12 Best Tie Clips

Tie clips are one of the few accessories you can wear with your suit and retain a professional look.

Additionally, they are effortlessly stylish, so you do not have to worry about making them look good.

When selecting a tie bar, you need to keep an open mind. Some have bold prints, but it does not mean that they will make you look distracting. Instead, they add a stylish flair to your outfit and act as great conversation starters. Others are simple and ideal for minimalists.

Tie clips offer a sophisticated and timeless look.

Whatever look you go for, expect to look a lot better.

Keep scrolling for a list of great options to add to your ensemble.

1. Kenneth Cole REACTION Classic Tie Clip

This is a sleek and well-designed tie clip that will give your outfit a dazzling look but not distracting. It is a strong clip that will securely hold the tie in place. The clip mechanism is easy but not weak, so you can expect great functionality.

2. Tateossian Rhodium Plated Corto Tie Clip

Consider this stylish tie clip for a sophisticated and classy look that does not take away from your professionalism. It has a fibre optics glass and rhodium plating surface for a smooth feel and luxurious look. It will make you look effortlessly stylish and formal.

3. David Donahue Sterling Silver Tie Bar

The overall design of this tie bar makes it practical and ideal for the modern man. It features sterling silver construction with a slide-on feature for convenience. In addition, it comes in a stylish gift box, propelling it to the top of the list of giftable items.

4. Ted Baker Carbit

This beautiful tie clip is made from a blend of brass, carbon fibre, and rhodium plating. Therefore, you can expect durable functionality that will last a long time. In addition, the carbon fibre detailing on the upper surface makes it pop enough to draw attention but not distract.

5. Superman Carbon Fiber Tie Clip

Thanks to this stylish tie clip, you can show off your inner Superman while dawning your Clark Kent exterior. It is made from carbon fibre, with a delightful superman logo on the side. It is noticeable enough to add an impactful punch to your power suit.

6. Targaryen Onyx Tie Clip

If you are a conqueror at heart and need a subtle reflection or reminder, consider this tie clip. It features details of House Targaryen, embodying the true spirit of dominance. It is made from durable stainless steel with inlaid Onyx, promising superior endurance.

7. Ox and Bull Navy Enamel Inlaid Tie Clip

Next is this tie clip featuring a simple design ideal for minimalists. It has a plated metal base with details of blue enamel. This combination draws subtle attention, enhancing your professional look. In addition, it has a durable hinge closure at the back for easy and reliable use.

8. MERIT OCEAN Smart Wood Tie Clips

This is a stainless steel tie clip with high-quality wood accents. This combination makes it the ideal accessory for any suit and any event. The pack comes with three clips, each dawning a different shade of wood. More choices for your various suits and different situations.

9. Glow Hyperdrive Tie Bar

This tie bar is the perfect accessory for Star Wars fans. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, this stylish tie bar features a black plated metal base with ‘hyperdrive’ accents made from glow-in-the-dark enamel. It even comes in a branded Star Wars gift box for the superfan in your life.

10. Millennium Falcon Tie Bar

This is another great option for enthusiastic Star War fans. The tie clip features a silver-tone plated base metal and enamel. This combination offers excellent durability and a sleek touch. And at the edge, you will find a charming miniature replica of the Millennium Falcon.

11. Star Wars Satin Black Imperial Symbol Tie Bar

If you are often drawn to the dark side, then consider this black Imperial Symbol tie bar. The design is an obvious embodiment of the Galactic Empire; strong, unbreakable, and reliable. And it is officially licensed by Lucasfilm, making it a genuine gift item for fans.

12. HONEY BEAR Skinny Tie Clip Bar

This is an infinity tie clip, ideal for people who love simple designs. It is a great addition to a professional ensemble made from brass free from nickel, cadmium, and lead plating. This offers a great defence against impact and corrosion. It has great colour retention too.

Final Thought

In conclusion, nothing beats a good tie bar. This stylish accessory will help you look less stuffy and more powerful in your suits. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity to get official merch from your favourite fandoms. So, whatever you choose, wear it with pride, and if someone notices, use it as a conversation starter to break the ice.


🤔 What is the best tie clip?

We believe that the Kenneth Cole REACTION Classic Tie Clip is the best tie clip for any man. This is because it upholds a simple and classic design that draws attention but does not distract. Additionally, it is made from durable materials that make it sleek to the touch and easy to use. Furthermore, because it comes in multiple variations, any man can find one that best suits their style or occasion.

🧐 Are tie clips in style?

Tie clips never go out of style. To achieve a professional look, you need something that will hold your tie in place not to swing around and make you look distracting. A good tie clip will help you achieve this function. Additionally, it is a great accessory that you can wear with your suit and still look professional.

❓ How do I choose a tie clip?

Choosing a tie clip is easy, just look for what you like and ensure it is made from durable material such as carbon fibre, stainless steel, rhodium, or brass. Because this accessory is small, you can get playful designs and still look well put together.

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