12 Best & Cool Key Lanyards

If you think lanyards are out of style, then you have never experienced true convenience. Lanyards are one of those things you own once and realize you can never continue without them.

They are unique convenient accessories with many uses.

When purchasing lanyards, first look for solid materials to prevent ripping and ensure that it does not pull or damage easily. Additionally, it has to be stylish and sometimes fun.

We offer a detailed list of some of the best lanyards to keep you looking cool in professional and casual situations.

Keep scrolling to find the ideal one for your needs.

1. GUARDER Cool Neck Lanyard

This is a stylish neck lanyard and another that you can wear on your wrist for convenience. The minimalist design is ideal for staying subtle while conveniently holding what you need held. It comes in multiple designs, so one is sure to satisfy your sense of style

2. Nike Lanyard

This one-size-fits-all lanyard from Nike offers excellent connivance and keeps you looking stylish and cool. The Nike logo shines in white, contrasting against the black background. The polyester fabric makes it durable and easy to clean. Additionally, the lanyard has a detachable quick-release clip for convenience.

3. GFHFRTHA Neck Strap Keychain

This stylish and modern lanyard is perfect for standing out. It has an eye-catching print that comes in multiple colors to help you stand out. The nylon fabric feels soft on the skin while retaining the integrity of the strap. Finally, it has a detachable clip.

4. Qikafan OW Neck Lanyard

This stylish lanyard is perfect for the gym and days when you do running or working out. You can easily attach your keys and keep them safe. It features a soft material that does not irritate the skin. The decorative detail makes it easier to identify.

5. COOKOOKY Neck Lanyard for Keys

If you want something stylish, bold but also cute, then consider this lanyard. It features decorative prints on each strap in various colors too. The polyester fabric is breathable and gentle on the skin, increasing comfort. Finally, it is effortlessly cool for any event, professional or casual.

6. Limeloot Blue Lanyard

You get this stylish lanyard that retains a bright exterior in multiple color options through the sublimation process. It has a durable ring that securely holds your badge or keys. Additionally, it comes with an easy release buckle to enhance convenience. Ideal for professionals.

7. Carousel Greetings Lanyard for Car Keys

The genius design and sewing of this lanyard ensure that it lies flat when you wear it. This, combined with the smooth polyester fabric, ensures that you are always comfortable. There are plenty of designs to choose from, but each lanyard is strong, functional and easy to clean.

8. Leonnn Key Lanyard for Men

This three-pack of lanyards is one of the best ones. The pack comes with a red, white, and black lanyard to allow you to match your outfits. Additionally, each can be for a separate occasion, or you can use them throughout a multiple-day conference or meeting.

9. KOOLIFE 3 Pack Lanyard

This is another 3-pack with stylish lanyards. It features a black one, a red one, and a checked one that mimics the classic Vans sneakers. Each has a polyester strap that rests comfortably on any skin type. It offers breathability and convenience at the gym or work.

10. Thread Wallets – Cool Lanyards

This lanyard is a minimalist’s dream, thanks to its slim design. This lightweight and durable strap feature polyester and leather for a comfortable strap. Each design is colorful, and one is sure to match your personality or style well. Consider getting one today.

11. Dog Karma Animal Themed Lanyard

The main fabric is silk polyester which offers maximum breathability and comfort. This is great for long days at the office or a working out session at the gym. It is suitable for both men and women, thanks to the lovely animal-themed designs and multiple colors.

12. POCKT Neck Lanyard

Finally, you have the option of this stylish and cool lanyard with a modern look. It has incredible designs to match various styles. This light and functional lanyard are ideal for everyday wear because it does not irritate the skin. You can carry a badge or keys comfortably.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a lanyard is a fantastic investment. It is a good way to accessorize creatively for the working professionals who have to wear a badge. For the people who need an obvious keychain for their keys, it ensures that you never lose them again. And for the people who love to collect, there are lanyards in various colors, patterns and themes. Just be sure to choose the right one, with durable materials and beautiful colors.


🤔 Can you use a lanyard for keys?

Yes, you can. Many lanyards allow you to carry badges and keys too. This is thanks to rings and detachable rings that you can use to attach your keys to. It is very common to use a lanyard for your keys. It is a secure way to carry them and ensure they do not go missing.

🧐 Why do people use a lanyard for keys?

Lanyards are easy to spot and hard to misplace. The long strap ensures that you can carry it conveniently on your neck or wrist. Additionally, you can attach it to your belt look to prevent misplacing. Lanyards are light and convenient; therefore, great for transporting keys and keeping them secure.

🙄 Are lanyards for keys?

Yes, lanyards are for keys. Initially, their construction was for badges and ID. However, the design now also supports keys. You can conveniently carry your keys using a lanyard. You can even carry both if you need to. The convenience of a lanyard allows you to have important things by your side at all times.

👀 How long is a lanyard for keys?

There are two types of lanyards for keys. One is a wrist lanyard that is long enough to wear on your wrist comfortably. It often measures about 15 centimeters. The other type of lanyard is a neck strap. It measures approximately 43 centimeters. Some are adjustable to meet your needs, but these basic measurements fit all sizes.

🥇 Who makes the best lanyards?

We believe that KOOLIFE makes the best lanyards. They offer a beautiful three-pack with patterned lanyards that are both professional and stylish. With this three-pack, you will make a statement that is not too distracting. This brand is a great place to start for cool lanyards.

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