striped, and grey.

It’s a Y-shaped shirt stay that makes use of the conventional 3-strap design. The strap’s length is highly adjustable and will fit people of 5’4-6’8 height.

With 70% Polyester and 30% rubber material, it maintains a low profile with little to no body friction.

For a man of colorful nature who cares to look good from the outsides and the insides; this is gold!

6. Shirt Stay Plus’s Tuck-it Style Shirt Stays

Well, just when we thought the design ideas of shirt stays couldn’t get more interesting, this one stood out. No straps, no clips, and no bands, this Tuck-it style shirt stray  is an extra belt you put around your waist.

Available for waist sizes of 29’’ to 40’’, it has a super-gripping internal lining to keep the shirt tucked all day long. However, this extra convenience trades off for flexibility. Which means that your movements will be restricted.

We would only recommend it to office guys with most of the day spent on a chair 🙂

7. Shirt Stays for Military and LEO by Shirt Stay Plus

Specially designed for professionals with strict dress codes, It will do wonders. The best thing is, you can choose between Y-style, loop style, and bands as per your preference.

They have heavy-duty straps designed for daily usage. Besides, they are highly elastic, allowing easy movements without letting the shirt get lose.

You can take advantage of it even if you aren’t police or military personnel.

8. LazarSpace Men’s Shirt Stays

The LazarSpace men’s garters have the same shape as the NV Holders.

It comes in a single size. However, the leg band is extendable up to 32 inches and will easily fit your normal-sized thighs. You can also stretch the straps up to 7.9 inches if required.

Anyone wanting comfort and convenience in a single package can go for it. The lifetime warranty makes it even more desirable. 

Law enforcement and office workers will love it. 

9. KK & Jay Supply Co. Shirttail Garters

Enjoy a tidy and sharp look throughout the day with the KK & Jay Supply Co. garters. They are durable, comfortable, and have a strong grip to keep your shirt in place no matter what you do.

Just clip it to your socks and shirt and walk with confidence. The firm clips will hold things in place indefinitely. 

The brand itself has a great reputation with 1-million users worldwide. That too with a highly responsive customer care service.


🤔 What are shirt stays?

Shirt stays are elastic straps that help to keep the shirt tucked in. It either connects the shirt bottom to the feet or the socks, depending on the type you choose. You can also go for garters for extra convenience. 

🧐 Do shirt stays work?

Yes, if chosen the right ones. It depends upon the grip and quality of the clips. We would highly recommend something from NV Holders or Shirt Style Plus to enjoy a wholesome experience. 

❓ Do belt shirt stays work?

Yes, they do, and quite neatly. However, you must trade off a lot of flexibility for that. They work much better for office guys though. 

🙋 Who invented shirt stays?

The shirt stays were invented by the US military in the late 18th century to prevent the shirts from getting untucked during ceremonial parades. Although the main use persists in military and law enforcement departments, professionals of every line use them to complement their apparel.

👀 How do you use shirt stay garters?

It’s simple. Just fit it underneath your pant (depending on the type) and connect your shirt to the elastic strips using the clips. If the quality is great, your shirt will be crisply tucked throughout the day. 

🤠 How do I keep my shirt tucked in all day?

First of all, choose a shirt size that is optimum for your body weight and figure. For additional support, use a high-quality shirt stay to keep it tucked all day long. 

🤔 Why doesn’t my shirt stay tucked in?

There are several reasons for it. The most common one is having a small shirt. Remember, a shirt not properly reaching the butt region will always tuck out due to poor hold and constant movements. Even the firmest shirts won’t stay tidy for long without additional hold. 

❌ Are shirt stays visible?

No, they aren’t. It’s just like a magic trick that no one will know except you unless you tell them! 

🔥 How do you hide shirt stays?

Well, being sort of undergarments, they won’t need any special treatment as far as visibility is concerned. Your pant will do the job quite conveniently. 

🧐 How tight should the shirt stays be?

It depends on your preference and level of comfort. For instance, you can attach it to your shirt and socks, leg, or band and then adjust the length of the straps. Make sure to not adjust it too tight or too loose. Just keep the tension at a level where it keeps the shirt in place while allowing free movements. 

✅ Do men wear shirt stays?

Ever since its introduction, they have remained popular among men of every age. However, women can also take advantage of them.

👀 Are shirt stays uncomfortable?

Just like any new thing, shirt stays will feel a bit awkward at the start. However, as you start using them regularly, your body will adapt to them. Just make sure to not fit them too tight. 

🤔 Do Police officers wear shirt stays?

How else do you reckon they stay this tidy all day? Of course, they do!  In fact, it is a part of their dress code. 

🥇 What is the best shirt stay?

For those who like garter shirt stays, NV Holders are the best. Similarly, those who prefer Y-style or stirrup shirt stays will find something from Shirt Stays Plus and Comfy Clothiers useful.

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