12 Best Madras Shirts for Men

From being the apparel of the Indian working folk to becoming a fashionable outfit among suedeheads in the early 70S, and now closely associated with ivy league and preppies, the history of madras shirts is full of ups and downs when it comes to fashion trends.

However, it nevertheless remains popular as a casual, breathy outfit among men who love to look and feel cool when the heat’s going strong.

Madras shirts are commonly made of lightweight cotton fabric with a touch of checkered and tartan pattern designs that are identical at the front and back of the garment. What makes them a timeless classic is their versatility.

Formal, casual, or occasional, you can count on a Madras shirt anywhere.

If you’re already looking for the best Madras shirts for men, perhaps you would like to have a look at our top selection! The list includes shirts for men of every taste and budget!

Let’s dive into our list with top madras shirts for men.

1.  Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Wrinkle-Resistant Madras Shirt

Looking for something light to wear at your friend’s wedding or a casual fit for your everyday activities? This long-sleeve shirt from Goodthreads might be something you want to look at. Available in 39 different colors at an insanely low price, it beautifully resonates the traditional madras feel with a coarse texture that retains its originality.

2.  Gramicci Men’s Tuskegee Madras Shirt

While the brand is famous for producing outdoor clothing, the Tuskegee Madras Shirt from Gramicci fully radiates the 30-years craft of the brand with a stylish, classic touch. The quality of the fabric is immaculate, with a vibrant color pattern that doesn’t fail to turn eyes.

Just wear it any hour of the day, and you won’t regret it.

3.  Vintage 1946 Men’s Washed Madras Short Sleeved

Vintage 1946 is one of those brands that proudly advocates convenience. And after having a look at this Madras shirt for men, you’ll know why. This one features a decent tartan pattern complemented by a bluish color that fully captures the classic 70s look, with fabric as soft as a feather.

As it’s a versatile piece, you can simply rely on it as a formal outfit that is equally good for outdoor adventures.

4.  Land’s End Men’s Traditional Fit Short-Sleeve Madras Shirt

Well, this one might be something new for men used to the simple, characteristic madras color patterns, but there’s no way one could not call it awesome. Reinventing the color pattern ideas of Madras shirts, this short-sleeve shirt is available in a contemporary set of bright colors that make it suitable for adults and teens alike.

Although not something we would recommend for formal occasions, you would love it for a casual, outdoor outfit.

5.  Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Long-sleeve Lightweight Madras Plaid Shirt

Another decent quality affordable shirt from Goodthreads, it’s a breathable, soft shirt that you would like to add to your summer wardrobe. The color pattern is not so “hippy.” and will suit you well on formal occasions. Just make sure you are thin enough to fit in perfectly. This line of shirts from Goodthreads is notorious for its extra slimness.

6.  Nautica Men’s SS Yarn-Dyed Madras Shirt

Love it the old-fashioned way? Perhaps you need to look at this one. While staying true to the company’s motto, “versatility and comfort,” this shirt will instantly give you the 70s suedeheads vibes as soon as you put it on. The color texture is dark and simple, with a coarse but soft texture that keeps the originality of true Madras fabric intact.

If you’re more into comfort and simplicity, this might be your thing!

7.  HUF Men’s Madras Short Sleeve Shirt

A treat for geek chics and casuals, the HUF men’s madras short sleeve shirt is another grey-shaded addition to this list. The shirt is made of 100% pure cotton with custom engraved buttons and a chain stitch HUF logo on the upper left that aids to its overall aesthetics.

It lies more on the simplistic side of the spectrum, with a price that appeals to everyone.

8.  J.Crew Factory Men’s Slim-Fit Plaid Madras Shirt

By far the most unique one compared to our other selections, this Madras shirt represents the working class with style. It perfectly lives up to hip standards with a chic design that includes a chest pocket and conspicuously big buttons. The soft and lightweight cotton material makes it an ideal outfit for hot seasons, suiting men of every age and size.

9.  Amazon Essential Men’s Regular-Fit Long-Sleeve Linen Cotton Shirt

Although the inclusion of Linen affects the true essence of genuine Madras shirts, the addition is nevertheless loved by everyone who has worn this shirt so far. The linen adds an extra layer of softness, minimizing the coarse texture we usually see in regular Madras shirts. Incredibly light, soft, and breathable, it’s a joy to wear and summer.

The best thing? It’s unisex!

10. Tommy Bahama Island Zone Long-Sleeve Madras Shirt

If there’s one thing you can’t question about the Tommy Bahama Zone Madras shirt, it’s the fit. It is available in a single, elegant design with multiple sizes. Since there’s no use of cotton, the feel doesn’t resemble that of an authentic Madras shirt. But who cares as long as it looks the same with a feeling much softer and comfortable?


Those who love convenience over authenticity are not going to regret buying it.

11. True Nation DXL Madras Plaid Sport Shirt

Finding a perfect fit with a big and tall body is quite a chore. So if you have one, worry no more. DXL is a world-renowned brand for producing madras shirts for men with big bodies. Among their most renowned products is the true nation madras plaid sport shirt. It’s as good as any other shirt on the list and ticks every box of premium apparel. That too, while staying at the same price mark.

Not a bad deal, eh?

12. Wolverine Men’s Ausbin Short Sleeve Madras Shirt

If we had one word to describe it, that would be simply elegant. The Wolverine Men’s Ausbin short sleeve madras shirt is 100% cotton fabric with a touch of chambray at the interior for added comfort. The color pattern is simple and decent, which goes well for every occasion, with two chest pockets aiding its style.

The ultra-breathability and lightweight nature make it a good summer outfit for everyone.


🤔 Who is making the best Madras shirts?

There are many brands making high-quality Madras shirts. It all comes down to your budget and preference. For instance, if your budget is high, Drake’s can be your choice. Similarly, if you want something simple, functional, and affordable, your best bet is to settle on brands like Vintage 1946 and Gramicci.

🧐 Are Madras shirts in style?

Persistently? No! Specifically? Yes! Just like everything, Madras shirts also have a different, most specifically, preppy fanbase who love to wear it as their daily apparel. However, calling them something “highly trendy” would be an exaggeration.

🙋 What is a Madras shirt?

A lightweight, hand-woven, cotton fabric with striped, plaid, or checkered color pattern, made in India, is known as Madras shirt. However, the term is now common and used for any shirt that has the same style. It doesn’t have to be necessarily from India.

🙄 Why is it called a Madras shirt?

The shirt was first made in and is named after an Indian city, formerly called Madras, and currently known as Chennai. It found its way to the west with Britishers and is now a popular garment among men throughout the world and the west specifically.

👀 Why were Madras shirts so popular in the US in the 60s?

Madras shirts became popular among the post-world war II generation. They were inspired by skinheads and suedeheads found in the United Kingdoms in the early 60s and 70s, who wore Madras shirts as a requisite garb to represent their class.  

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