13 Best Vegan Wallets for Men

Vegan wallets are becoming more popular.

More men realize that they need to do their part in preventing animal cruelty and preserving the environment. This admirable deed has reflected on their choice of accessories bringing in a new age of fashion that is stylish and great for the environment.

Today, there are many vegan wallets on the market, and it can be hard to choose just one. We encourage you to have a few for every occasion.

As experts in all things men, we compiled a detailed list of the market’s best vegan wallets. This list comprises of vegan wallets made from the best materials and with the best qualities.

Read on to get insight into the best vegan wallets for men in the market today.

1. Corkor Cork Wallet for Men

If you do not have the best view of vegan wallets, perhaps this rugged choice will change your mind. This is a beautifully designed wallet with a bifold design that keeps it slim and lightweight. It can fit discreetly in your back or front pocket, so you do not have to worry about pickpockets. It is made from superior cork leather, an excellent replacement for animal leather offering durability and style. It has a tough exterior but a smooth interior with multiple slots for your needs.

2. Ögon Designs Big Stockholm Aluminum Wallet

This is a beautifully crafted wallet that could pass for real leather at first glance. It embodies class and sophistication while effortlessly saving the environment. It is made of vegan leather with a snake print finish that goes throughout the exterior. This rugged exterior is sure to capture your attention, and you will be even more pleased when you discover the smooth interior with multiple slots for your items. It is lined with RFID-blocking technology to secure your cards from digital pickpocketing.

3. Timberland Men’s Trifold Nylon Wallet

When it comes to Timberland, you can always expect good things, and this wallet is a representation of the best that the brand has to offer. It is made of 100% nylon making it a perfect vegan wallet that is resilient, strong, and easy to clean. It can store up to 13 cards on the interior but maintains a lightweight and discreet appearance. Because it has a trifold design, you can be sure that all your items will remain safely stores within the wallet. It comes in multiple colors with a tasteful corner logo.

4. Leaf Leather Men’s Bifold Flip Wallet

If you are looking for something that embodies the environment just from looks, then this wallet will be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. This bifold wallet is a step into the wild, having been made from plant-based leather. It is strong, and you will notice that it is textured like traditional leather. The design features a thin, translucent outer layer made from a non-toxic BOPP film. It seals the leaf layer and protects it while maintaining the original texture and feel of the leaves.

5. Carhartt Men’s Billfold Wallet

This is another great vegan option that maintains the traditional animal leather design. It is made from canvas offering resiliency, and durability. Canvas is also absorbent and easy to clean, making maintenance much more manageable. The sides have leather trims with reinforced spine rivets offering a rugged casual look. It comes with an ID window and a removable pass case. The interior has multiple slots for fitting cards and cash as you need. Finally, it has a tastefully-placed logo that gives the wallet character.

6. Doshi Trifold Cork Wallet

Trifold closure wallets do not always have to be bulky and tasteless, and this cork wallet is proof of that. It is made from scratch-resistant cork material, which also offers durability. It is also stunning to look at. This trifold wallet has multiple slots on the interior perfectly lined to cushion your items securely. Considered better than PU leather, this wallet will have you looking sophisticated as you contribute to saving the environment.

7. Access Denied Vegan Leather Bifold Wallet

Made of 100% vegan faux leather, this wallet may just trick you into believing it is all leather. It is a bifold wallet that offers durability, strength, and sophistication. It embodies class, making it the perfect wallet for everyday use. It is handmade, stitched with precision, ensuring that everything stays together correctly. The interior has two cash compartments, with 9 credit card pockets, dual slip pockets, and 1 ID window. It is also lined with RFID blocking technology making it a great everyday wallet.

8. Corkor Slim RFID Wallet for Men

If you are a man who appreciates simple designs, then you will love this vegan wallet. Though simple, this wallet is functional and stylish. It is an excellent blend of features that minimalists will also appreciate. Thanks to its slim design, it fits discreetly in your front or back pocket. It is a quality replacement for leather that gives you a durable, tough exterior that is also classy and stylish. It comes with a coin pocket and is available in multiple colors.

