27 Best Metal Wallets for Men

When we think of trendy and exciting accessories, we never quite get to wallets because we think of them as functional rather than accessories.

Gone are the days that leather wallets and bulging pockets are a thing. We have instead entered a minimalist age where wallets are becoming smaller, and yes sometimes metallic.

Metal wallets have become popular because they provide supreme card protection. Card breaking and cracking is a serious problem in the traditional leather wallet; especially when put in the back pocket. This problem does not exist will metallic wallets as the plates cradle your cards.

There are two main things you need to consider when buying metallic wallets; the material and the size.

The metallic part should be made of durable material such as titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel. These materials are durable and strong.

When it comes to size, ensure that it is small but can hold more without losing its shape. It should be compact, and it is always best to go for minimalist designs.

Here are some of the best metal wallets available on the market:

1. Dango Maverick Wallet

This is a stylish and well-designed wallet that will be the perfect addition to your accessory closet. It is unique and crafted for the active man who likes classy pieces that stand out. It features fold closure meaning that it will fit well in your pocket. It measures 0.7” by 14”. It is made from top-grain leather, it ages beautifully. It is easy to clean and will last a long time. The interior is lined with RFID blocking technology. It can also hold 16 cards, and cash without the bulk. It has strong stainless steel bolts and comes in 13 colors.

2. The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallet

People are transitioning towards front pocket wallets and with good reason. It is better for your spine when you sit down, it reduces chances of theft, and is easy to access. The metallic body of this wallet is lined with RFID blocking technology so you can rest easy; your cards are protected. The interior holds up to 12 cars without stretching out. The exterior features a well-constructed money clip that allows you to strap on extra bills. It features aluminum plating and interchangeable elastic screws; durable construction. It comes in 4 stylish colors to match your wardrobe.

3. GOVO Badge Wallet

If you are a bi-fold man who loves to make a statement with his accessories, then this is the wallet for you. It features a bold and unique design that will make a statement each time you pay for something. The holder’s body and screen are made of 2mm thick polycarbonate and secured by steel fasteners. This is the first and only badge holder in the market with a metal clip that allows you to carry your ID on your belt, pocket, key chain, lanyard, or backpack. The clip is made of manganese steel making it strong and durable.

4. FIDELO Minimalist Wallet

This is a discrete and beautiful wallet that is stylish, and very classy. Known as the hybrid wallet, it is a 3 piece design that is strong and minimal. The design improves everyday carry of credit cards, cash, ID, and receipts. You can use the compact push button cardholder alone with free carbon fiber accented money clip band or inside the removable full-grain crazy horse leather case. It fits in any pants, bag, and shirt. It features RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe. The design also has a smooth eject pop-up card feature for great functionality.

5. Genuine Zippo RFID Blocking Wallet

This is a genuine wallet that is unique in all aspects; from construction to usability. It is practical and well designed so it is a great wallet for everyday use; perfect for the working man. It is designed to be theft-resistant so you can carry it around with no worries. The shell is made of stainless steel and has flexible polymer construction. The interior can carry 7 plus cards together with several bills without stretching its form. It is lightweight even when it is full so it is perfect for every day carry.

6. Innway Accent

The Innway Accent is a smart wallet with an aluminum RFID-blocking cardholder wrapped in premium artisanal leather. The Accent carries your credit cards and cash in a form factor that is slimmer and smaller than traditional wallets. What makes Accent smart? It comes with the Innway Bluetooth finder built-in so it can use the smart functions of the Innway app on your phone. We put a lot of thought into how people use wallets nowadays, and we incorporated smart design features to make the Accent a modern wallet.

7. I-CLIP AdvantageR Leather Wallet

This is truly one of the best minimalist designs in the market. It is designed from the highest quality materials making it durable, beautiful, and classy. It is designed to be ultra-slim so you can carry it in your pocket, shirt, or bag comfortably. It gives you a sleek look by eliminating the problem of bulging pockets. The interior can hold up to 12 cards comfortably with a flexible money clip on the side for bills and receipts. The frames are made of a high-tech lightweight plastic composite; while the leather parts come from cowhide that has been treated.

8. PITAKA Carbon Fiber Wallet

This is the world’s first magnetic carbon fiber wallet that is perfect for every occasion and setting. It is slim, luxurious, and stylish; not to mention, fully adjustable. Whatever you choose to wear, this wallet will pair nicely by fitting comfortably in your pocket; eliminating bulk, and allowing you to carry cards, money, and receipts in the most stylish way possible. The interior has individual storage compartments for coins, bills, cards, and more if needed. It will fit cards, coins, cash notes, sim cards, keys, and more. It is made of durable carbon fiber with RFID blocking technology.

