26 Cocktail Attire Essentials

Choosing the right attire for an evening social event can be tricky; you can try different styles, but none of them will feel comfortable enough. That is until you take the cocktail attire route; it is without any doubt the go-to dress code for such events.

The main benefit of this style is that it is effortless and elegant, it is the amalgamation of personality with formality. People often mix up cocktail attire and formal wear, the truth is both of them are very different from each other.

If you are interested in dressing up in the cocktail look, there are a couple of things that you need to know about the cocktail attire essentials, and here we will talk about that in detail.


While the cocktail attire is not completely formal, but it does take a page or two from the formal dressing sense. Therefore, one of the most essential clothing items for this look is a nice blazer. For the cocktail attire, a more common choice is a darker suit or blazer. So colors like navy blue, cobalt or grey will work perfectly. If you are choosing a blazer, make sure that it is the figure-hugging kind as it looks much more modern. Don’t skip on the quality of the blazer because you are going to need something that is comfortable to wear.

1. Van Heusen Stretch Suit Jacket

Van Heusen is known for its timeless tailoring, and if you are looking for a nice blazer, this is the place to be. This particular jacket is made from a mixture of spandex, rayon and polyester, which gives a truly comfortable experience. It is available in a few different color options.

2. Perry Ellis Slim Fit Blazer

This slim fit blazer from Perry Ellis is made from 30% Rayon and 70% Polyester. It is a great blazer that is available in a few different size options and will look amazing on anyone wearing it. It is extremely comfortable and perfect for cocktail attire.

3. Kenneth Cole Slim Fit Blazer

Kenneth Cole is one of the most famous designers out there, and this slim-fit blazer tells you exactly why. It is one of the cleanest looking blazers that you can buy right now, and it is extremely comfortable. Depending on your choice, you can buy this blazer in a few different colors.


When it comes to cocktail attire, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is never wear jeans. You should go for a nice pants that look classy and is made from the most comfortable material. Make sure that you hem your pants as it makes for a cleaner look, and no one wants a pool of fabric at your ankles. The way your pants break at the end also matters; a short break is ideal for shorter men as it makes them look taller. On the other hand, taller men should go for a full break.

4. Van Heusen Straight Fit Pant

These pants by Van Heusen will work perfectly in a cocktail look. They are made from a mixture of Rayon, Spandex, and Polyester and are extremely comfortable to wear. The pants are available in a few different sizes and even more colors, so you will have complete control over what you want to wear.

5. Calvin Klein Dress Pant

Calvin Klein is known for producing some of the highest quality fabrics, and this is no exception. These pants are made from 90% polyester and are tailored to perfection. So, if you are looking for a decent pair of pants for your cocktail look, you are in the right place.

6.Perry Ellis Performance Pant

These pants by Perry Ellis is made from 100% polyester and feature button closure; they have a flat front and textured fabrication. The pants are available in a variety of color options so you can easily find something that works for you. The pants feel really comfortable.


If blazers aren’t your thing, you can even go for a nice suit, but just like with blazers, you need to choose something that is darker in color. Nowadays, there are a lot of people wearing colorful suits; not even though that looks good on some people, it is no cocktail attire. You should opt for tailored suits that fitted but are not too tight. Pair the suit with a nice pair of pants, belt and shoes, and you will be good to go. If you are looking for a nice suit, here you will find some great options.

7. Calvin Klein Slim Fit Suit

If you are looking for a decent suit for your cocktail look, you should take a look at this suit by Calvin Klein. The suit is made from 94% wool, and it is super comfortable to wear. The suit has a slim fit design, and it is available in a lot of different attractive colors.

8. Kenneth Cole Slim Fit Suit

Next, we have a slim fit suit by Kenneth Cole; it is largely made from polyester with a little bit of spandex and rayon. The suit has a notch collar and a flat front pant with an open bottom hem. The suit is available in a variety of colors so you can definitely find something that you like.

9. Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit

This Perry Ellis suit is made from 89% polyester, and it includes a fully lined jacket with a notch lapel. You can buy this suit in various sizes and even more colors, so there is a high probability that you can find something that you actually like.


