18 Best Passport Wallets

Getting ready for a vacation or business trip can be extremely tiresome. If you do not plan well, you will end up throwing your bag up and down looking for your boarding pass, credit cards, passport, and other important documents you may need. A passport wallet saves you this frustration as it is the best traveling companion.

Although it sounds easier to just throw your documents in a regular sling bag, it is not the safest option.

A passport wallet is essential in protecting your information from illegal scanning of RFID chips. Any passport wallet that is RFID protected will block any read frequencies in a varying range ensuring that you are safe during your travels.

So what makes the best passport wallets?

Size matters; it needs to be big enough for your documents, but small enough to fit into your bag or pockets.

The material of the wallet is also something you should look out for. Go for the ones that are durable, and water-resistant in case of accidents. RFID protection is the most important feature for security.

Finally, colors and styles are a great option to have around.

Today, the following wallets stand out as some of the best passport wallets.

1. Travelon Passport Zip Wallet

This is a great wallet for traveling thanks to its small but compact build. It lined with RFID blocking technology so you can travel knowing that your information is kept safe. The interior has a polyester lining that springs back into shape proving effective resiliency. It also makes it easy to wash and use. The interior has four card slots, one ID window, and zippered compartments for coins and other small items. It is the perfect travel wallet thanks to the see-through passport window that makes boarding much easier. It has effective zip around closure.

2. Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet

This wallet is designed to be small but effective. It reduces bulk while ensuring that you have all the cards, and documents you need while traveling. It allows the carrying of multiple items including a pen for signing bills and such. The interior is divided into compartments for a passport, tickets, bills, and up to 10 cards at full capacity. The wallet is made from environmentally certified leather that ages well and lasts a long time. It comes in 4 luxurious colors that work well with every professional outfit making this a great wallet for business trips.

3. Zero Grid Passport Wallet

This is a well-designed wallet that will not only keep your documents well but also compliment your outfit thanks to the luxurious and stylish construction. It is an RFID blocking wallet perfect for all people to prevent electronic theft. The interior can hold 4 to 20 credit cards, tickets, ID, money, a passport, and other essentials. These compartments are secured by all round zipper closure. It is a great organization tool that will prevent fumbling with multiple wallets and other organizers. It keeps your documents crease-free which will help you to remain presentable and organized.

4. POCKT Passport Holder

This is a high-quality double passport holder that is perfect for anyone who travels frequently. It is fashionable; made from PU leather material that gives a soft touch and comfortable feeling. It is also easy to clean, and durable. The interior has 2 slots for passports, 1 slot for your plane ticket, 1 slot for the paper currency of any size, 7 credit card slots, 1 pen slot, and one slot for your driver’s license. These compartments make it a great organization tool. It is a great accessory for any member of the family who loves to travel.

5. AurDo Leather Passport Wallet

This wallet is handcrafted by the best artisans in India making it a very high-quality product. It is crafted with distressed hunter leather which is known to be tough and strong; one of the best leather available in the market. The interior is designed to hold 7 cards, 1 passport, 1 ID window, and 2 receipt pockets that can also hold currency. Like all other travel wallets, it is lined with RFID blocking technology to protect you from digital pickpocketing. It comes in 12 luxurious colors to fit your style.

6. Defway Travel Wallet

If you want something a little unique and casual to travel with then this is the passport wallet for you. It is manufactured from 100% premium nylon material; a fabric that makes it water-resistant, a useful feature in case of rain or accidents by the ocean. It is also resilient, and easy to clean. The interior can hold 4 passports, 5 credit cards, has 1 cash compartment, a removable keychain, and a pen slot; a great travel companion. The wallet is also big enough to accommodate large cell phones and thanks to RFID blocking technology, all your information will be safe.

7. Kate Spade New York Imogene Passport Wallet

This is a popular travel wallet among women today and with good reasons. It features great craftsmanship making it stylish and unique. It is made from genuine leather making it one of the most durable wallets in the market. This leather ages beautifully is easy to clean and has a professional aesthetic making it great for business trips. The interior has 7 credit card slots, and 1 passport holder; a true minimalist wallet. The front has a tastefully placed Kate Spade gold tone logo adding to the beauty of the wallet.

8. Fjallraven Passport Wallet

Practical and simple are just some of the words that can be used to describe this wallet. It is these words that have also made this wallet popular and one of the best. It is a slim but compact wallet that allows you to carry your most important documents in an organized and stylish way. The interior is divided into compartments for simple organization. It can hold banknotes, credit cards, receipts, a passport, and plane tickets. It also has a small zippered pocket for coins and other small items such as sim cards.

9. Tumi Alpha Passport Case

Made from a nylon weave fabric, this wallet is durable and resilient making it a great minimalist wallet. It has all the features you would want in a passport wallet including compartments on the interior. It can fit your passport, currency, receipts, cards, and other items you may need for your trip. It also has a transparent id window. The exterior possesses a beautiful and professional finish making it a great passport wallet for business trips. It has a tastefully placed logo on the side of the wallet at the fold that is discreet but stylish.