9. TRU VIRTU FAN Leather Wallet

If you love simple designs that do not sacrifice luxury and style then this is the right wallet for you. The exterior oozes class thanks to the slim design and pebbled texture; it is the perfect wallet for classy events or everyday use at the office. It is made from durable aluminum, it is a great material because it will not lose its shape even at full capacity. It can store up to 10 cards, bills, receipts, and other items so you can be sure that it is a reliable wallet. It protects your cards from demagnetization and illegal scanning thanks to the RFID blocking feature.

10. Maverick V2 Elastic Wallet

The Maverick V2 Elastic is made from superior quality materials and especially designed to protect both your cash and your vital information from potential thieves, this incredible wallet can hold up your cash, your credit and debit cards, your driver’s license, or even your traveling documents folded!
The advanced RFID blocking technology ensures that no unseen, lurking scanner will steal your personal vital info, while the black elastic band keeps your cash put!
What’s more, the wallet is merely half an inch thick, making it ultra compact and super convenient to put in your pants or even shirt pockets!

11. Sleek Life Design LLC Veered Wallet

This is a uniquely designed wallet made of durable aluminum that is stylish and easy to use. The wallet holds up to 6 cards together with other items including keys, sim cards, bills, and receipts. It is made with a swiping motion inspired by smartphones that let you access cards quickly. You can swipe without removing them from the wallet; this works with all chip-enabled cards. it has a hidden sliding compartment that holds and protects all your valuables including condoms, pills, photos, and more. On the side is a removable money clip for holding bills.

12. Trayvax Element Wallet

For the patriotic man, this is a wallet made in the USA that embraces style, ruggedness, and functionality. It is partly leather, full-grain high-quality leather that is treated and ages well. It is also made with a rugged stainless-steel frame; stainless steel is one of the finest materials in the market for wallets. It is built to last as it can take the daily wearing and tearing. The greatest part of this wallet is the extra features including an integrated money clip, convenient bottle opener, RFID protection, and an attachment point.

13. MOSIYEEF Pop Up Wallet

This is a smart and secure metal wallet. Made of aluminum. It protects your cards from bending when you sit down. It has a money clip to hold cash. Trendy pop up design that give you quick access to your cards just trigger the lever. It’s also a compact wallet, comfortable so you can put it into your front pocket without a problem.

14. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet

This wallet combines style and efficiency thanks to its realistic design and unique build. This wallet can hold up to 12 cards; both business and credit cards. It is made of genuine top-grain leather that is secured to the Dango Wallet chassis with mil-spec bolts. This type of build makes the wallet very durable and resistant to everyday wearing and tearing. More than that, thanks to the leather parts, it will age beautifully. It has RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe. The exterior is made of aerospace-grade CNC’d aluminum; a lightweight but durable material.

15. DUXITO Aluminum Wallet

The best description for this wallet is that it is so slim that you can hardly feel it in your pocket. You will be amazed because this wallet takes up little space even when fully stacked with 12 cards and several bills. The interior has an inbuilt RFID shield to protect your cards from illegal scanning. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminum; it is built for everyday wearing and tearing and unlike other wallets, it will not break. This is a great everyday wallet thanks to the tough exterior and slim feature.

16. Ranger Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

It is an extremely compact wallet for men that is stylish, and luxurious. It is also a minimalist design making it one of the smallest wallets in the market. Though small, it is overbuilt to maintain durability and strength. It is made of steel and is coated with a high-quality powder finish to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion, and rust. You can breathe easy because it is lined with RFID blocking technology to prevent illegal scanning of cards. Finally, it has 12 inbuilt tools including a bottle opener, fast access wrench, and SAE wrenches.

17. Ekster Parliament Slim Wallet

There are so many features on this wallet that make it truly remarkable. Easy access is the first; you can access any card in an instance at the click of a button. It stores 10 plus cards in total; 4 to 6 cards in the aluminum cardholder and 4 cards in the pocket strap. It is handcrafted from premium top-grain leather that is tanned under gold-rated LWG-certified protocols. It has RFID protection that safeguards your cards from illegal scanning. Best of all, it fits the Ekster Tracker Card.

18. Radix One Black Steel Wallet

It is a minimalist design wallet for the modern man who likes to keep things simple. This modern design stores cards, bills, receipts, and other items without losing its shape. It is significantly thinner than traditional bi-fold wallets so you need to worry about bulk. The interior is lined with RFID shields to prevent your cards from illegal scanning. It comfortably holds up to 10 cards giving you a lightweight but solid feel in your pocket. It features sleek stainless steel construction; built to last. This is a strong wallet and a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

19. HuMn Aluminum Wallet

This wallet is uniquely designed and stylish altogether. It is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum plates. It is durable, ages well, and resistant to corrosion. It is made for vegans, no leather but durable nonetheless. The interior features several compartments to fit your bills, cards, receipts, sim cards, and other small items should the need arise. It is simple and slim, even at full capacity, it is still slim and will not cause a bulge in your pocket. It is a great wallet for traveling, and every day use.

