13 Best Mens Shearling Jackets

The winter season is on the horizon, and you don’t have something to set yourself apart in a winter outfit.

While facing cold breezes and chilly nights, you have to take care of your clothing to resist long hours on frosty nights. One such great way to tackle the winter season is the shearling jacket that is specifically designed to satisfy your shivering and cold breathing

While keeping you incredibly warm, this winter coat braves the elements of style and fashion. 

The shearling jackets are made from a blend of costly materials that vouch for excellent performance in the winter season.

To assist with your decision, we have rounded some of the best shearling jackets to ensure you optimize your cold days and nights in every possible way.

1. Levis Shearling Ranchers Jacket

Stay comfortable and enjoy your winter outfit by layering a Levis rancher jacket. The winter coat is fabricated from 100% polyester and has a layer-down collar that looks good. The best thing is in the faux fur lining, along with the suede touch, making it an extremely pleasant option to dress.

2. Tom Hardy Farrier Dunkirk Flight Bomber Shearling

The Farrier bomber jacket came into action after it was dressed by a famous actor, Tom Hardy. This fur leather jacket is all you need to deliver a sleek look. Best part? It has a high wrap fur collar with strap belts and slanted pockets to boost the overall appearance.

3. Aviator Ginger Shearling Sheepskin Leather

The standout feature of this shearling is its full sheepskin lining. The cozy inside allows you to spend countless hours on cold nights. Besides, it features 2 exterior pockets to cater to your valuables. With its waterproof feature, you can enjoy rainy days to the fullest.

4. DKNY Shearling Bomber Jacket Collar

This coat is crafted from 100% polyester material. The high-performance suede faux fabric enhances durability. Not only this, but it also features rib-knit cuffs to add comfort and 2 lower welt zipper pockets to ease your storage problems.

5. Guess Print Shearling Olive Extra

Guess is a reputable brand that has produced some really unique clothing. This shearling from Guess looks exceptional when worn with a plain t-shirt. However, this winter coat comes in only one color. Besides, it has a comfortable interior to make you feel relaxed all the time.

6. DKNY Shearling Walking Collar Brown

When it comes to colder weather situations, DNKY is always a good idea to think about. Similarly, this coat has top-notch workmanship and comes with 2 lower welt pockets. And, the good news? It has a faux shearling collar and interior that makes it an ultra-comfortable option.

7. Cowhide Leather Aviator Shearling Distressed Large

Going on winter vacations and searching for a handy jacket that can hold chilly winds for you? This heavy-duty jacket is made from genuine cowhide, making it highly durable wear. What’s more? The jacket features adjustable belted straps and 2 pockets on the interior and exterior to eradicate storage issues.

8. Bomber Aviator Shearling Sheepskin Leather

Now, this bomber jacket from RSH Leathercraft is fabricated from original leather. It has full sheep fur even on the sleeves and 2 waist pockets, making it a suitable option. Besides, the original shearling is warm and soft enough to provide you with optimal comfort and warmth on a cold spell.

9. Authentic Sheepskin Jacket Brown Shearling

Next, we have another shearling jacket manufactured from 100% real sheepskin. Thanks to the real shearling fur that keeps you immensely warm in blustery winters. What’s more? The coat features 2 slant pockets, a short notch collar, and a matte finish to give a dapper look.

10. Infinity B3 Shearling Sheepskin Leather

This Infinity shearling jacket is fashioned from full sheepskin lining. Additionally, the jacket comes with a buckled neck strap. Thankfully, the jacket has a snug fit. Make your rainy season special by wearing this waterproof jacket. 

11. Ben Sherman Fashion Outerwear Shearling

The Ben Sherman jacket is constructed from 100% polyurethane. The coat features 2 flap pockets to secure small essentials quickly. Apart from this, it has a furry collar that refreshes the winter look. The craftsmanship is flawless and has a comfortable fit.

12. G.H Bass & Co Shearling Military

Upgrade up your dressing while staying incredibly warm and relaxed with this winter coat. It is made of 100% polyester material and contains faux shearling and sherpa lining that supplements the comfort level. In addition, it features adjustable snap cuffs and a stand collar.

13. Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket Sheepskin

Coming at a slightly higher price bracket, this leather jacket is crafted from 100% sheepskin. It has a soft inside but gives a heavy feel due to high-end materials. This masterpiece is thoughtfully crafted to cement an everlasting place in your wardrobe. Best of all, it has a zipper closure, belt adjustments, and side pockets for hassle-free storage.


🤔 Who makes the best shearling jackets?

Levis, DKNY, G.H Bass & Co are some of the best options on the list without a single doubt. However, don’t hesitate to explore the entire market. You might be able to land on an ideal product.

🧐 Is a shearling jacket worth it?

Shearling jackets are one of the greatest investments a man can ever have. The ability to keep you warm and not sacrificing the style factor makes it an amazing choice to wear in freezing temperatures. Your shearling coat can serve you for the rest of your life if maintained carefully. Besides, shearling jackets are rugged, tough, and more durable than everyday jackets.

❓ What is a shearling jacket?

Shearling jackets are basically derived from the lamb’s skin. The sheepskin is tanned, dressed, leaving wool behind. It is deemed as a perfect material to
create coats and jackets of high quality. This jacket also delivers impressive performance against crisp weather conditions.

🙄 Why are shearling jackets so expensive?

As they are made from genuine sheepskin and intricate process of converting into jackets. Also, keep in mind, the price of a shearling jacket is determined by the softness of the wool. The best quality shearling jacket should have denser wool and thinner leather.

👀 Which is a warmer shearling jacket or down jacket?

Shearling jackets are always a better choice to consider for the winter season. Shearling jackets are more breathable and regulate the heat way better than down jackets. Down jackets might make you feel overly sweaty and warm. On the contrary, sheepskin coats allow you to retain the warm and nomial temperature while whisking away all the moisture.

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