10. Leather Passport Holder Travel Wallet

This is a great traveling wallet that is made from high-quality full grail 100% leather that looks good, smells great, and feels smooth to touch. This is naturally tanned horse leather that will age well making it a lifelong companion on your travels. It is lined with RFID blocking technology to protect your cars from illegal scanning. It is a slim compact design that is big enough for two passports, 4 cards, and other items such as ID, and money. It is versatile and functional; a great addition to your travels.

11. Polare Functional RFID Blocking Leather

This bifold travel wallet is sure to take your organization skills to the next level and make boarding a breeze. It is made from luxury full grain leather making it both beautiful and functional. It is a durable, and stylish wallet that will accompany you on many travels. This premium texture is accompanied by RFID blocking technology that will prevent digital pick pocketing. The interior has 3 card slots, 3 passport holders, and 1 money pocket. It retains a small stature even at full capacity so you can carry it anywhere you go.

12. Herschel Traveling Wallet

This is a great wallet form Herschel that is made from 100% polyester. This fabric is easy to clean and use, will retain its shape (resilient) and is resistant to abrasion, and wrinkles. It features a simple but stylish design that is both professional and casual. The interior features a polyester lining that is just as good as the exterior. It has 1 slip pocket, and 3 card slots for your most used card. It has a tastefully placed logo on the corner of the front that adds beautiful detail to the wallet. It comes in 19 different colors and styles; one is sure to fit your needs.

13. TUMI Province Family Passport Case

Made of 100% leather, this wallet will be a great addition to your traveling items. This leather is durable, strong, easy to clean (dry clean only), and overall beautiful to look at. It has a smooth finish that gives it a luxurious outlook. It features a zipper closure that ensures all your items are safely kept inside the wallet. The interior has 1 passport sleeve, 5 slip pockets for passports, 2 vertical open pockets, 6 card slots, and a pen loop. It has a tastefully placed metallic logo at the corner for a punch of detail.

14. Victorinox Passport Holder

This is a very professional and stylish wallet that is perfect for the working man who goes on regular business trips. The exterior has an elastic band for receipts, bills, and other documents, or even your most sued cards. It also has a tastefully placed logo at the corner for decoration. The interior has 1 slip pocket for your passport, bills, money, etc. it also has 3 card slots for those cards that you cannot travel without. At full capacity. It is slim so it will not feel like added bulk to your traveling plan.

15. Samsonite Signature Travel Accessory

This is a perfect travel accessory especially for professionals on business trips. It is made of 100% cow leather making it durable, beautiful, and water-resistant so you can rest easy in times of accidents. It is also easy to clean (dry cleaning only) and has reliable fold closure. It is lined with RFID blocking material to prevent digital pickpocketing. The interior has 5 credit card slots, 1 ID window, and can accommodate a standard size passport. It has a raised Samsonite signature logo that pairs with the branded lining on the interior.

16. Montblanc Passport Case

This is a great bifold wallet that is made from genuine leather that is luxurious, smooth, durable, and strong. It is a great travel companion that will last a long time as each crease only add character. The interior is divided into compartments making it one of the best travel organization tools in the market today. It has an interior slip pocket for your passport, bills, receipts, money, and more. It has multiple card slots and a transparent ID window. It has strong stitching inside and out, and a decorative logo on the corner for extra detail.

17. Lodis Audrey RFID Passport

This is yet another great traveling wallet that is popular among stylish women. It is made of 100% leather; a material that has proven to be the best for wallets. It is therefore durable, beautiful, and functional. More than that, it can be dry cleaned making maintenance a breeze. The interior features textile lining that is great for cushioning your items are preventing damage. This wallet has RFID blocking technology to curb digital pickpocketing. It has a secure snap closure to keep all your items secure. Finally, it comes in 7 luxurious colors.

18. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Passport Case

When it comes to Michael Kors, you can always expect the best and this wallet is here to prove it. It is made of durable PVC with silver-tone hardware; this combination offers a long-lasting wallet that does not sacrifice style for functionality. The exterior is decorated with the signature logo giving a magnificent design. The interior features 1 slip compartment for your passport and currency, and 5 credit card slots for your most frequently sued cards; a minimalist’s dream. It has a reliable snap closure to keep all your items secure inside.


🧐 What is the best passport wallet?

The best passport wallet is first compact and portable. It is big enough for your documents but small enough to fit in your bag. Good passport wallets are also made of high-quality materials and have RFID protection. Therefore, we believe that the Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet because it is made of leather and has multiple compartments for easy organization.

🤔 Are passport wallets a good idea?

A passport wallet is always a significant investment. First, it will help you stay organized. You will have all your documents in one place, making your trip through the airport quick and easy. Secondly, many passport wallets are lined with RFID blocking technology to prevent illegal scanning of chips. Also, they are stylish and professional.

✈️ How do I carry my passport when traveling?

Instead of throwing your passport and other documents you need at the airport in your bag; you should invest in a passport wallet. It will save you from the scene of going through your bag for a specific item at each checkpoint. It is a stylish way to stay organized and ensures you have everything you need.

🔝 What is the best travel wallet?

The best travel wallet is lined with RFID blocking technology. It is also made of excellent materials and has multiple compartments to help with organization. With these qualities in mind, we believe that the Polare Functional RFID Blocking Leather is the best travel wallet. It has these qualities plus a vintage finish.

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