11 Attractive Habits For Men That Women Love

If you’ve been educating yourself in style, you might have gone to this conclusion. Being a stylish man is more than dressing well! It’s also the way you interact with the people around you. And when you implement these 11 habits, your attractiveness will skyrocket. Even if you do half of them, you’ll see an improvement.

So without further wasting time, let’s get into it, shall we?

#1 – Have Good Manners

Being cool and stylish doesn’t mean being a jerk. It’s the counter opposite. People love to be around well-mannered people. Here are a couple of ways to improve your behaviour:


  • Open doors for others. It doesn’t matter if it’s the girl you wanted to go on a date, your friend from high school or a complete stranger; opening the door for others is considered an appealing trait. So go open those doors for everybody!
  • Be on Time. Try to always be on time for any meetings or social gatherings. That way, you’re showing that you respect their time.
  • Show your gratitude. Whether somebody did a big or small favour for you, you should always thank them. This way, you’re making them feel good about themselves and shows that you value their efforts.

#2 – Having a Skin Care Routine

If you want to become the best-dressed man in the room, you’ll have to go further than wearing matching clothes. And the most significant way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd of average-looking men is to have a good skincare routine.

By having a daily ritual, you’ll not just look younger but more energised! So buy a face wash, and look your best.

#3 – Working Out

When I mean working out, I don’t mean hitting the gym daily! In fact, you don’t need to lift weights if you don’t want to! But what I’m trying to tell you is to do some physical activity. That way, you won’t just get a fit body, but you’ll always feel energised.

My recommendation. If you can, go to work and leave work on a bicycle. I always do this because it helps me to forget about the stress created by my job and gives me back the energy I had in the mornings!

#4 – Have Hobbies

Another thing you want to get is hobbies. These activities will make you instantly a more attractive person, no matter what hobby you have! It can be as simple as playing video games! While most women don’t like video games, it’s still considered attractive. Why? It’s your passion that makes you more attractive and exciting.

Here are a few ideas on what hobbies to try:

  • Play an instrument. Ever wanted to play the saxophone? Or maybe a guitar? If so, then go ahead and start learning.
  • Making tasty food is a very attractive hobby in the eyes of women. Plus, if you can make your favourite food at home, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.
  • Learn Self-Defence. Knowing how to protect yourself and others is not just an attractive hobby to have but could also save your life. So if you haven’t at least learned some moves, it’s good to take a course.

#5 – Dressing Well

This is an obvious one, but dressing well means more than wearing matching colours! It’s about going the extra mile. So how do you do it?

Well, let’s say that you’ll be wearing a suit. Then first, start matching the leathers and metals. Have the same coloured watch strap and belt! Additionally, to make you look even crisper, you should iron your shirt. Lastly, a complimenting scent will do wonders for your attractiveness.

Go the extra mile for every outfit, and you’ll start getting noticed.

#6 – Giving Full Attention to People

Another thing that women like is when you give full attention to them while they are talking. So look at their eyes when they talk.

Additionally, don’t always respond with an “uh-huh” all the time! Instead, give your opinion on the matter, and ask questions about it.

This way, you’ll keep the conversation going, and the girl feels like she’s listened.

#7 – Being positive

Another appealing habit is to be positive. Nobody likes to be around a person that only complains and brings the mood down. So go ahead and be a happy individual. Then you’ll bring the attitudes up for everyone.

My recommendation: If you want to be a happier person, here’s what has helped me be more positive. Two words: Do Sh*t. Do the things you always wished to do, and you’ll see the world in a different light. That alone has helped me tremendously! So go and do something!

#8 – Having a Good Posture

With most of us being on computers for many hours, most of our backs have become slouched. And that’s not attractive! So how do you fix it?

There are multiple ways to do it, but what has helped me is doing daily walks! During walking, I’ll listen to podcasts or audiobooks while keeping my back straight. Once you’ve done it enough times, you’ll see yourself having a better posture.

#9 –  Having A Good Grooming Routine

Another way to be a more attractive man is to have an excellent grooming ritual. So here are the things you should do:

  • Pluck your eyebrows
  • Cut your nails
  • Shave/Trim your beard
  • Whitening your teeth
  • Using good quality products for your hair
  • Going to the barber every two weeks.

You should all of them regularly. If you don’t, you might just turn off a woman. If she looks at you and sees you haven’t cut your nails, she could see you as filthy, no matter what you’re rocking! So groom yourself frequently.

#10 – Have Goals In Life

Many men like to live an average life. That’s fine, but there’s a problem – It’s Boring. Once you have goals in life, you’re a more interesting person. You look more committed and seem to have a purpose in life. And that’s way more attractive than an average life with no goals to strive for!

#11 – Being Confident

Confidence is something that women are magnetised to! They love a confident man. So don’t a yes, man! But at the same time, confidence doesn’t mean being cocky. It means having the courage to express your opinions and say no from time to time.


Now you know the 11 habits that make you a more attractive man! So what habits do you already have?  What will you be trying to improve on? Comment down below; I’d love to know! For example,  I still need to work on my confidence and having good manners.

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