9. The Vegan Collection Black Armstrong Trifold Wallet

If you like a smooth finish with zero animal cruelty, get ready to meet your new favorite wallet. It is made from faux leather giving it the appearance of animal leather. It also has some great properties, including durability, excellent resiliency, and strength. The interior can hold multiple items, thanks to designated slots that will keep you organized. It has blended stitching that holds together well and features a tasteful logo on the side.

10. Hempy’s Hemp Bi-fold Slim Line Wallet

Made of 100% hemp canvas, this is a great vegan wallet that does well for the environment. It is stylish and offers durability from the fabric to construction. This simple and elegant wallet will take you from the office to your date in a minute, thanks to the multiple compartments that can accommodate 8 cards as well as other items. It comes in multiple colors and is the right look for both casual and professional attire.

11. Michael Kors Men’s Harrison Slim Billfold Wallet

This vegan wallet from Michael Kors could be that pop of sophistication you have been looking for. Both the exterior and interior are durably constructed for extended use. The interior has multiple compartments that will help to keep your organized. It can carry 6 credit cards comfortably without losing its shape. It has a tastefully placed logo on the bottom that adds to its classy character.

12. Baldwin Bifold Water Resistant Cordura Cork Wallet

Genuine 500D Cordura Classic nylon has never looked so good. This beautiful wallet will capture your attention and earn you glances from others; everyone is sure to notice this stylish and modern wallet. It has a classic bifold design that keeps everything in place securely. It has 8 RFID protected slots and two external slots for easy access items. It is tougher than canvas and offers much-needed water resistance. Overall, each wallet has a unique natural pattern that adds character and makes it more stylish.

13. AG Wallets Men’s Vegan Leather Bifold Wallet

This is another smooth finish wallet that has a velvety appearance, enhancing visual points. It is stylish and sophisticated, made from faux leather. This wallet can withstand scratching, is very durable, and smooth to the touch. The interior allows you to hold multiple items, and each is lined with RFID blocking technology to guard against digital theft. It is a great gift idea that will look well against any outfit style.


🧐 Which brand vegan wallet is the best?

The best brand of vegan wallet, in our opinion, is Timberland. Timberland vegan wallets are carefully constructed to meet your functional needs. They do not sacrifice style for usability as their vegan wallets are stylish, embodying timeless designs. Timberland also focuses on a slim appearance to help with invisibility, a quality that all wallets should uphold.

🤔 What is a vegan wallet?

Vegan wallets are wallets that have been made from leather replacement materials. These materials can be made out of anything, including banana leaves and synthetic fibers. Vegan wallets are popular among vegans and environmentalists. This is because they are cruelty-free and good for the environment. Vegan wallets are becoming more popular as people turn to sustainable fabrics.

⭐ What is the most durable vegan wallet material?

We think that classic nylon is the most durable vegan wallet material. You will notice that nylon offers strength, unlike any other began fabric. It is also resilient, meaning that it retains its original shape even with stretching and pulling. Also, nylon is resistant to corrosion, rust, and scratches. Finally, nylon holds together well with proper stitching giving each nylon wallet many years of use.

🔴 Are all-vegan wallets RFID blocking?

Unfortunately, not all vegan wallets have RFID blocking technology. Those that do, however, triumph as some of the best because illegal RFID scanning could cost you money and rob you of private information. Some vegan wallets come fully lined with RFID blocking technology. Others have designated pockets that are protected from illegal scanning of RFID chips.

✅ What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is also known as synthetic leather. It is a replica of animal leather made from synthetic materials and vegetation. It is a substitute for animal leather and has a leather-like finish. Nowadays, vegan leather can be made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, leaves, cork, and even fruit waste.

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