23 Best Men’s Bathrobes

Relaxing and spending some time at home is necessary for all working adults. A bathrobe is a perfect accessory for this time.

It is the first thing you put on when you take your morning coffee and read the paper. It is there when you come home to a lounge and read a book before bed.

Considering how much you will get out of your bathrobe, you must choose the best.

Buying the best robe for you comes down to a few key features. The first is material; your bathrobe should always be comfortable on the skin and breathable. Cotton bathrobes are ideal for absorbency, whereas polyester robes are better for warmth and plushness.

Check the weight of the bathrobe that is closely linked to the material. Heavier robes are warmer and better for winter while lighter dresses are for staying covered up during summer.

As for size, ensure you check the length and waist to ensure you get the correct size.

Altogether, consider the following bathrobes the next time you need this luxurious accessory.

1. Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Robe

This is a pure cotton robe that will offer comfort due to its absorbency power. It is also lightweight making it the perfect summer robe. It features a sleek classic design with comfortable pockets on the front. Thanks to the pre-shrunk nature of the fabric, you never have to worry about your robe shrinking in the wash. The design of the gown features an inside tie to prevent your gown from opening up when you sit down. You can wear it even when you are around people because there will be no unexpected surprises.

2. Hugo Boss Men’s Kimono Robe

Kimono designs are all the rage this year, and this robe is an indication of why. It is made of 100% cotton offering easy washing by washing machine. It is also lightweight, breathes easily, and is very comfortable. The design provides a pull-on very secure closure. This classic bathrobe style features a front-facing sleeve hem with piping in contrast colour for beauty. It has tasteful logo embroidery on the chest in contrast colour to add character. Finally, it has a pair of side pockets to help keep your hands warm.

3. NY Threads Luxurious Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe

If you are looking for something a little heavier for the winter, then this bathrobe will not disappoint. It is made of 100% polyester, which is super soft, plush with a shawl collar made from coral fleece. It is the best option for relaxation, and lounging after a long day at work. It features a classic design with a pair of front pockets for your hands or lounging items. Each bathrobe has an adjustable waist belt that is perfect for securely closing the robe with no chances of slipups. It is machine washable for natural care.

4. Nautica Long Sleeve Cotton Woven Robe

When it comes to Nautica, you can always expect quality items that are unique in design and easy to maintain. This robe is an example of such being made of 100% cotton. It is breathable, lightweight, easy to clean using a washing machine, and absorbent. The design features an elastic closure with a drawstring making it adjustable and secure so you can wear it confidently around the house. The plan also has side seam pockets to hold small items and to keep your pockets warm. The knit waistband offers a snug fit around the waist.

5. Alpine Swiss Aiden Men’s Cotton Bathrobe

This is a luxurious and thick robe that is made from 100% cotton. It will make every day feel like a spa day as it is heavier than the traditional cotton robe. It is thick high quality 100% Cotton Velour on the outer surface, and the interior is ultra-soft and 100% cotton terry. The inside is very absorbent while the exterior is soft and warm. The functional design has a shawl collar to keep your neck warm. It also has full sleeves for free movement, and an adjustable, removable belt to keep it securely closed.

6. Arus Men’s Hooded Classic Bathrobe

With this hooded robe, you will feel snuggly and warm every time you wear it. It is made of 100% Turkish cotton; the premium cotton construction with single ply loops on the inside and also on the outside make it absorbent and gentle to your skin. With each wash, it gets softer and smoother against your skin. It has a wide-cut design for free movement on the legs and arms. This hooded bathrobe is perfect for any occasion, including swimming and lounging. The belt comes with two belt loops to adjust to your preference.

7. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe

A kimono collar is not the only advantage you will get from this stylish robe. It is made of terry cloth cotton; offering excellent absorbency with an additional soft plush. This combination is quite comfortable in both hot and cold conditions. It is stitched for durability offering multiple uses including lounging, baths, spas, and swimming. The design features a kimono collar that fits well on your neck, an adjustable belt, and front pockets for warmth and small items. With fifteen colour options, you can match your towels and create a luxurious collection of warm bathrobes.

8. BOCA BT TERRY Plush Long Robe

Quality and comfort are what you will get with this beautiful and luxurious robe. It is made of a blend of cotton and polyester, offering both absorbency and warmth. This blend is the same type you will find in luxury hotels and spas, only now, it will be in your home. It is also lightweight, so it is perfect for the gym, saunas, spa, swimming pool, or simply lounging in the house. The robe is equipped with double belt loops to ensure that it never comes undone; no more embarrassing moments. It has two front pockets for small essentials.