It doesn’t matter if you prefer a whole suite or just a blazer, what you will need is a nice shirt underneath. For the perfect cocktail look, what you will need is a nice fitted dress shirt in blue or white color; any other color is unacceptable. If you think that plain shirts are too bland, there is nothing wrong with going for a patterned shirt, it may not be a traditional cocktail look, but it still works. The size of the shirt holds utmost importance as it can easily make or break your entire look.

10. Tommy Hilfiger Dress Shirt

This Tommy Hilfiger dress shirt is made from 100% cotton, and it is a non-iron fabric which basically means that it will resist wrinkles and allow you to look crisp all day. The shirt is available in many different colors, but if you are choosing one for your cocktail attire, then you should probably choose between white and blue.

11. IZOD Button-Down Oxford Shirt

This dress shirt by IZOD is made from a mixture of polyester and cotton, it is easily machine washable. The shirt has a classic design that will look amazing as part of your cocktail attire. The shirt is not even that expensive, but it sure looks costly.


As with all menswear, finding the right shoes is key as it brings the whole look together. If you are thinking about overlooking the need for great shoes, then you should think again. The go to choice for anyone trying to rock the cocktail attire is round toe leather Oxford; it is a timeless design and works with every variation of the cocktail look. You should buy shoes made from authentic leather, but don’t be afraid to play around with different textures like loafers or brogue punch holes. It is probably best if you choose classic colors like black or brown.

12. Nunn Bush Oxford Dress Shoe

The first shoe that we have is from Nunn Bush; it is a 100% leather shoe and has a synthetic sole. The shoe is extremely comfortable to wear, and it is available in a few different colors.

13. Steve Madden Harpoon Oxford

If you are looking for a simple looking shoe, this particular offering by Steve Madden will do just fine. It is made from high quality leather and is also available in a few color options that are appropriate for the cocktail look.

14. Hugo Boss Mirage Sneaker

If you are going for a less formal cocktail look, you will probably want to avoid leather dress shoes. Instead, you should go for these sneakers by Hugo Boss; they are extremely comfortable and durable as well.


It is fairly common for people dressed in cocktail attire to skip on the tie and to leave a few buttons from the top undone. It makes for a much more relaxed look, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even though this approach is quite popular, adding a slim tie can add a lot to the cocktail attire. Simple ties are elegant, but you can also experiment with textured ties like crocheted or silky versions. If you wish to add a little more color to your looks, this is the play to do so as it is encouraged for people to wear ties with brighter hues of greens, reds, or blues.

15. Stacy Adams Stain Tie

This first tie by Stacy Adams is made from pure polyester, and each tie is handmade by a skilled worker. The plus point of this tie set is that it comes with a matching pocket square if that is what you are looking for. Not only is this tie inexpensive, but it is also available in many colors.

16. Calvin Klein Tie

If you like wearing silk ties, Calvin Klein has got you covered; this is one of the most beautiful ties that you can buy, it also highly comfortable. When it comes to ties, you have a little more freedom choosing the color, and that is really fortunate as you can buy this particular tie in various colors.

The next essential we have are pocket squares; for people who don’t know what a pocket square is, it is basically a piece of cloth that hangs out of the front pocket of your suit jacket. Without this simple accessory, your cocktail look would not be complete, as it adds a lot of depth to the look. When it comes to pocket squares, there are loads of colors that you can go for it is the perfect place for you to play around with what works and what doesn’t. A pocket squares act like the final touch you need to complete a masterpiece.

17. Stacy Adams Pocket Square

This particular pocket square by Stacy Adams is made from 100% silk, and each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen. The pocket square is not that expensive, and it is available in 3 main color variations. So, if you are looking for high quality pocket squares, then you are in the right place.

18. Stacy Adams Solid White Pocket Squares

If you are looking for white colored pocket squares, Stacy Adams has got you covered. This pocket squares are handmade and are made from 100% polyester. They are high quality pocket squares that will definitely add an extra dimension to your look. These pocket squares are pretty inexpensive as well, which is obviously a bonus.


A belt is an absolute necessity for the cocktail look to work, and when you are choosing the right belt for your look, it is ideal if you stick to the classic styles. You should invest in more costly belts that are not too complicated and will last for many years and work for all occasions. The material of the belt also holds a lot of importance, and it is probably best if you just choose something that is made from good quality leather and does not wear easily. Leather and suede are probably the safest choices.