20. Dinghao Aluminum Wallet

Leather and aluminum partner to create this beautiful wallet. It is made of full grain carbon fiber leather; it ages well and is durable, not to mention very luxurious. The aluminum casing is resistant to corrosion, dropping, and will last a long time. It has a smart pop-up cardholder that gives you instant access to your cards when you trigger the lever. It has been tested several times to ensure that your cards will only pop up and not fall. It is fitted with RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe.

21. ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials in the world. Since this wallet is made of carbon fiber, it is one of the strongest wallets in the market today. It is lightweight so it will fit discreetly in your pocket. Instead of an elastic band, it has a money clip to hold cash or your most frequently used card. The wallet is not only lightweight but also resistant to corrosion, and rust. It can hold up to 15 cards, has a coin box to hold a few coins, sim cards, and more.

22. BD Minimalist Wallet

It is stylish, slim; a true minimalist wallet that is perfect for slipping into the front pocket or back pocket of your pants without causing a bulge. With this wallet, you can say goodbye to clutter as you would only carry what you need daily. It is perfect for holding 5 cards, 1 ID window, and a folded bill; a great wallet for everyday use. Unlike other wallets, it has a timeless design that will still look great in the years to come. It is the ideal gift for both friends and family.

23. Duramont Aluminum Wallet

This wallet is simple and practical. It has a one-touch button design that allows opening and closing easily. It can hold up to 10 cards and 12 bills thanks to streamlined and easy to use compartments. The back also has an easy to access slot and money clip. It has RFID shields that also prevent crushing, and cracking of cards when you sit or drop your wallet. It is ruggedly constructed from high-end strength grade aluminum with a durable design. It is double-sided making it easy to arrange and choose your cards and bills.

24. Maverick Systems Minimalist Wallet

This wallet has been termed as the perfect traveling companion, thanks to the ultra-slim compact design. It can fit in your front pocket discreetly with no bulge. It can expand for up to 10 card slots for all your cards. Even at full capacity, it does not cause bulging. It features RFID blocking technology to prevent illegal scanning. It is a modern and classy design with an elastic black band at the back for holding extra cards. It also has a money clip for your bills. It comes in a luxurious gunmetal color.

25. NEW-BRING Multifunction Metal Wallet

This is another great wallet on the market that is made from premium-grade aluminum. This company pursues obsessive attention to detail which makes each wallet unique. This wallet is crafted for strength and stability making it an everyday wallet that can withstand the wearing and tearing of everyday routine. The interior is lined with RFID blocking technology so you can be sure your cards are safe from illegal scanning. The exterior build makes it drop-resistant and ultra-slim; this is because it is crafted with military use aviation aluminum.

26. Armour Supply Co. Wallet

This is an elegant, ultra-light wallet with a compact design that allows you to carry it without creating bulk. It is big enough to fit up to 12 cards, and 5 folded bills. Even at full capacity, the wallet fits in the front pocket, back pocket, shirt, and suit pockets. The wallet includes added features such as a money clip, multitool card, key holder, an elastic cash strap, replacement screws, and a money clip. The keyholder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and high quality rust-free stainless steel hardware. The inner body of the wallet has RFID blocking technology.

27. Decadent Minimalist Titanium Wallet

This is a great wallet, one of the most durable wallets in the market today. It is made of solid titanium. Titanium is a strong and durable material and while it is not usually used for wallets, it offers a difference in strength and durability. The interior securely holds up to 12 cards in different sizes. Even though it is made of titanium, it is still very lightweight even at full capacity. The titanium is brushed with a raw metallic finish. It is a great addition to your wardrobe and can be used for all events and situations.


🙋 Are metal wallets good?

Metal wallets are good, especially if you have had a problem with cards breaking. Metal wallets became popular because of the protection they offered as the world began to transition into digital payments. They keep cards safe from impact and prevent breaking and scratching. Surprisingly, they are pretty lightweight and more durable than traditional wallets.

🧐 What is the best metal wallet?

The best metal wallets are compact and made from durable materials. And so, it goes without saying that the Ranger Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet is the best metal wallet. It embodies minimalism and is made from durable steel. The exterior is also coated with a powder finish to amp its durability.

🤔 Is the Ridge wallet worth the money?

The Ridge wallet offers many excellent properties starting with the slim profile that makes it eligible for front pockets. This wallet is also very durable and is lined with RFID-blocking technology. It also offers multiple slots for different items and maintains a lightweight profile, in our opinion. It is worth every penny.

☝️ Will any metal block RFID?

Like other good wallets, many metal wallets in the market come with RFID-blocking technology. While the metal itself will not do the job. The wallets are specially built to prevent illegal scanning of credit cards and other cards with RFID chips. This is a great feature you should look for in metallic wallets.

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