9. UGG Men’s Robinson Robe

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated in design, then this is the bathrobe for you. At first glance, you will realize that is it the perfect luxury robe for lounging around. It is made of a blend of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. This blend offers absorbency together with warmth and comfort. It is also quite breathable and safe for machine washing. It has secure belt closure, so you need not worry about embarrassing moments any more. The specked top design offers a unique beauty that will be the perfect addition to your closet.

10. Hanes Athletic Fleece Hooded Robe

Made of a premium blend of cotton and polyester this bathrobe is perfect for the swimming pool and the spa. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester this robe gives absorbency, breathability, and warmth. The interior has soft fabric that rests well against your skin; it is suitable for people with sensitive skin as well. The design offers a hood for style and warmth thanks to the drawstring feature. It also has secure belt closure to prevent embarrassing slipups. The belt is fully adjustable to fit your body correctly. It also has three oversized pockets for essentials.

11. Polo Ralph Lauren Microfiber Plush Robe

From Ralph Lauren, you can only expect luxurious, high-quality items that will help you get relaxed in style. This robe is an excellent addition to the company’s impeccable reputation. It is made of 100% polyester, which offers a soft and plush feel against the skin. This material is also quite warm, making this robe the best for cold weather. It is also quite easy to clean as it is washing machine safe and can be washed with non-chlorine bleach if needed. It has a tasteful logo on the check and secure belt closure.

12. Latuza Cotton Flannel Robe

With an inner lining and beautiful design, this robe is one of the best in the market. The classic design robe is made of 100% cotton for superior breathability and absorbency; it makes it perfect for swimming, lounging, and everything in between. The design features a shawl collar with long sleeves for the traditional timeless look. It has a detachable tie closure that securely holds the robe closed; no more embarrassing moments when getting your morning coffee. The front also has two patch pockets for small essentials, and the robe comes in 6 colours in a checkerboard print.

13. Fishers Finery Eco fabric Resort Terry Robe

This lounge around robe is the perfect addition to your relaxation time at home. It is made of a premium eco-fabric; a blend of 70% Bamboo Viscose and 30% Cotton. It offers superior breathability, absorbency, and feels good on the skin. It is a full-length robe with a cuffed long-sleeve design. It is belted for secure closure. Thanks to the moisture-wicking technology, you need not worry about breaking a sweat in the robe as moisture will be drawn outwards. This function helps to regulate temperature. Finally, it has well-stitched from pockets for essentials.

14. U2SKIIN Fleece Plush Collar Shawl Bathrobe

This classic hooded robe is the perfect birthday gift for the man in your life. It is made of 100% polyester making it a plush robe great for relaxation and lounging. It is warm and lightweight so you can wear it all day comfortably. It also feels good on the skin, so you need not worry if you have sensitive skin. The front has two large pockets for essentials and to keep your hands warm. It is machine washable offering easy maintenance. Multiple washes make the fabric softer and smoother on your skin.

15. Tommy Bahama Plush Robe

This is a luxurious robe from Tommy Bahama that will not disappoint. It will fulfil all your relaxation needs while being effortlessly beautiful. It is made of 100% polyester, ensuring that it is plush and soft against the skin. It is also warm. It has a shawl collar to keep your neck warm and comfortable; an added luxury. The material also makes it machine washable after which it will come out smoother and just as plush. It has a belt for a secure closure, so you never have to experience and embarrassing slipup again.

16. IZOD Men’s French Terry Robe

This classic design robe features simplicity and functionality. It is made of a premium blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. It offers superior breathability, comfort for all-day lounging, warmth, and absorbency. This fabric makes it easy to maintain as all you would need to do is wash it in a washing machine as per the recommendations. It has secure belt closure that is also adjustable to fit your needs. It has deep front pockets to keep your hands warm in the winter or carry essentials on your spa day, or swimming activates.

17. Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe

This is a full-length bathrobe that is an excellent addition to your relaxation kit. It is made of 100% polyester making it practical but comfy. It is surprisingly lightweight so you can lounge in it all day without getting too hot. With two front pockets, you can either keep your hands warm or carry around essentials as you lounge. It is very plush so it will feel comfortable on your skin; the hood is an excellent addition, especially if you are going swimming. It has a belt with several loops for secure closure.