19. Hugo Smooth Leather Belt

This first belt by Hugo Boss is made from high quality 100% Cow Leather. Needless to say, this belt is made from the highest quality materials, which makes it highly durable. Sure, this belt might cost you a few extra dollars, but it will totally be worth it.

20. Tommy Bahama Casual Leather Belt

The next belt that we have is from a brand known as Tommy Bahama, this belt is made from 100% leather, but it is a bit cheaper option. You can buy this belt in a few different colors, which is a huge bonus. However, if you are going for a cocktail look, you should probably stick to the brown and black colors.


There is no denying the fact that cufflinks aren’t for everyone, but they do add a lot to the look. You can buy cufflinks in various price ranges that are made from precious materials. The cocktail attire does not demand that you wear cufflinks, but it does encourage it. So, if you think that you can carry yourself with cufflinks on, then you should definitely buy some. You should be very careful when you are buying cufflinks, because you want to buy something that is made from good materials and will last long.

21. Kenneth Cole Men’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an important part of the cocktail attire, and that is why you will want to buy the best quality cufflinks for your look. These cufflinks by Kenneth Cole are everything that you will ever wish for. They are both high quality and classy, wearing these cufflinks will add that something to your look.


No, what kind of men’s attire you choose, one thing is for certain that it is not complete without the right watch. When it comes to buying a watch, you should try to spend as much as your wallet allows you to. This is because a nice watch will last for generations if you take care of it. A watch adds an extra dimension to the look, and it tells you a lot about the personality of the particular person. There are many watch brands to choose from; here you will find some of the best watches you can buy.

22. Michael Kors Slim Runaway Watch

Michael Kors is one of the leading fashion brands out there, and they produce some beautiful timepieces. This watch has a quartz movement and is made from stainless steel. The watch is available in a few different colors. If you are looking for a budget friendly watch, this is what you need.

23. Fossil Chronograph Watch

If you are looking for a chronograph at a fairly competitive price, then you cannot go wrong with this watch by Fossil. The watch has a quartz movement, a 44 MM case size and a mineral crystal lens. It is accompanied by a genuine leather strap.

24. Skagen Signatur Minimalist Watch

Skagen is another popular watch brand, and if you are looking for a cheap timepiece that looks rather expensive, this is the way to go. The watch has a 40mm stainless steel case and has a simple white dial. The watch itself is powered by a quartz movement.

Fragrance and Cologne

The last thing that you need to think about to complete your cocktail attire is the fragrance or cologne. No cocktail attire is complete without a good smelling companion, a good scent will add a lot of depth to the look. You shouldn’t go for complicated scents, instead it is best if you choose something that minimalist and simple. When it comes to fragrances, everyone has a different preference and style, so you should take your time to find something that works for you. Here you will find some of the best fragrances.

25. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

The first fragrance that we have is 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. It comes in 6.8 ounce and 0.17 ounce pack, the fragrance has a very distinct and unfamiliar scent which is exactly what you need for your cocktail look. If you don’t own this fragrance yet, now is the time to make the purchase.

26. Dior Sauvage for Men

You can buy the Dior Sauvage fragrance in either a 3.4 ounce bottle or as 100 ML aftershave. This is one of the best fragrance that you can buy. Dior is famous for delivering high quality products, and this is the perfect example for it.


🤔 What is cocktail attire dress code for guys?

The best way to describe a cocktail attire is that it is pseudo-formal. What this means is that it takes inspiration from formal wear but gives it its own twist. It is ideal for someone who wants to wear a suit or blazer, but doesn’t want to look too formal.

🧐 Is a cocktail attire dress formal?

No cocktail attire is not formal in the traditional set, yes you can wear a suit or a blazer, but you can also play around a bit. For a formal look, you will need a nice suit, a tie and leather shoes, but for a cocktail attire, you can skip a few things.

✅ Are chinos good for cocktail attire?

Yes, chinos are good for cocktail attire, the only thing that is discourages are jeans because there is no way that jeans will fit in at a cocktail party.

🍸 Can you wear a sport coat for cocktail attire?

A sport coat is not traditional when it comes to cocktail attire, however, there are a lot of people who wear sport coats and look just as good in them.

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