Men’s Style Guide: 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Style

Are you tired of your closet?

You’ve worn the same clothes for such a long, they don’t feel stylish anymore.

Then why not change up your style?

This will help you try out brand new clothes and colours for your wardrobe, which you’ve never considered.

That, in return, will help you to find or improve your style!

So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

Why Change Up Your Style?

Before we get into the process of changing up your style, let’s talk about why should you even do it? Isn’t the goal of fashion to find your personal style?

That’s true, but you won’t be a stylish man if you keep wearing the same clothes. It’s like eating the same lunch every single day; it gets bland quite fast.

The whole purpose of this is to find and challenge yourself to try out something new. And who knows, maybe you’ll find new and exciting clothing to add to your personal style.

Now that you know the purpose let’s figure out how you could change up your style!

3 Ways of Changing Up Your Style

So, what type of ways could you change up your style? Well, there are 3 mains to do it:

  • Different Clothing Items. The most obvious way to change up your style is by trying out new clothes. So let’s say you wear sneakers all the time. Then the best way to change up your style is to try boots instead. Or if you’ve been wearing a denim jacket for a long time, then just change it up by wearing an aviator jacket.
  • New Colours. If new clothes sound like too much to you, you can start by just trying new colours. If your wardrobe only consists of black, grey, and white, maybe it’s time to bring a bit of pink, yellow, or green out. Additionally, if you’ve been wearing one-coloured shirts all the time, it’s time to try out ones with graphics or patterns. The choice is yours!
  • Try Out New Style Types. Does the other two sound too easy to you? Well, why not just try a brand new style type. Have you been wearing formal wear all the time? Then try to wear more casual clothes.

P.S You don’t have to only change up your clothes! You can try out new hairstyles, sunglasses, watches etc.

5 Step Process To Changing Up Your Style

Now that you know ways of changing up your style, it’s time to take action.

Here’s my 5 Step Process.

Step #1 – Take a Look at Your Closet

First things first, you should go to your wardrobe and see what you already have.

What kind of patterns do you detect? Do you notice a lot of the same colours? Maybe you see only one or two types of jackets?

Whatever you see, write that down! This will help you in the next step.

P.S You should also look at things you don’t want to change about yourself! If you love wearing sports jackets, then continue to do so. This will keep you from becoming an ordinary-looking man.

Step #2 – Determine What You’re Going to Change

Once you know your closet, it’s time to pick something you want to improve on your style. Will it be a new colour, clothing item, or a new style type?

Whatever you do, make sure that it doesn’t go too far away from your style. You don’t want to buy many new clothes just to try out a few new threads. So, for example, if you mostly wear neutral colours and want to add orange to your closet, buy a neutral orange clothing item.

You should also consider your comfort level when deciding on what you’re going to change. You want something that challenges you, but at the same time, doesn’t make you chicken out of trying.

Once you’ve found out it, you’re ready to take the next step.

Step #3 – Start Small

The best way to start is with tiny steps. This will not create a shock for you and your friends for looking radically different. Let’s say you wanted to start wearing purple. How would you start?

First, I’d try to wear something small like a tie or a pocket square. After some time, I’d start wearing it more noticeably by wearing a purple coloured T-shirt, and lastly a jacket.

Plus, it also helps you to see if you like the colour before buying many of the same coloured items. So you’ll save a lot of money that way!

Step #4 – Wear it Often

The first time you put something new on, you might have mixed feelings about it. I know I had with Cuban shirts! But don’t throw it away, and instead, try to wear it as often as you can.

If you don’t want yourself to be seen with that colour or clothing item, then wear it at your home first. Once you feel comfortable, go on a city walk with it. Continue to do so until you feel comfortable.

P.S If you’ve given multiple tries of wearing it and you still don’t feel comfortable, then the best alternative is to just give it away or sell it. No need to suffer in your clothes!

Step #5 – Repeat the Cycle

Now that it feels second nature to you, repeat the whole sequence again. The thing is to never stop experimenting. It doesn’t matter how stylish you are; you always have something new to try. And with those tests, you might find some new clothes that you didn’t think would suit you! That makes you more stylish and fresh looking.

If you’ve been following David Beckham for a while, you know that he continuously experiments with his hairstyles. Some are a miss, while others make him look very attractive. So do what David does, and you’ll find yourself becoming just as stylish as him.


Overall, I hope you now understand that changing up your style is a beneficial thing to do. So what are you going to try out? Comment down below; I’d love to hear that! I’ll be testing out T-Shirts with graphics on them!

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