18. Bagno Milano Men’s GOTS Certified Organic Bathrobe

This is another beautiful robe that looks and feels luxurious. It is made of 100% cotton that is woven in loops to quickly absorb water and reduce bulk and heaviness. The ultra-absorbent design makes it the perfect spa bathrobe for after a shower or bath, after swimming, or while just relaxing. The fabric does not have any harsh compounds, so the robe will not irritate your skin. It has a wraparound kimono style with two front pockets round out. It has a full-length design with an adjustable belt for secure closure.

19. #followme Ultra Soft Velour Robe for Men with Hood

This is a great robe that is perfect for lounging in the comfort of your home. It is made using super soft velour knit fabric that feels great against the skin. It is ideal for keeping you toasty on chilly nights; especially with the two front pockets for your hands. Attached is a classic hoodie for extra warmth and cozy style. It has strong stitching and perfectly-lined hems to create the most durable velour men’s lounge robe. The attention to detail that has gone to making this robe makes it a worthy purchase.

20. Tommy Hilfiger Plush Cotton Shawl-Style Bathrobe

From Tommy Hilfiger comes this beautiful plush robe that will take relaxation to the next level. It is made of 100% cotton; this means that it is very lightweight, breathable especially on hot days, and very absorbent. You need not worry about breaking a sweat in this robe. Cotton is also an excellent fabric for people with sensitive skin because it does not cause irritation. It has an adjustable belt that also offers a secure closure. The front pockets are perfect for carrying small items and keeping your hands warm. It is a premium robe for every occasion.

21. Emporio Armani Men’s Sponge Robe

This is a beautiful bathrobe that will ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed when you wear it. It is made of 100% cotton, making it breathable and absorbent. It is also great against the skin, so you need not worry if you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. It has pulled on closure thanks to the secure belt; it ensures that your robe remains closed at all times. The fabric provides that the robe is easy to wash; offering a hand-wash option. ‘Sponge lounge’ has never been so luxurious; a worthy purchase from a recognized designer.

22. TexereSilk Men’s Luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe

This full-length bathrobe is just what you need to feel relax and comfortable in the comfort of your home. It is made of a blend of 70% Bamboo Viscose and 30% Cotton. It offers a plush exterior and a soft interior. It is the perfect combination for both hot and cold days. The design features durable knit terry fabric and superior stitching. With two patch pockets at the front, you can keep your hands warm as you carry essentials. The belt with double loops greatly improvers the closure of the robe prevented unwanted openings.

23. Yugo Sport Men’s Robe

Last but not least is this sporty bathrobe that is perfect to wear around the gym. It is stylish with a classic hood made from soft cotton. It is highly absorbent and makes for the ideal accessory to wear after a shower at the gym. It has two front pockets for holding essentials and keeping your hands warm. One of the pockets contains a tasteful logo for beauty and uniqueness. Also, it has a matching tie belt to keep it securely closed for confident wear each time. Finally, the robe comes in two beautiful colours to match your unique taste.


🤔 What is the best mens bathrobe?

The best bathrobes for men are comfortable, with a practical length, and made of high-quality materials. Therefore, we believe that Hugo Boss Men’s Kimono Robe is the best bathrobe for men. It is a perfect blend of long and short robes. It also has a kimono design which is modern and stylish. Finally, it is made of cotton, offering absorbency and breathability. Also, consider the TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe, which shares the same properties.

☝️ What is the best material for a bathrobe?

When buying a bathrobe, pay attention to two fabrics. The first is cotton; cotton is lightweight, will give you high absorbency, and is very breathable. People prefer cotton robes for their functionality. The other fabric is polyester. Polyester robes are plush and warm, making them ideal for lounging and relaxing in the winter.

🧐 What are the best robe brands?

If you are looking for something plush and warm, consider Tommy Bahama for the best robes. Their robes are made of 100% polyester with an effortlessly beautiful design. The fabric is quite good on the skin and will make lounging a lot more fun. If you are looking for lightweight and absorbent, consider Alpine Swiss Aiden for cotton robes with pockets and a functional design.

🥋 Can you use a bathrobe as a towel?

Bathrobes are a stylish and functional alternative to towels. With a bathrobe, you can lounge in warmth as the robe absorbs moisture from your body. It is a relaxed way of drying yourself after a shower. Also, a bathrobe comes in handy to dry and keep you warm if you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm. Consider switching to bathrobes for a sophisticated feel.

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