15 Best Men’s Trench Coats

Talk of timeless garments and trenchcoats will come out as the most fashionable, enduring, and graceful outfit that continues to maintain its cult status among fashion-savvy individuals.

Created in the 1800s, trench coats have always kept up with the ever-changing fashion trends. From being used in real wars to among the few consistently liked men’s apparel, every man who loves to feel sexy has it in his wardrobe.

So no matter if you need something to rock your winter looks or a cozy garment to withstand the unpredictable weather of summers, having the best men’s trench coats is a choice we couldn’t recommend more.

Below given is the list of our top selections.

See it yourself and find the one that clicks with your budget and personality!

1. LONDON FOG Men’s Double Breasted Stretch Trench Coat

If you have been familiar with London Fog products before, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s a full-fledged summer garment made of thin, lightweight, and 100% waterproof polyester. Plus, it’s true to size and has khaki and black color variations that will serve well for a casual fit.

2. Men’s Double Breasted Trench Coat

Looking for a perfect– on-budget cozy winter fit? LINGMIN men’s double trench coat has got you covered. Inspired by the classic detective design, this trench coat is as stylish as protective against harsh weather. Anyone who loves to rock the classic 70s looks will love it. But beware, there are no built loops, so this might be a bit of a turn down for some.

3. AX Armani Exchange Men’s Trench coat

Well, if you come across it right off the blue, you’ll mistake it for a long jacket. But no one will blame you as AX Armani doesn’t have that old-school “bogey” vibe. Although a little expensive, its 100% polyamide fabric is softer than a typical old-school trench coat. The zipper closure and hoodie make it even more contemporary.

A modern take on the old-school design, it can be an excellent gift for your teenager relative or son.

4. Cole Haan Men’s Water-Resistant Rain Coat

One word to describe it? It’s the iPhone of men’s trench coats. High quality, aesthetic, and resonating pure minimalistic essence, Cole Haan is one of those pieces that looks good on everybody. A bit expensive in terms of budget, it’s worth every penny for the neat and smooth exterior. So If you fancy luxury items, this one is going to express it loud and clear!

5. HART SCHAFFNER MARX Men’s Barrington

Another addition to the line of timeless classics, Hart Schaffner Marx men’s Barrington is something you can’t miss on. Talk of anything from quality to looks, and it doesn’t seem to compromise on any. The material is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which makes it soft and durable at the same time. Plus, it’s rain repellent!

Simply a total steal for the price.


6. Gafeng Men’s Trench Coat

Brace yourself! For now, comes the cheapest, lightest, and most vibrant trench coat in this list. An ultra-low-budget piece, it’s available in 7 colors, all stylish and simplistic. With this on, you can easily keep anyone in a pleasant deception for as long as you don’t mention the price. Not highly recommended for harsh winters, though!

7. OFF THE DOOR Men’s Light Weight Trench Coat

It’s a slim and hooded trench coat that is predominantly inspired by the AX Armani. The fabric used here is polyester instead of polyamide, so you can expect its price comparatively lower than its Armani counterpart. Nevertheless, it’s one of those garbs you can pull on anywhere; at parties, offices, or a family gathering. It will complement any attire.

Simply beautiful!

8. Pantete Men’s Double Breasted Trench Coat

Ah! Just if it had a nice hoodie… and you would look full-on Arno Victor Dorian from assassin’s creed. That’s because this one is a bit longer than your usual trench coat, and for every good reason! The colors are purely based on simplistic ideas that only aid its aesthetics. For mid-budget apparel, it’s a gem among hundreds…especially when all you want is style.

9. Lars Amadeus Men’s Trench Coat

From its looks, Lars Amadeus is one of those pieces that gives the wearer that wall street guy vibe straight off. Strictly simplistic with a nice touch of aesthetics and a set of plain colors, you’ll feel like a bossy gentleman right the second you put it on.

10. AOWOF’s Double Breasted Trenchcoat

Although a bit quirky for such a classy line of men’s garments, AOWOF’s trench coat is nevertheless one of those that fashion savvies will love regardless. It’s slim, durable, and peculiarly stylish that will suit you best for casual use. The price is also quite appealing for our budget buddies.

11. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Hooded Rain Parka

Want something to save you from the rainy weather like a pro? Perhaps you should try this one! As it’s not an authentic trench coat, it doesn’t have that specific classy vibe to it. However, as far as quality and price are concerned, there’s nothing to dislike. Plus, it’s design is pretty trendy.

12. BGSD Men’s Waterproof Classic Trench Coat

Staying true to the authentic trench coat design, BGSD has quite experimented with this one. It’s a 100% polyester/nylon made coat with button closure and a belt surrounding it. The quality is just what you would expect from a trademark USA brand. You will feel ultra-masculine with this on 😉.

13. Cole Haan Signature Men’s Classic Rain Jacket

Cole Haan takes pride in their quality. And this men’s classic rain jacket stays right up to it. The material used is polyester, with a basic design. Although it doesn’t help much in providing warmth, the durability is exceptional and will last for ages. This can be a great option in the rainy summer days where you can’t bother carrying an umbrella 24/7.

14. Billy Reid Men’s Trench Coat

Encompassing the fashion genius and quality of Billy Reid, it’s a rugged-looking trench coat with khaki color and unusual patterns. The material is 100% nylon that complements its overall rough-ish appearance with enhanced durability. However, we would only recommend it for people with particular tastes.

It’s unique, however, not classy.

15. Adam Baker Men’s Full-Length Trench Coat

A committed vegan with great body bulk? Check this baby out! It’s a fully synthetic trench coat with great size variations and a set of colors that goes well with any apparel. Although completely synthetic, you still get that cotton-ish softness that gives it a premium feel. It’s excellent for elders and adults alike.


🤔 What is a trench coat for men?

A trench coat is a relatively long cousin of the conventional waterproof jackets, usually (but not necessarily) made of water-resistant material.

Although mainly created to support officers through the harsh weather and dirty conditions of world war 2, it soon gained popularity afterward.

Its size is 36-45 inches in general. It is now among the most elegant parts of men’s apparel, irrespective of necessity or style.

🧐 Are trench coats for men in style?

Trench coats have survived and maintained their place in the wardrobe of everyone for more than a century now.

And the streak doesn’t seem to be ending any soon. Due to the timeless design that adds a peculiar grace to every man’s stature and personality, it is still consistently loved and worn by everyone worldwide.

Plus, it’s quite a fashionable addition to casual outfits. Even women love it on men, and on themselves as well ;).

👀 What is the best trench coat for men?

Well, it depends on your preference. Suppose you are looking for an overall classic endurance beast at a reasonable price; the London Fog trench coat is a good choice. For premium-loving fashion savvies, Cole Haan will work out great.

Similarly, suppose you are one of our many budget-tight buddies who just need something to get through rainy days without soaking their wallets and phones in water. In that case, something like Gafeng men’s trench coat will work best.

🙄 What is the point of a trench coat?

If you asked this question from someone back in the day, you would probably get the answer like “to save men from dirt and rain.” Ask it now, and you’ll get several replies. Some love to wear it for “swag.” They usually buy the fancy ones.

However, most people just need something to get through a rough day, so they go for something equally light and water-resistant.

And then comes trench coats made of insulating fabric to give you that extra warmth you will need in chilling winters. Means there’s a huge variety now. And it really depends upon what you require of it.

❓ What is the best length for a men’s trench coat?

The best length for a man’s trench coat is 2-3 inches above the knee. The sleeves should be of optimum size, e.g., not too short that the wrist is exposed, nor too long that he looks like a child in his night suit. For short men, going for a medium-size will usually fit you well, with large or extra-large for men above 6 and 6’2.

Although checking it out hands-on will give you a good idea, you can also check out online reviews to see if the trench coat is true to its size. If it is, see your previously owned, nice-fitting coat and compare the lengths. If both are the same, there’s a good chance that the new trench coat will look fantastic on you.

☝️ What looks good with a trench coat?

Despite being designed strictly for military uniform back in the day, trench coats have proven to be an excellent addition to every outfit.

Be it your black-tie office shirt, a trendy sweater, or a simple T-shirt, or anything in between, a trench coat will look fabulous with pretty much anything.

Just make sure the color of your trench coat and other outfit complement each other perfectly. If they do, then there’s nothing to worry about. You will look great anyway!

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